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7 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business


In the age of technology, brands that leverage social media successfully remain in conversations online. Apart from having a direct connection to the consumers, it is easy to succeed in establishing as an industry expert through helpful and informative content.  

People connect on social media as consumers, marketers, or social beings. Once started as entertainment, social media has evolved as one of the most powerful marketing channels.  

Social media is a way to connect and interact with your target audience on a digital platform. It serves as an opportunity to build a loyal audience for you.  

What Is Social Media Marketing?  

Marketing any kind of service or product on digital social platforms is called social media marketing. It employs one or more social media platforms to raise brand awareness, increase website traffic, drive sales, or promote a product or service to a target audience.  

Companies can use social media marketing to present their brand story, involve their fans, and educate them about new products or industry trends.  

This type of word-of-mouth marketing also helps companies to encourage customers to publish user-generated content (UGC)—for example, online comments, product reviews, and so on—which engages audiences considerably more than brand-produced ad copy.  

Does my brand need social media marketing? 

Of course, you need it. You see the number of social media users has crossed limits and imaginations by over 4.95 billion total internet users.

Social media users skyrocketed over the last few years. With so much focus on social media, whether you are a B2B business targeting professionals or a B2C brand hunting Gen Z customers, your audience is online.  

Brands must precisely use social media content marketing to gain a competitive advantage.  

So, here are the top seven ways to expand your business with social media. 

expand your business with social media

Here we go step by step:

1) Know Your Brand In All Ways 

To have thought of advertising your product on social media means to stand out. One approach is to have a deep conviction in the brand you’re promoting.  

Know what your brand stands for: what is your product or service? What advantages does it provide clients when they make a purchase? Aside from the obvious, what else can your brand offer?  

It takes a lot of confidence to present a brand. You can’t merely be informed about what you’re selling. You must have expertise in the subject.  

2) Know Your Audience  

For your audience, you must create content and posts about your brand. Understand your audience’s preferences so that you may produce relatable and engaging content that will grab their attention. Keep in mind that you are not just showcasing your product. You have to keep trying to convince your target audience to buy your product. 

Social media is a platform that gives many ideas about your target audience. But significantly, you learn about the genders, ages, localities, and interests of your users.  

3) Develop And Strategize Your Posts  

Online posting with some captions and hashtags seems fun. But creating meaningful content to engage your audience is equally difficult. Beautifully carved content takes much time and effort before establishing a powerful social media presence.  

You need a rock-solid social media strategy on how often you should produce your content. 

Use of influencers will impact or not? How will the existing base respond to your posts? Are you able to achieve your goals or still struggling? What changes do you need in your routine of posting over social media?  

You must show your expertise and knowledge of your brand through consistent posts.  

4) Creating Quality Content On Trending Points  

You do not have to attack social media consumers with random posts. You need to maintain the quality of your posts that benefit the users and thereby add on more followers.   

Hashtags are the most effective way of keeping your content to a larger audience. It is how you can increase your social media engagement and raise a follower base for your social media channels.  

According to a survey, 95% of people remember what they saw in an advertisement. Customers will most likely skip over lengthy words in your posts. Get them to watch something that will entertain and educate them about your business or service.  

5) Optimize Content According To Platforms  

You need to optimize your posts according to the social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. It can be photos, videos, or even blogs that can engage your target audience in their interest to promote your content.  

When you want to leverage your social media for your business, the posts need to be regularly dragged into the light by liking, commenting, sharing, or even subscribing to your content. It will help you build a relationship with your target audience and your social media presence will be locked in their eyes.  

6) Using Influencers To Influence  

It is difficult to reach a huge audience when you have just begun posting your content online. Here arises a need for influencers who have a power-packed base of an audience that can help us promote our products or services to reveal to our target audience.   

Influencers do not mean rich celebrities but usually normal people with a huge audience with whom you can negotiate. You can give them a free service of your product and ask them to post their experience in videos, blogs, and other ways.   

7) Seek The Help Of Experts  

Digital marketing is another world that does everything it takes to enhance your significance on the web. Reaching the experts is the best and the last option that helps your posts according to social media optimization.  

There are social media ideas and key factors that are not hidden from these digital marketing strategists. And they make the best use of it in making your business hover over the front pages of your target audience. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be the best method to promote your business online.  

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Social media has evolved from being an entertainment channel to giving exposure to the target audience in a form of a marketing platform. It has helped millions in establishing its products and services by building a strong relationship with its target audience.   

People trust brands and expect to educate, engage and excite them. Your responsibility is to discover this audience and what compels them to act. Using these above-given tactics is a straight highway from a beginner to being a brand that rules social media.   


Ankit Parashar

Ankit Parashar is the founder and director of ABK Digital, a leading digital marketing agency catering to clients of all industries across the globe. He has 10+ years of experience in marketing, spearheading deal-making, strategic partnerships, sales, and business development. ABK Digital is the one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs, including Web Designing & Web Development, Seach Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, and Online Reputation Management.

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