5 Necessary Apps to Download for Your Android Phone

The Android phone operating system and the Google Play Store are highly functional when used correctly. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your device, here’s a list of ten apps that will make your life easier. Being a successful entrepreneur means constantly learning new things, and that includes everything from your industry to the latest technology. It’s impossible to know what you don’t know, which is why we recommend reading as much as you can about your industry and letting others teach you what they know. But even with all of these resources at your fingertips, there are still tools out there that can supercharge your productivity and give you one more edge over the competition.

Here are some of the best 5Apps to Download for Your Android Phone;

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is a great tool for writers and bloggers because it has a lot of built-in features for writers. It has a built-in spell checker and auto-complete features so you don’t have to worry about grammar or spelling. Google has also created a browser extension, called browserify, that allows you to optimize your HTML and JavaScript code. This is ideal for any website that you write for.

Images are often the first thing people associate with an app and this seems to be no different when it comes to Android. Smartphone cameras have gotten really good and multiple camera apps have been developed to make your photography experience more pleasant. However, there’s more to an amazing photo than great photo quality.

Let’s take Instagram and Smartphones for example. To get the best Instagram experience possible you need to have at least an 8MP camera. If you have an older phone, or a different aspect ratio, then you should be able to identify your phone’s aspect ratio.

Smartphone operating systems are complex and customization has become essential for any tech gadget lover. This point-to-point customization is through the use of Google Tag Manager which is a simple solution. Simply using the settings of a free plugin can make your experience of using the Android operating system much smoother.

A list of popular Android phone apps and developers is a great resource for finding the best app to aid in your customization. ElementalX is the preeminent example when it comes to heavy customization possible in Android. ElementalX uses an extremely flexible and granular method of customization.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool for saving and sharing documents. It’s free, you get 15 GB of storage, and you can access your files anywhere. However, it’s not the best tool for collaborating on documents because it doesn’t offer real-time editing. For that, I recommend Google Docs.

The best way to get things done with a computer is by using apps like Microsoft OneNote, Ulysses, and Keynote. These apps help you take detailed notes and create repetitive tasks. To get you started, I recommend using Ulysses, but if you prefer something a little different, consider taking notes in a text editor like Inkscape or Bear.

If you need to communicate with another device, chances are you’ll need a messaging app. That’s why I go back to WhatsApp most of the time. Using WhatsApp on a computer makes it simple to send messages, and it even has a chat feature.

When I want to collaborate on something, I use Microsoft Teams. It offers tools for all kinds of communication from email, Google Hangouts, Slack, and SMS to web conferencing. To get you started, I recommend using Games. It’s a cool tool that connects you with fellow content creators. Once your team finds each other and you figure out who made what, the whole world beats a path to your door.

When you’ve finished making posts and sharing them, you can show them to your followers using the WordPress blog. Using the Google ChromeOS app, you can easily share and to your favorite social media platforms.

As the world moves toward artificial intelligence (AI), it’s important to have a way to remember things. Android phone has the ability to back up your data to Google Drive, but you can also sync your files back to your computer. You can simply put your files on your Google Drive and back up one folder at a time. If you make a typo, you can simply right-click and select “Recover” to get it gone.

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Amazon Kindle

If you’re an author, consider publishing an ebook on Amazon Kindle. By making it available through Kindle Direct Publishing, you can reach millions of readers and boost sales of your book. It only takes a few minutes to format your book for Kindle, and you can set the price between $0.99 and $200.

If you want to be able to post your work on any social media platform, programs like Photofox are a breeze. You can freely grab images from the web, export them to a compatible photo-editing app, and create captions for your creations. Most of the image-editing tools are free, and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a premium image-editing app once in a while.

Wanna make things better for yourself? Break your ‘waste of time’ into very small tasks each day. It turns out that most of us waste the majority of our time doing single tasks. Don’t continue wasting time by moseying along with the 12.4 billion tasks carried out every day. With so many great activities to choose from, why not start now?

Instead of writing every morning and then going on to the next task, write the title of your article the morning before. Whether you prefer The New York Times or BuzzFeed, you can choose an article that excites you and grabs your attention. How many times have you wound up writing and then stopped because you didn’t have a title yet?

After you’ve penned your headline, grab the following apps: You’ve just shot off your creative juices and boosted your productivity!

You can encourage yourself to do whichever writing tasks freak you out easily. Meditate every morning. Do pushups before bed. Read affirmations or affirmations daily. Do pushups after work — just because. Remember, not every task requires a solution; you simply need to find one that gets the juices flowing.


Dropbox is a free service that allows a user to store and share files online with their android phone. It is very useful for students because it allows them to share files with their classmates easily and has a great mobile app that allows students to access their files when they’re on the go. Another neat feature of Dropbox is that you can export files to Google Drive, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing your data, messages, and notes on the go.

Evernote took over by proving its usefulness in the classroom. There is an unlimited free account for students, however, you need to be first registered on the website to use it. Evernote is a service that allows you to save information and take notes in any text area via a mobile app. This workflow enables you to take down ideas, declutter your mind, and therefore complete your assignments quicker, without having to remember to take down your idea on paper.

Google Calendar offers many useful features to help you file away your work. It syncs between your phone and the web browser, and allows you to create, edit, view, and delete meetings almost instantly. Additionally, it allows you to scroll through your calendar views and can either show you the submitted or finished meetings. The calendar also offers a built-in resource library with over 125,000 pages if you need to reference something specific.

Google Keep is a great app for organizing all of your notes, to-do lists, and any other loose tasks around your house. The app has plenty of mobile-centric features such as widget support, task lists, even voice memory access.

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Evernote is a great tool for bloggers because it’s a great way to organize your writing. It’s like a digital filing cabinet, where you can store webpages, images, and notes. It’s like a second brain. Google Calendar syncs up with documents so that you can see your calendar on both phones. You can add meetings and anything else you would want to add. It’s a powerful tool that syncs up well with other devices too.

Evernote is great for accessing your notes and ideas on your android phone. It syncs up with Google Keep, a cloud-based note-taking app. It’s also a great way to convert PDFs to readable text for blogs, tweets, and many other things.

The Google Play Store has a lot more apps available, but these were the main ones we’ve found to be of use. Don’t forget to install all the apps before updating.

Google Keep is a great app to organize your family’s emails and other important information. You can organize emails into folders, and each folder has filters and other features. It’s a powerful app for electronic filing.

Evernote is useful for organizing all your work and thoughts as well as your notes. It’s a cloud-based note-taking app.

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