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5 Effective bed bugs treatment

Having a bed bug infestation in your house or office premises can be a highly nerve-wracking and alarming situation. Nobody wants to live or work in a place infested with the small, bloodsucking, creepy pests. Bedbugs may be tiny in size but they can cause a lot of harm and damage and that is why you need an effective bed bugs treatment

Timely action is required to get rid of the bed bugs or they can take over the whole house or property in no time. Getting rid of bed bugs is not simple, one needs to immediately take action to treat the bed bug infestation. Measures to prevent an infestation in the future also needs to be taken proactively.

Professional bed bugs pest control can offer the most effective beg bugs treatment for your homes or office premises.

What are bedbugs? What causes bed bug infestation?

Bedbugs are tiny, oval-shaped, brown coloured, flat-bodied insects. They survive on blood sucked from animals or humans. They cannot fly but can move quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings.

A female bedbug lays over hundreds of eggs in her lifetime. The eggs are so small they look like small dots or speck of dust.

Bedbugs enter houses or premises undetected through luggage or clothing etc. They can easily fit into tiny spaces because of their size. They do not build nests but live in groups together.

The most common hiding places of bedbugs are mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards etc. They hide in such places so that they can easily access people to suck blood at night when they are sleeping.

With time they start spreading from the bed area to all across the bedroom, hiding in gaps and cracks. If undetected the infestation can easily spread to nearby rooms or apartments.

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How to get rid of bed bugs? What are the most effective bed bugs treatment?

Once you are sure that the house or premises have been infected with bed bugs, you will need to take quick action.  The longer the time you take to treat the infestation, it becomes more difficult to get rid of the bed bugs. Throwing away the mattress is not the solution, as the bed’s bugs can be hidden at many places in cracks and crevices.

Below mentioned are 5 most effective bed bugs treatments which can help you get rid of the bed bugs:

  • Vacuuming:

You can quickly catch and contain bed bugs by vacuuming the infested places. Vacuum the bed, mattress, headboard, sofas, couches, crevices around baseboards, electronic items like TVs and stereos.

After vacuuming immediately empty the contents into a plastic bag and seal it. Dispose of the bag immediately. Clean the vacuum thoroughly and check if any bugs remaining inside. Kill them to avoid spreading. Scrub the sides of the bed or mattress with a stiff brush to dislodge the eggs.

  • Laundering: 

Another effective method to get rid of bed bugs is by laundering all the exposed things in a washing machine or dryer. Wash all the beddings, linens and dirty clothes in a washing machine and then dry them at high heat.

Wash and dry at the highest temperature withstand able by the fabrics. Items like shoes that cannot be washed, put them in the dryer and run for 30 minutes at the highest temperature it can withstand.

  • Steam cleaning:

If done properly steam cleaning can be an effective method to get rid of bed bugs. Use a commercial steamer having a minimum capacity of 1 gallon and with floor or upholstery attachments.

Attach the upholstery attachment and steam clean the bedding, linen, clothes etc. thoroughly, ensuring the steam is penetrating the fabric. Bed bugs die at a temperature of 160-180°F.

Use an infrared thermometer to monitor the temperature of the steam. Carefully use the steamer as steam can cause burns.

  • Dry heat treatment:

This method helps to control the bed bugs infestation. Dry heat treatments are provided by a professional Pest control service provider where they apply heat systematically to all the infested items and rooms to get rid of the bed bug infestation.

  • Insecticides:

Cleaning or vacuuming infested areas or linen may help control bedbugs but to kill them and get rid of them permanently you will need to use chemical treatments.

Handling chemical pesticides can be dangerous, it is better if an experienced bed bugs pest control service provider treats the house and infested area with the chemicals.

Hiring a professional bed bugs exterminator is the safest and most effective bed bugs treatment for your house. They use chemical bed bugs spray to eliminate the infestation completely.

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