5 homemade multani mitti pack for hair

multani mitti pack for hair

Your locks are the most precious crown on your head. So it’s always better to resort to a natural product like homemade multani mitti. We all are aware how beneficial it is for skin, same goes for hair. It treats dandruff and eczema, repairs damage done by foreign agents, conditions hair and deodorizes scalp.

So let’s make some nourishing hair packs to own silky, bouncy, straight hair:

Multani mitti, amla, shikakai and fenugreek seeds hair mask:

  Dip a teaspoon of amla, shikakai and fenugreek seeds powder in an iron bowl overnight. Now add two tablespoons of multani mitti. Blend well and make a fine paste. Now divide your strands in sections and apply liberally all over your scalp and hair. Wait for 20 minutes and wash off. This hair mask works wonders in reducing grey hair.

Multani mitti, henna and curry leaves hair mask:

Take two tablespoons of henna powder, one tablespoon of curry leaves powder and two tablespoons of multani mitti. Mix together and make a smooth paste. Set aside for half an hour and now apply generously to your tresses by dividing in sections. Now make a bun and cover your hair with a shower cap. Let it work for half an hour and wash off. Another great remedy for grey hair.

Multani mitti, coconut water and camphor hair pack:

Take some homemade multani mitti as per your hair length and add coconut water to make a fine paste. Now add half teaspoon of camphor powder and blend well. Spread this pack all over covering roots to tips. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off with cold water. This pack effectively removes dandruff and soothes itchy scalp.

Multani mitti and apple cider vinegar hair pack:

ACV when combined with multani mitti, enhances its conditioning properties. Take multani mitti as per your hair length, add half teaspoon of ACV and add water to get desired consistency. Apply on hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Now wash off and feel that extra volume in your hair.

Rice water and multani mitti hair pack:

Soak a handful of rice in a cup of water for around two hours. Now strain the water and keep the water for 24 hours. Your fermented rice water is ready. Now take some multani mitti as per your hair length and soak into this water. Mix well to remove any clots or lumps to make a thin paste.  scalp healthy and controls hair fall.Now apply evenly on your hair length including the scalp and wait for around 20 minutes. Wash off with tepid water. Rice water complements the nourishing properties of homemade multani mitti and aids to speed up the hair growth.

Here I am sharing some tips for optimum results:
  •     Wash your hair with shampoo on the next day of applying these masks so that nutrients get time to sit and work on the scalp.
  •     While making a hair pack, make sure that consistency is neither too runny nor too thick so that it can easily spread in your hair without dripping.
  •     Make sure that your scalp is clean before applying the pack so that your pores can absorb the nutrients without any obstruction.
  •     To easily and completely remove the pack, spray some water all over the hair and rinse off.
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Advantages of Multani Mitti Hair Pack
  • Multani Miti, as an effective cleanser, removes impurities from hair. It is ideal for people with oily scalp. It cleans the man without tearing the natural oils.
  • Multani Miti improves blood circulation when applied to the scalp. It helps the hair follicles to get better nutrition by increasing blood flow.
  • Multani Mitti makes hair soft and shiny. It presents a smooth texture in terms of hair and conditioning.
  • Regular use of homemade Multani mud helps maintain a healthy scalp and keeps problems like dandruff and eczema at bay
  • Multani Miti helps to thoroughly clean and remove harmful toxins from the hair. It fights odors and repairs damaged locks.
Multani Mitti Hair Pack for Hair Fall

Multani Miti can be used to prevent hair loss as it improves blood circulation in your hair follicles which ultimately strengthens your hair roots. In addition, it removes dirt and excess oils from the pores around your hair through non-agro which makes your scalp healthy and controls hair fall.

Multani mitti is not just a nourishing face pack, it’s a mild hair cleanser too that cleanses the scalp without disturbing the natural oils that is why these remedies have been handed over generation. So add homemade multani mitti to your hair care regime without giving a second thought.

And, for more such hair pack recipes using Multani Mitti, don’t forget to check out Cosmetics Arena.

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