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10 Destinations In Slovakia This Year

Located south of Poland, Slovakia is a comparatively small European nation that packs a punch to unique places to see. It is the perfect case of a small country with lots of incredible things to perform along with a pile of the most significant areas in Slovakia, which are dotted all around the nation.

You see, Slovakia sits directly in the center of Eastern Europe, making it an effortless spot to see if you are already in towns such as; Budapest or even Vienna. Additionally, it is true when you are trying to make a dashboard for a weekend excursion to Bratislava (the funds ), mainly as it is just a train ride away.

There are hundreds of the most significant areas in Slovakia to see, which in all honesty makes it difficult to pinpoint only a few critical spots. In the legendary Tatra Mountains, grand castles into the small villages packed with convention, it is a nation steeped in tradition.

Have a look, below, at the top things to do in Slovakia. Have the best excursion!

1.) Bratislava

The historic capital, Bratislava, is home to a number of the most significant areas in Slovakia that are ideal for research on a weekend visit to the city.

After here, be sure you wander through the old city and explore Micheal’s Gate and the Old Town Hall regions.

Afterward, have a visit to the magnificent Bratislava Castle and peer-reviewed town from above. It is the type of place you’ll be able to spend a perfect couple of hours, so plan your time wisely.

When it’s a history you are after, take a small excursion from the historical center to research Devin Castle. The place was occupied all of the ways back because of the Neolithic Age, making it a reasonably special place to see.

2.) High Tatras National Park

So, the National Park of the High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) is an entirely stunning mountain area from the northwest of Slovakia that is incredible to see. Additionally, it is 1 area you can not miss when researching a nation as varied as Slovakia.

This epic alpine selection and glistening freshwater lakes are easily among the most significant areas in Slovakia if you are a nature lover for sure. Split to the Western Tatras, High Tatras, and the Belianske Tatras, there is a heap of diverse geological landscapes and vistas to view as soon as you’re here.

Truthfully, It is the type of place you’ll require a whole lot of time to research thoroughly, but it is still possible to get a flavor of the utterly stunning area.

Once here, you will come across a lot of paths to follow. Though, as with any increase, always adhere to the primary routes and hear local specialists; after all, nobody enjoys a rash hiker.

3.) Poprad

Propane is part of the High Tatras Mountain region and is frequently regarded as the gateway for this magnificent place. Frankly, it is pretty simple to see and also too easy to overlook if you’re searching for just a tiny civilization after a while in the hills.

After here, be sure that you pop to the 13th century Gothic Church, Renaissance bell tower, and the Museum of Tatras that are within a walkable distance.

Afterward, visit Pivny Dom Dobre Casy to get a yummy European BBQ that will leave you loaded!

4.) Kosice

Kosice is the 2nd most crucial city in Slovakia and is situated near the border. This makes it effortless to see if you are exploring both states and trying to find a minor stopping point on the way.

That was having been said, as it is from the east, it is also a fantastic place to explore before going into Ukraine.

After here, be sure that you check out the completely impressive Kosice Palace and historical Spis Castle. Frankly, it is the type of location that history-buffs will adore! Viist Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy and get to know about this before booking a flight.

5.) Bojnice

If you feel you’ve heard of this little town of Bojnice, then there is a fantastic chance you’ve got. After all, it is home to a medieval Bojnice castle built back in the 12th century and is pretty famous across Slovakia.

It is a proper fairytale castle and among the most significant monuments of Slovakia which you have to see while in the place.

Frankly, it is among the most significant areas in Slovakia to see, particularly if you love castles. Though, do make sure to put on some cozy shoes; there are plenty of stairs to climb after indoors.

6.) Levoca

The medieval town of Levoca was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009 and is entirely stunning to see when in Slovakia.

These days, it remains a gorgeous village with an impressive city square and expansive medieval walls, which are simple to roam around, particularly on a day trip. Now, the town is also renowned for having the most incredible wooden altar, situated in St. James’ church.

Though, if that is not something, pop over to observe the historical city hall or Master Paul’s House across the road in the Cage of Shame.

7.) Kezmarok

Kezmarok is just another city often utilized as a gateway to the High Tatras Mountains, but it is a great deal more than that.

This tiny village gets very lively in the winter and summer due to its stunning buildings to research. As soon as you’re here, have a look at the historical Kezmarok Castle, find the Evangelical Church, and see Strážky (for your artwork ) that is just outside the Kezmarok center.

For many grubs, go across to Bistro Dobry Den (in the middle of town) to get a vast dish of Bryndzové halušky. All these are potatoes, dumplings, sheep’s cheese and a lot of pork, also. Frankly, you will not have the ability to move following a plate filled with them.

8.) Banská Štiavnica

Perched in the nation’s total area, Banská Štiavnica is among the most significant regions of Slovakia to see because of its unique place. You see, the little town is proper in the center of a caldera in the ancient volcano which collapsed quite a while ago.

After here, be sure that you wander around Trinty Square and research many of the Celtic foundations of the place.

In reality, it’s stated they set the camp up nearly 2,000 decades back!

If you have got time, take a stroll around the castle and the old mining ministry also. It is a whole lot more interesting than it seems.

Oh, also, do not overlook Orava Castle that is around 80-minutes out of here. It is worth a detour!

9.) Seneca

Nestled inside Trnava, Senica is a stunning little town that has got a fair few things to do.

For example, after here, have a look at the Záhorská galéria Jána Mudrocha art museum that is perfect on a chilly day. Oh, and be sure that you watch Branch Castle, also. Yeah, it is about a 20-minute drive in the town center but ultimately worthwhile.

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10.) Topolcany

Located around a 110-minute drive from Bratislava, Topolcany is a comparatively large city that’s an ideal stopping point in your driveway around Slovakia.

After coming, Make Certain to check out the Virgin Mary church and take a stroll around Tovarniky Chateau along with the playground. It is a fantastic little halt for a couple of hours and very simple to see if you are heading farther east to research more of the most significant areas in Slovakia.

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