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In the era of today’s fashion, where people are exploring all the options to keep themselves happy, especially after widespread gloom in the last two years, Gemstone Silver Jewelry has managed to capture massive attention and love worldwide. Among the wide variety, these colorful eye candies offer, one significant type that has recently captured widespread popularity is the name of Moldavite Jewelry.

This stunning gem with its appealing beauty is cherished widely, and its unique features are the main reason behind its success. Read the blog till last to know more about this fascinating gem. We present you the 5 reasons to wear Real Moldavite in your life.


The first feature that anyone addresses while purchasing gemstones is their color. The cheerful colors that come along with various gems are something everyone adorns. This same feature in Raw Moldavite Crystal attracts many jewelry lovers towards it. In addition, the natural forest green tint that comes along with this gem increases its beauty profoundly.

There are limited green-colored gems with such intricate beauty that they can mesmerize your heart. Moldavite Green color is something that one can make anyone spellbound with its jaw-dropping beauty. If you gaze at a piece of Natural Moldavite Crystal, you will see that it simultaneously depicts various shades of green.


Including Moldavite Jewelry in your life is really going to take you on a journey you never imagined. It has a strong vibrational frequency that helps an individual achieve more in a short period. One can feel the strong vibrations of this crystal by simply holding it in hand. Its usage includes various spiritual beliefs and is vastly used for curing multiple physical and mental problems.

The crystal ranks around 5-5.5, making it ideal to use in everyday jewelry. Whether your intent of adding it relates to healing or it is because of the fashion and personal preferences, you can always include it in the form of various accessories.

5 Reasons to Wear Moldavite Jewelry


You will find many untreated crystals of this gem in different shapes, sizes, and multiple shades of green. This makes it totally unique to include in your collection. The real ones have bubble-like inclusions inside their surface, naturally providing the most aesthetic appeal. Because of this uniqueness and availability in big chunky pieces, it is famous for creating statement pieces such as Moldavite Ring. Also, the natural dark tone is a plus when it comes to bold jewelry.


It is not just a mere physical appearance that is something to adorn. The beautiful story behind the existence of this crystal is sure to blow up your mind—the crystal results from a meteoroid impact that happened millions of years ago. Yes, you heard it right. It literally came from all the way up there into our lives. It is difficult to mention that you will find such interesting facts about any other gem. Because of this, it is worthy for you to grab your hands on such an exquisite piece.

Metaphysical Impacts

With such an exciting history, various beliefs emerged regarding the powers and strengths of this angelic beauty. Yet, just like other gemstones provides various metaphysical benefits according to their respective properties, Moldavite also doesn’t lag behind. It is a stone of activation and helps you activate your third eye and heart chakra. Thus people often wear it in the form of a Moldavite Pendant to keep it close to the heart.

Opening your heart chakra, it helps you to express your feelings openly and balances emotions. At the same time, Third-eye chakra activation allows you to connect yourself with higher realms.


We hope that the reasons mentioned above might have helped you make up your mind to include this incredible piece of jewel in your life. Then, explore a wide range of Moldavite accessories and other Gemstone jewelry to add a masterpiece to your life.

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Mia Martin

I am Mia Martin, working as a content writer at Rananjay Exports. I provide in-depth knowledge to well-researched blogs. I've had a great writing experience for over five years, and gems have always been my favorite area. Authenticity is my strength and every fact I write is cross-checked. Going in-depth about particular stones and knowing everything from scratch about them, I provide all my insights into the blog I write. Every time I generate new ideas for each article piece, I provide to the company and our customers. I hope my articles are capable enough to fulfill the need and the knowledge required by a retailer selling the gemstones.

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