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5 Things You Need To Know About Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves reducing the size of the forehead. There are several reasons behind having a large forehead. It might be because of genetics, recent hair loss, or another cosmetic procedure. No matter what causes it, it affects the person’s entire outlook.

Many people who have high hairlines feel insecure about their appearance. It affects their confidence at every phase of life. Therefore, the experts suggest getting hairline lowering surgery. Although before getting the surgery or another procedure, you must do thorough research.

Here are five things that you must know before going for hairline lowering surgery:

Situations That Qualify You for Hairline lowering surgery

Here are the particular scenarios that qualify you for hairline lowering surgery.

  • Having a High Hairline
  • Unusually Large Forehead
  • Disproportional Hair Line
  • Low/Heavy Eyebrows
  • Had Hair Grafting
  • Recently Got Brow Lift

And so on! These situations may increase the need for hairline lowering surgery. Yet, not everyone is suitable for the surgery. But only an expert guides you regarding it.

Risks and Side Effects

If you opt for a qualified doctor, risks and side effects will be minimal. Yet, every surgical procedure involves some risk factors. After getting this type of surgery, you might experience the following side effects.

  • After Effects of Anaesthesia
  • Allergic Reaction to Anaesthesia
  • Bleeding After Surgery
  • Nerve Damage
  • Hair loss from hairline
  • Scarring

The risk and side effects can also vary from person to person. Therefore, it is wise to have potential risk factors in your case before getting hairline lowering surgery.

Things to Avoid Before Hairline Lowering Surgery

Before getting a Hairline lowering surgery, you need to be careful regarding what you consume. In most cases, the specialists will guide you. But here are a few general precautions you must ensure.

  • Don’t take any inflammatory medicine
  • Avoid alcohol and salty food
  • Strengthen your immune system by improving the diet
  • Avoid infection and blood clots after the surgery

Cost of Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery is considered a cosmetic operation, so medical insurance does not cover it.

Although, the surgeon gives you a precise estimate of the cost of surgery. It varies based on several factors, including the surgeon’s ability, the complexity of the operation, and more. Generally, it can fall between $8000-$12000. That makes it an expensive procedure compared to other hair loss solutions. The price can be high if you have a forehead scar, dry skin, and other issues.

Recovery Time

The recovery time for each patient can be different. It usually takes about a week to resume the daily activities. In 7 days, the swelling and bruising decrease enough for you to go to work. Some people take off the dressing the next day of the procedure. Others prefer to wear it and hide it by styling their hair forward.

Although, it is better to avoid extreme physical activity after the hairline lowering surgery. You have to be extra careful while sleeping as any head pressure can increase the swelling. It might take two/three months for the incision scar to fade away. In the meantime, you need to make sure it doesn’t get an infection in the meantime.

Benefits of having this Hairline Surgery

Deciding to get a Hairline lowering surgery can be a tough decision. There are many risk factors involved, and it can be a burden on your bank account. Although, if you feel complex about your hairline and forehead size, you should consider it. Here are some of the incredible perks you can enjoy with hairline lowering surgery.

Enhanced Outlook

With a well-performed hairline lowering surgery, you effortlessly enhance your appearance. You will notice an evident difference in the shape of your face, forehead, hairstyle, and brows. It will give you a younger, most sophisticated look.

Stress-free Living

Living with a complex about your look can be highly stress-free. No matter where you are, you always feel less and desire to disappear. But after getting this surgery, you can enjoy every moment.

Feeling Assertive

Whether you are working, with your partner, or at a family gathering, you’ll feel assertive. After getting a hairline lowering surgery, you will notice that productivity improved.


Now that you have detailed knowledge about hairline lowering surgery, you can make a better decision. Although, if you choose to get the surgery go for a qualified professional. The expert will be able to guide you and perform the procedure efficiently. The cost can be a confusing factor for you but think of it as an investment for a better future. 

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