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14 Secrets to Finding the Best Cute Maternity Clothes

Are you dreading buying maternity clothes? No need to worry. You’ll actually be surprised at the choices available to you today. Believe it or not, shopping for maternity clothes can be both practical and enjoyable!

Now that you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to worry about is your maternity wardrobe. But, the fact is that most women are self-conscious about their bodies and all the changes that take place.

The average weight gain for a pregnant woman is between 25-35 pounds, and weight gain usually begins to occur in the middle to end of your first trimester. You not only gain weight from the growing baby, expanding uterus, enlarged breasts, etc., but your weight may shift as well. Many women even end up with a bigger shoe size that lasts even after they give birth!

Wearing the right maternity clothes is the smart way to add comfort to your life and give you an added image boost in the process. Good maternity wear adjusts to fit your body’s needs as you grow and develop physically, readjusts as your body is slimming down, and can even double as nursing wear.

And, thank goodness, maternity wear is now available in wardrobe mix and match essentials that can work as daywear and extend right into your evening ensemble. Making a few pieces mix and match well is key to saving time and money while looking great. Here are some practical tips you should follow while buying maternity clothes:

1) Concentrate on your maternity wardrobe as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable in your pre-pregnancy clothes. The sooner you plan your maternity wardrobe, the more you’ll get out of it.

2) Remember that maternity wear sizes are meant to reflect a woman’s pre-pregnant size. So, for example, if you usually wear a size 10, then more than likely, you’ll wear a medium in maternity wear.

3) Shop for stretchy maternity clothes offering your body plenty of room to grow. After all, you don’t know how much your body will expand during the nine months.

4) Wear the right innerwear. Maternity underwear and nursing-friendly maternity bras will keep you comfortable from day to night, no matter what top wear you put on. If you’re used to wearing bikini underwear, you still can do so comfortably; being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to wear bulkier panties.

5) Buy solid-colored, mix-n-match separates. This can give your wardrobe more flexibility while stretching your dollar. Never wear clothes that may draw people’s attention to your popping-up bump, like shiny belts or hip ruffles. Darker, one-color garments emphasize a leaner look. Also, avoid wearing a belt no matter how beautiful your bump looks. It will not flatter your curves in any way.

6) Opt for lighter weight and more breathable apparel than you would normally buy. Most pregnant women find themselves overheating quite frequently during pregnancy, even if it’s wintertime.

7) If you’re a working professional, keep your maternity wardrobe simple. Basic colors without trendy patterns are always more businesslike. Also, wear comfortable, lower-heeled shoes, which are easier on your feet and safer for you.

8) If you’re an active woman, there are plenty of casual maternity pieces from which to choose. Stretchy maternity pants, shorts, and full-piece leotards (if you happen to be pregnant in the summer) are comfortable wear for keeping in shape.

9) Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style quotient. Instead, stick to your favorite styles that represent you well. If you used to wear t-shirts and jeans pre-pregnancy, continue wearing them during pregnancy as well. You don’t have to wear dresses with high waistlines if they don’t match your personality.

10) Don’t wear restrictive clothing, if at all possible. For example, if you must wear pantyhose, choose maternity support stocking, allowing more freedom of movement and better circulation.

11) Wearing comfortable maternity wear will go a long way in helping you feel good about yourself and enjoy your pregnancy!

12) A pair of high-stretch maternity leggings paired with a button-down shirt works fine for all seasons and most occasions. Wear stretchy pregnancy leggings throughout your pregnancy. Then, you’ll have more room around your buttocks for your growing belly.

13) According to experts, your metabolic rate increases by about 20% during pregnancy. It may increase even more if you’re pregnant during the summer. To avoid overheating, consider layering your clothing. With a layered look, you can take layers off as needed. On colder days, you can don a T-shirt under a cardigan or sweater.

14) For formal outings, you should invest in a few great ensembles that make you feel special. For example, a wrap maternity dress, a pair of maternity jeans teamed up with a maternity top or tunic, or a stunning kurta suit set can make you look like a dive during a special event.

You don’t have to feel and look frumpy or go undercover just because you’re carrying a baby. So don’t compromise your style and comfort, and assemble your pregnancy closet judiciously!

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