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5 Reasons To Choose Roofing Expert Over General Contractor

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Roofing is the most important structure protecting us from the furies of weather and preventing exposure to direct sunlight. Every homeowner will encounter a situation where they will need to hire roofing services, which is either to install a new roof or repair the old one. Roofs can be damaged by heavy rain, high storm, snow, and high winds.

A damaged roof will not only cause water to enter your property and destroy your valuable possessions, but can be deleterious on your house structures like walls, ceilings, and floorings.

Water will dampen these structures causing the production of molds and mildews. The harmful impacts that fungal species have on health are known by all.

Roofers know about the gravity of the situation, which is why they offer their top-notch services to get you out of any roof-related problem.

If you come across a leaking roof or any other problem, or just want to install a new roof, then the question of who to hire arises. Let us look deep into who exactly to hire.

There are many service providers, who will work on your house roofs. The roofing expert and general contractors are usually the most hired ones.


A contractor that is only concerned with roofing is a roofing expert. A roofing contractor has expertise in roofing only. It is a company with all its employees working to better the roofs of customers.

On the contrary, a general contractor is a service provider that offers all types of building services, from roofs to paintings and floorings.

As the name implies, a general contractor isn’t an expert in one particular field, rather has many sub-contractors working under it. Each of these sub-contractors is an expert in their concerned department.

Commercial Roofing


Before you hire a Roofing Service provider, remember a roofing expert has an edge over a general contractor. To know how to read the following sets of facts.

  • Expertise:

A roof is the most important structure of your property and you should only trust skilled people with them.

A general contractor might have experience of years but has a downside. It is not skilled and experienced in one particular department.

You want a company that masters in roof repair and installation, and who has experience of decades. This long experience will have them install roofs impeccably and resolve any related issues in a short time.

  • Lower Prices:

With roofing expert contractors, you will actually pay money to the workers i.e. the contractors are the workers. On the other hand, a general contractor will share the money you pay in exchange for a service.

They will take their share and the rest will go to the sub-contractor i.e. to the real worker. This involvement of a mediator means you will have to pay more- to the worker and the main contractor for finding the service provider for you.

  • No Third-Party Involved:

With roofing experts, the job is done by the people you actually close a deal with. Whereas, a general contractor will close a deal and send some other party to get your issue fixed.

With this involvement of a third body, one might not feel confident about the quality of service.

  • Easy Access:

Contractors offering these kinds of services only can be easily searched about. A sub-contractor that is sent to you by a general contractor has an ambiguous work history.

You don’t know if they are experienced, insured, licensed, reputable or reliable enough to let them touch your roofs.

Roofing experts will produce many references, will be certified and insured, and be well-reviewed by their past customers on their official website.

Moreover, you have the complete authority to either hire them or not, depending on your research results.

  • You Can Return to Them in Incase Anything Goes Wrong:

    Roofs are the most exposed structures, and therefore are susceptible to degradation. In case you got your roof newly installed and it all of a sudden starts leaking, then you would need the installation company to have an immediate look, obviously without charging you any money.

    What if you just didn’t know the sub-contractor that worked for you didn’t have any workmanship warranty? 

    Now you will have to pay even more to get the installation error resolved. Worst comes to worst, you might even have to look out for another service provider to fix the issue for you.

    Residential and Commercial Roofing Service providers offer a workmanship warranty. In fact, you should only choose a contractor that comes with such offers.

    Those that don’t, aren’t trustworthy. The timeline might vary with every company and the type of service.  For instance, some companies might offer a warranty of 2-3 years for one service and might have it extended to a decade or more for another roofing service.


    A roofing service provider should have these peculiarities:

    • Experienced:

Any service provider should have at least experience of more than 5 years. With time comes experience. Ask about the number of years they have been in the industry.

Experienced professionals know the right way of installing roofs and can easily detect if anything goes wrong.

  • Clear Pricing Policies:

A reputable contractor is clear about their rates and prices. There won’t be any ambiguity. They will give free estimates after inspecting and will not end up charging you more. 

Furthermore, good contractors have their charges compliant with other service providers.

  • Insured:

Insurance forms the basis of Roofing. No insurance implies that no injuries will be covered by any insurance company, and you will have to pay for the medical bills of a roofer.

  • Licensed:

Any roofing contractor that is not licensed shouldn’t be hired, as a roofer needs trained professionals especially Commercial Roofing. 

Commercial Contractors have their roofers certified, which is a guarantee of their expertise and qualification.

  • Well-known:

Reputable roofing contractors are popular for their quality services.

  • Well-reviewed:

A good service provider has an attitude of being able to produce many references. You might ask their past customers in private about their contention of the service.

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