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10 ways to implement Zen Principles for your Home Interiors


The world is seeing more stressed and depressed people day by day. The level is increasing at a very fast pace. Age between 28 to 35 is in danger, both men and women.

To overcome this issue scientists have taken enormous steps, they insist the people to focus on yoga, athletes, fitness and so on. But this is a psychological factor where we must tackle the situation with psychology.

Interior designers across the world tried to solve this issue. It doesn’t matter which age group they are or which country they belong to. The concept is simple but very powerful.

Bringing the traditional concept and implementing it to the current situation. Interior designers use “ZEN Interior Design” to eradicate this problem.

After the evolution of ZEN design everything is changing, the home owners who started to live in these houses are feeling some great development. And the popularity is increasing day by day even in this modern period.

What is ZEN?

It’s nothing but meditation. The interior design from Zen principles will bring harmony to life. As a leading interior in chennai, we need not follow strict rules to implement zen models for your interiors.

The Most Simple methodology is

–          Simplicity
–          Purity of Lines

Please go through the following list very carefully.

Use Natural Colors:

Soft colors play a major role for Zen interior designs.  Colors such as White, Grey and light shades of beige & pink beige will help you to achieve it. These colors also have a great power to give you relaxation and calmness.

Make sure to have a good continuity between walls, furniture and floors. The uniformity will help to trigger the neurons and make you come out from regular pressure and depression. 

Walk with Softness:

Use Colored Parquet this will match parquet with walls, flooring and other stuff. Try to use resin flooring because it gives you more comfort for Zen designs. One of the most important products is Wool based carpets, and sheets. But maintaining them will be an additional pain.

Apart from wool, you can use cotton materials which will give you an extraordinary zen feeling.

Use Natural Fabric:

Fabric industry touched the peak, due to heavy competition, quality of the fabric is getting low day by day. Getting a Good fabric needs lots of research and patience. Zen interior designs need light and natural fabrics.

It’s not only about the style and design; we should concentrate on the quality for a better living.

Try to bring natural light:

Bringing natural light inside your villa or apartment is a big headache, we personally suggest you to choose a proper land before the construction. Natural lights are very healthy for humans, if you don’t get natural lights then try to add some soft lights or light color lights inside your home.

Some of the major lights are wall mounted lights, light floor lamps which are very essential as well useful for your brain relaxation.

Buy Zen Style Furniture:

Zen style furniture is available in the market. They are very simple and neat. These furniture will not have special features or special colors. They are built with a lot of ergonomics to bring harmony to your life.

Keep your style very minimal because comfort is very crucial in Zen type of interior designs. We can relate it with the Japanese type furniture which is very small and simple in nature.

Don’t overdo your decorative:

Decorating walls and corners always need extra care. We should never over do it or exaggerate it. Instead of hanging all your photos, try to hang 1 or 2 photographs for simplicity.

If you are good at DIY, it’s easy for you to make natural scents like linen spray, beeswax candles. This brings us fresh scents, which will bring calmness. 

Stay Away from Electronics:

It’s really impossible for anyone to stay away from electronics. Smartphones and laptops are irresistible, without that I don’t think we can pass our life. So Zen interiors always merge with nature.

Try to avoid electronics and your important smartphones. You must avoid other electronics as well like TV Set, audio system and your echo.

Grow Plants to bring nature presence:

Growing indoor plants not only provide you fresh air. It recycles the populated air as well. Apart from air recycling, we will get a feeling that we are living in nature surrounding places.

There are a number of indoor plants available in the market, which don’t need much sunlight. A Normal fluorescent is more than enough for smaller plants. If you get a chance to grow microgreens inside your home, that’s fantastic because you got some nutrition dish for your health.

Minimal Accessories is enough:

If you think accessories bring you comfort and harmony, then you are wrong. Too much accessories will make you uncomfortable. As leading interior designers in chennai I would personally suggest you to have some minimal accessories.


Designing your interiors is not an easy task and at the same time the cost will skyrocket if you don’t have proper planning and a professional team.

Interior designers always innovate new designs and try to give a balanced life for homeowners.

The above concepts will help you design your home interiors. If the professional interior designer couldn’t suggest this idea, you can grab this information and ask them to do this.

At the same time you can merge any concept with zen interior designs. The principles are very easy to manage and implement. Have a comfortable life with Zen Interior Design.

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