7 Famous Treks in India

When it comes to being in touch with nature, there is no better way than packing your rucksack and going on treks in India. The varied landscapes that this country has to offer make it the ideal location for discovering nature while getting an adrenaline rush. In India, there are numerous trekking destinations, but the Himalayas are at the top of the list. To delve deeper into the topic, a list of some fantastic hiking destinations that provide travelers with unforgettable experiences has been compiled below.

7 Best Places For Treks In India

Kheerganga Kasol Trek

It is one of the best treks of India which is located in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. Those who are fond of nature should do this trek once in their lifetime. It will be a great experience. The Time taken by a normal person to reach the top of the Kheerganga trek is around 5 to 6 hrs if there is no snowfall. For the safety measure, you can take a guide along with you. With the help of the guide, you can easily do this trek. At the top of the Kheerganga trek, there is a pool that contains hot water. In the winters this shower gives immense pleasure to all the travelers. There are various fun activities that also take place in night time at the top like Bonfire. People who are fond of stargazing can enjoy that at the top of the Parvati Valley during nighttime. 

Nag Tibba Trek

The Nag Tibba Trek, based in Mussoorie, is an exciting weekend camp trek. If you live in Delhi, this trek should be at the top of your list for 2021. The trek starts in Pantwari and leads to the summit of Nag Tibba. Right in front of you, you can see breathtaking views of Mt Bandarpoonch, Srikanth, and Gangotri. This trek also includes some unforgettable sunrise and sunset views, as well as a lovely forest portion to trek through.

Sainj Valley Trek

In Himachal Pradesh, the Sainj Valley Trek is a lovely weekend hike. If you live in Delhi, it’s a worthwhile trek. It’s one of the park’s few treks. You will trek in the snow throughout the winter, and the temperatures drop to about -6 degrees at night. This trek’s grasslands are similar to those found on the Kashmir Trek. On this hike, you’ll get some spectacular views of the valley. The path winds through thick woods filled with a variety of bird sounds. When the trail emerges from the trees, the views of the Sainj valley and the mighty peaks surrounding the Raktisar glacier are truly breathtaking.

Whatever trek you are doing there are some important accessories which every trekker must keep along with him/her like torch, knife, tents, etc. In our experience, Canvas Tents are best during hiking. No matter where you get stuck during hiking these tents will give you shelter.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is one of the most beautiful treks of India which is in Uttrakhand. It has a stunning summit climb and is a perfect trek to do in all seasons. The Kedarkantha peak stands at an altitude of  12, 500 ft with a 360-degree view around other Himalayan peaks. Over the year people have discovered new and adventurous routes to the summit. We should follow all safety measures before doing this trek. People also faced some difficulties in the winter during this trek because the temperature is very low. In the midway of the trek, trekkers will see a beautiful frozen lake. The view of that frozen lake is mesmerizing. Usually, two to three days will be more than enough for this trek to complete. 

Valley of Flowers

The trek through the Valley of Flowers is legendary. It is located in Uttrakhand. Normally this trek is open for only a limited period of time. The strong fragrance of the flowers on the valley floor is said to knock the trekkers out. As soon as you reach the valley, you are greeted by a panoramic view of its vast expanse, which is blanketed in flowers. Flowers, leaves, and buds of various shapes, sizes, and colors coexist in this region. It is just 10 to 15 km away from the place known as Joshimath. 

Hampta Pass Trek

September is the perfect month to go on the trek. It starts to snow in October, and the weather turns bitterly cold in this region. On this trek, the weather is good. Particularly during the daytime in the summer, when the temperature ranges from 14 to 16 degrees. This trek must be completed because it is a unique and exclusive pass. It starts in Kullu’s lush green valleys and continues through a narrow gorge-like valley to a high mountain overhang. The entire Spiti valley can be seen in one big panoramic sweep from the pass.

Mukta Top Trek

Mukta Top is a relatively new Himalayan trek. It is about 430 kilometers from Delhi. Temperatures will drop to -5 degrees in the winter, from December to mid-March. During the summer, from March to June, the temperature ranges from 12 to 13 degrees during the day and drops to negative degrees at night. The trek is 28 kilometers long in total.

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