5 Custom Website Development Tips you must comply with within your next project

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Custom Web Development Services is not that easy as it may sound. Did you know that when a user visits your website, you have approximately 4-5 seconds to grab his/her attention and keep him/her where he/she is? That is not a lot of time to impress someone, hence, if your load time is not accurate or your website’s navigation is all over the place, then you can say adios to your visitor. 

Thus, how are you going to resolve this issue and keep your visitor? How do you develop a website that looks professional, functions accurately, and conveys your website perfectly? Custom Web Application Development Services is the ultimate option, but in several circumstances, you just will not be able to do it. An entire revamp can be expensive and takes time, which means you have to add additional money to the project, and also put your site on hold for some time. 

Nevertheless, even if the complete redesign is off the table, there is no need to panic. There are various ways available to enhance your website without having to spend the extra money and lose any more visitors. In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 custom website development tips which everyone must consider before revamping or developing their website. 

1. Keep it responsive:

For the last 5-10 years, people have started accessing online content on mobile phones and smartphones. This has forced enterprises across the globe to make their website mobile-friendly in order to gain more visitors. Therefore, if you have your website, you might have built a responsive version of it by now – if not, this is high time to fix it. A responsive website design can do wonders for your site in terms of search engine optimization and help you position yourself higher in search engine result pages. 

2. Streamline its navigation:

If you do not need your users to fade away from your site due because they cannot get the hang of its navigation, then make it as simple as possible. You will need to have no more than 7 items in the menu, try to be descriptive with the labels, and also keep the navigation bar fixed. In this way, visitors can stay longer than 5 seconds on your website.  

3. Elevate page load speed:

In the world of digital marketing, website speed is the most discussed term and it is one of the primary reasons why most visitors run away from certain websites. As a matter of factor, if your site has got even a 2-second delay in its loading time during the transaction, the chances are that your customers might abandon their carts and you will end up with one client less than you started with. Hence, during the website development, try working on enhancing the speed of your website before you do anything else- there are even tools that will streamline this task. 

4. Design clear CTAs:

A lot of people ask this question, does having a CTA on a page matters at all? Does making it a several color changes in the way users act on your website? In reality, it really does. Researches have concluded that orange-colored CTA can boost conversion rates by 32.5%, while red CTA increases rates by a whole 21%. That is a significant difference right there for a website. In addition, if you want your CTAs to be game-changer, ensure to use actionable words such as learn, start, discover, etc. 

5. Try integrating social media accounts:

If you are not living under the rocks for the last decade, then you may have noticed that social media platforms have taken over the world. Approximately, there are 800 million monthly active users on Instagram and 100 million daily active users on Twitter, which is why they are critical for your website to provide social buttons to your users. There is a chance that visitors will like what they see, share their opinions on their feeds, and elevate your online presence. 


In order to enhance the overall UI/UX of your website, you can also add animations to it. Similar to visuals, animations in the form of slideshows or galleries will be a fantastic addition to your website. But one thing you should note is that these are not only animations that could be found on a website. There are total 8 types of animations such as loading animation, navigation & menus, hover, scrolling, page motion, etc. Some of them go into making animations that look good, but once they are done the right way, your users and website will thank you for custom website Development services. 

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