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6 Reasons You Need a Learning App for Employees

Learning App for Employees

Whether you have 50 employees or 500, you will need to train the from time to time. New hires need to be taught about the company’s standard operating procedures while others may need skill upgradation workshops. When you invest in your employees, they become more productive, they’re happier and your company will see more profits. The internet has revolutionized the way this training can be provided. With a learning app for employees you make your training cohesive across offices and more easily accessible. That’s not all, here are some of the other reasons you should consider a learning app.

Make Learning Fun

You’ll come across a lot of learners who see learning something new as a big challenge. By using an app, you give your employees the independence to learn at their own pace. Fast learners don’t have to wait for others to catch up and people who need to go over a topic twice don’t have to feel shy about doing so. Further, by breaking down the learning modules into microlearning modules, you give them goals that are easier to achieve. Think about it – doesn’t taking 5 minutes out of your day to learn something sound better than watching an hour-long video? This takes away the learner’s apprehension.

Learning Campaigns are more Effective

In the case of traditional in-class learning, you need to get everyone together at the same time. As a result, if an individual has a very busy day, he may either miss the workshop or may attend in person but be working on some other task. Thus, you don’t achieve your aim. With a learning app, your training modules become accessible to employees wherever they are. The topics are broken down into microlearning sessions of just a few minutes each. This makes it easier for your employees to fit in the training to their schedule without compromising on anything else. They can pay more attention and your campaign ends up being much more effective.

Get Feedback

You may have put together a module that you think is great but your employees who are on-the-job may not agree with you. If you were to simply a lecture, the feedback you receive from them would be limited. With a learning app for employees you can conduct named and anonymous surveys within the modules. This gives you honest feedback as to the efficacy of the material being provided as well as an idea of how many of your employees are actually absorbing and using the training.

Improved Retention

Some people learn well by reading about a topic while others understand visual medium better. With a learning app, you can use a variety of mediums to get your message across. You can use recorded audio, videos, infographics, interactive modules, written documents, etc. This gives your learners control not over just when they learn but also how they learn. Easy access to the material also ensures that learners can revise concepts whenever needed. In addition, you can push our quizzes, tips and facts every once in a while to engage with learners and reinforce the teaching.

Encourage Autonomous Learning

There are some people who like to study and others who don’t. Many of the learning app available today introduce an aspect of gamification to the learning process. This boosts an competitive spirit amongst employees who can see where they rank beside their colleagues in terms of the modules completed. We’re social by nature and everyone always wants to be first. Thus, this sort of ranking system pushes employees to learn on their own and make time for the modules.

Real Time Learning

Learning is most powerful when viewed in the context it is to be applied in. In a traditional classroom setting, learning may seem disconnected and theoretical. On the other hand, a learning app brings the subject matter to a practical world where it can be applied as the learner goes through the material. For example, in a factory setting, a learning app, lets the employee learn about a piece of machinery while they have it in front of them rather than when they are at a desk.

In Conclusion

Using a learning app for employees has advantages for everyone in your organization. You get to ensure that your employees stay current with their training without being inconvenienced and your organization sees more productivity. Learning apps make learning seem simple and fun. Now all you need is to find a learning app provider who can help you design the perfect training program.


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