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5 ways to effectively advertise a top Christian home business online

top Christian home business online

Nowadays, Christians are especially fortunate to be willing to establish and market faith-based businesses from home. Consider, for example, the fact that the Christian consumer market today exceeds at least 8 8 billion a year, and 1 in 3 Americans buy books in a Christian bookstore. Moreover, such purchases are not limited to devotional fiction and non-fiction materials.

People buy everything using songs, furnishings, accessories and trustworthy clothing, gifts, as well as faith-related services. Thus, establishing and promoting a top Christian home business must be within the reach of those willing to involve. Here are at least 5 effective online marketing strategies that will help make such aspirations a reality.

Pay attention to the products or services on offer

Most web users, including Christians, are looking for information that is not available in favour of particular products and services, local churches or retail stores. Again, this is where believers have the opportunity to capitalize on the expanding market with faith-related products such as clothing and accessories, counselling services and retreats. Of course, writing and selling relevant ebooks, and promoting video and audio materials on a website or blog is an excellent way to reach millions of homes worldwide.

Give freely

Today’s major social networking sites that consistently attract millions of online users are built on free tools, information, gifts and free access to contests. Adopting such an attitude helps to establish one’s credibility and goodwill. In addition, and more importantly, it is bound to generate a lot of traffic and business coming from search engines.

Use multiple marketing strategies

The most profitable internet business promoters combine marketing strategies, for example, using articles and audio/visual media to advertise websites and/or blogs. Writing expertly, fresh, concise articles about various aspects of the faith. Including information about a product or service. Help to answer the ideal and relevant questions as an information channel. Audio-visual promotional content also provides an immediate and personal way to keep in touch with consumers. Providing popular and current content.

Take copyright seriously

When visitors come to a site’s homepage, the value of copywriting determines a lot whether someone is converting to a customer, or clicks somewhere else. In short, when copywriting is weak, the conversion rate is damaged. To be a top Free Christian eBook home business requires hiring skilled copywriters. This guy’s skills help a business differentiate itself from its competitors and ultimately sell a service or product.

Take customer service seriously

Even knowing about search engine optimization will not be enough to turn visitors into active consumers, if customer service is casual and neglected. It is important to maintain a 24-hour response time for inquiries from customers. One way to ensure that sales go out of the window quickly is to take a long time to answer visitors’ questions.

It is important for any online business to take place offline and consolidate its marketing efforts. Therefore, be sure to display the website address in the physical business location, as well as brochures, business cards, promotional materials, newspaper ads, and yellow pages. Applying these 5 advertising strategies with dedication will convince any believer that running a top Christian home business is not only possible but can also be a source of fun and excitement.

Learn more about Top Christian Home Business. Thomas Freres is a Christian and has been serving the body of Christ for over two decades.  She specializes in article marketing, social media networking and other marketing strategies. Works with small and large companies to help them customize their marketing campaigns. If more than 50 marketing strategies are available today, you must know which one is right for your personality. Learn more about Thomas Frears and see more profitable policies to explode your internet business and get bigger results and results.

Free Christian eBook
Free Christian eBook

Bonus is the secret to selling ebooks

The bonus is the secret sauce of selling ebooks or any information products (or physical products for that matter). People want the ultimate price for what they buy and this is especially true of information products.


You see, there is still a lot of mistrust in people’s minds about information products. Will your data product really deliver? Can I really get the results of your data product promise? Bonuses can alleviate those worries, especially when the price of the bonus exceeds the price of the information product!

The object is to add so many bonuses at such a high price that your customer thinks. “Even if the PDF e-book is trash, it will be worth it to get the bonus!”

Bonuses can come in all formats. You can give away free ebooks, special reports, videos, audio … Sky Limit. My rule is to pay digital bonuses when I sell a digital product. There is no point in sending physical products when someone buys a PDF ebook or membership site. You are simply adding more trouble to your life. But if you’re already sending out a physical information product, throw in some physical bonuses by all means.

But where do you get high-quality bonuses at low prices?


The first place to find killer bonuses is to do a Google search for a free ebook about you. Just go to Google and type “your topic free ebook”. For example, I typed “asthma-free ebooks” and found several books written by other people. And they wanted me to share it virally with others.

One thing you need to do is read the ebook’s permission statement and see if it’s okay to share it with others. A Free Christian eBook will allow you to share, but not sell. So, you want to offer it as a bonus in addition to your data product – your data is not integrated with the product.

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