25mm Hose Clips Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

There are various types of 25mm hose clips available in the market. Some of them are stainless steel, 7mm slotted hex, Worm drive, and so on. But what are the features and benefits of each one? In this article, we will discuss a few of them. These are the advantages of these hose clips. We will also give some tips to select the right one for your purpose. If you want to choose a hose clip, you need to know the size of it and the diameter.

Stainless steel

Firstly, stainless steel 25mm Hose Clips are sized to suit various sizes of worm drive hoses. The range of clips includes hose clamps and worm drives, with each fitting suitable for a different hose diameter. However, the worm drive hose clamps feature a smooth internal profile with rolled edges, and they are suitable for use with silicone and soft rubber hoses. Finally, they are sleeved around the tooling for safety.

Stainless steel 25mm worm drive hose clips conform to BS5315 and are suitable for hoses ranging from eight to twenty-five millimeters in OD. These clips have a yellow galvanized steel screw and a stainless steel band. The range of sizes available is based on customer feedback. The worm drive hose clips are a good option for corrosive applications.

25mm Hose Clips

7mm slotted hex

Hose clips are a handy and practical tool for fixing flexible pipes, hoses, and plastic tubing. They seal out any air or water leakage and have a worm drive and non-perforated nondrivers. They made from marine grade 316 W5 stainless steel and are available in seven different sizes. You can also find hose clips for different applications, like hose clamps, nondrivers, and flanged tees.

HI-GRIP (r) worm drive hose clamps are a standard BS5315 hose clip. Made of BZP steel or A2 grade 18/8 stainless steel, these clips are marked with the BS kitemark to indicate they are high-quality hose clamps. They range in width from ten to thirteen millimeters and are available in 12-20, 10mm, and seven-millimeter sizes.

Worm drive

JCS Hi-Grip stainless steel worm drive hose clips are designed to clamp hoses between 25mm and 35mm in diameter. The images below are generic representations of the sizes that are available. To find a clip that fits your hose, look for the part number CN100258L. If you do not see this part number, call us at 800-799-7273. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Worm drive hose clips are available in a variety of sizes and made of Grade A4 (304) stainless steel with rolled edges. These hose clips available for both silicone and soft rubber hoses and used in many applications. These hose clips designed to protect a wide variety of hose types, including flexible and brittle ones. The stainless steel clamp made to last, and is available in several finishes, including satin, gold, and nickel.

25mm Hose Clips

The worm drive 25mm hose clip designed for a variety of applications, including the installation of a vacuum hose. Its continuous threaded band prevents the hose from coming out through the worm gear slots. It features adjustable band diameters to fit different diameter hoses. Worm drive hose clips are suitable for industrial and domestic use. To determine if this product will fit your hose, look for the product’s BSI kitemark.


BS:5315 25mm hose clip has a clamping range of 18mm to 25mm. The image below represents the range. These clips have been Kite marked to BS5315 and licensed to BS EN ISO 9001. BS:5315 used to secure metal tubes and flexible rubber hoses. They made of zinc protected mild steel. They are the standard choice for marine and offshore applications.

Hi-Grip general purpose worm drive hose clips are the highest quality clip available. They have a BSI Kitemark and made from heavy-zinc plated mild steel. They also have fully-rounded edges. BS:5315 25mm hose clips are highly versatile and used in a variety of applications. Hi-Grip stainless hose clips are the most used BS-5315 clips, and have a BSI Kitemark and Lloyds Register approval.

Jubilee high torque

High-torque hose clips are a great way to secure a leaking hose. Jubilee high-torque clips made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel. The band designed to withstand high clamping forces while providing superior sealing even at lower torques. This feature makes Jubilee high-torque clips an excellent choice for tough applications.

25mm Hose Clips

This SAE J1508-compliant worm-drive hose clip is available in 18mm-to-25mm diameter. The range of sizes is shown below. The images are generic representations of the range. For exact product dimensions, please contact the manufacturer. These are the highest torque clips available. Jubilee high-torque 25mm Hose Clips are an excellent choice for demanding applications.


In conclusion, everbilt 25mm hose clips are a useful addition to any toolbox. They are metal loops with a captive screw at the end that tightly clamps hoses. These clips are ideal for a variety of applications and come in a wide range of sizes and strengths. The image below is a general representation of the range. Finally, everbilt 25mm hose clips are suitable for all kinds of hoses, including food, beverage, air, hydraulic, and air hoses.

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