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JoinPD is a presentation management system. Presentation work is done at schools and colleges, as we all know. In addition, its use for presentations in schools and universities is gaining popularity. It may be used to pose and receive queries in real time. The epidemic has also had a significant impact on education, prompting individuals to embrace this teaching approach for online courses. join And this instructional style is gradually gaining popularity. In addition, it provides several benefits over the Pier Deck Presentation System.

How Do I Make a Pear Deck Account ( join)?

Making Pear Deck account easier to create; This tutorial demonstrates how to join Pear Deck and become a new user.

Create a brand-new Pear Deck account as the initial step in engaging your pupils with interactive displays.

Visit Pear Deck’s website, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online to get started. Sign in to Pear Deck’s website, Google Slides for presentations, or PowerPoint Online using the Google or Office 365 account you wish to utilise.

  • Visit and pick the registration option for a teacher login.
  • Select the kind of account to which you wish to login.
  • You will be requested to grant access to your Google Drive or OneDrive account to the Pear Deck account.
  • You will then be asked to configure your account by answering a few questions.
  • We collect no information from student choices.
  • Click the Allow button to connect.
  • Pear Deck and your Google Drive or OneDrive account.
  • You will be requested to enter your email address and password to sign in.
  • You will also be required to grant access to Pear Deck.
  • Enter your school and address.
  • It is fine if you do not have a US postcode or if your school is not included in the drop-down menu!
  • Any five-digit number may be substituted for your school’s address or zip code.
  • Launch the latest version of Google Slides (if you have a Google account) or PowerPoint Online (if you have a Microsoft Office 365 account) and download Pear Deck.
  • Pear Deck supplement or supplement. Follow the steps below to learn how to proceed!

Join Your Earglasses join

If an instructor-led course is selected, the projector view will open and join instructions will be displayed.

  • To get started, visit
  • On, enter the five-character Pear Deck Code.
  • You may also share or email the session URL you receive after selecting Give Students the Link (see the first step above).
  • Enrollment in your course is as simple as a click! Additionally, click.
  • The membership codes expire after one week, however the session URL stays active.
  • Assume you want students to attend sessions that run longer than one week. Join them in this location.
  • Sign in as an anonymous user using your preferred avatar or your Google or Microsoft Office 365 email address and password. The settings for login decide it.
  • You can access the Dashboard view if you select a student-paced activity and have premium access.
  • To join at any time, click the Join button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.
  • The actions of students and dashboard join code shown in red.

How can I participate in a presentation? (joinpd.con)

If a teacher makes a presentation and then uploads it to JoinPD, each delegate is given an access code, which the instructor distributes to everyone in the group so they may respond questions.

The instructor, on the other hand, has the capacity to restrict and manage the students’ actions.

JoinPD’s most well-known feature that instructors like is the ability to block students from revising or amending their responses in order to monitor the progress of all participants.

How do I acquire a Peardeck registration code? Code for

Follow the instructions below to join an ongoing session using the peardeck/join URL. You will need your password and password to accomplish this.

Launch your web browser and navigate to to visit

Enter the presentation number “5 Digit Code” from your session in the Joinpd box.

The code is good for only four days. You may also establish an email address for your students to use after clicking the link to see the presentation.

How to Deliver an Apple-Pear Deck Presentation

When you induce using Pear Deck, instructions for binding instantly show on the projector panorama. Students can join the gathering by doing the following steps:

More information may be found at the Fisd Canvas Student Login gateway

  • Navigate to the website.
  • Sign in with your Google or Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Enter the unique 5 letter code shown.
  • As a teacher, you may login in with your account and then deliver the session by clicking “make a session.”

Join a Current Presentation Using JoinPD


Pear Deck is accessible for free to educators.

Pear Deck is a freemium website that enables educators and academies to access numerous materials and tools for free or for a fee with a premium account.

How can I obtain a free Pear Deck?

All teachers now have access to Pear Deck’s premium features, allowing them to use it in their lectures. You may check out Peer Deck Premium features for free for a short period.

Where is the Peardeck Class Join Code located?

Visit for additional information. Enter the 5-digit join code from your session at

What is the Peardeck registration code? Code for

Visit for further details.

Please input the “5-Digit Code” from your session that corresponds to the Joinpd presentation number.

The code expires after four days.

You may also create a Mail ID so that students can immediately access the presentation after clicking the link.

How should one best show a pear deck? (

When you prepare a presentation using Pear Deck, the lessons for joining immediately display on the projector’s view. In order to participate in the project, participants must fulfil the following steps:

Visit for additional information.

Sign in with your Office 365 account.

Enter the 5-digit code that appears on the projector’s display.

How does one become a member of PD com?

Visit for additional information. In your session on, enter the 5-character Pear Deck Code. Students can enrol in your class by clicking the button. You may also share or email the session link you receive when you click Give Students the Link (Check complete guide above).

What is Pear Deck precisely, and how does it function?

Pear Deck is an interactive presenting tool that enables students to actively engage in the acquisition of personal and societal knowledge. Teachers create presentations using Google Drive accounts.

What actions must students take to join a Pear Deck session?

Students are not needed to have a Pear Deck account to participate in Sessions; but, if the teacher specifies it in their Settings, they may be required to have a Microsoft Office 365 or Google account.


You received your presentations and lessons with a single click on the app since, as you know, it allowed you to learn a great deal.

Peardeck is, in my opinion, the quickest and most secure way for a teacher to deliver a presentation to pupils. I demonstrated how to utilise Join PD as a teacher or a student. Let me know if you are missing anything in the presentation creation and setup on the app deck site, and I will add it to the blog and share your revised techniques. Merci for reading.

Thank you.

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