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9 Practical Tips to Grow a Shopify Store In 2022

It’s a great experience to open a Shopify store. It can be nerve-wracking if you don’t know all the tips to grow a Shopify store. Over-optimizing certain things and forgetting the basics is one of the biggest mistakes store owners make. 

Shopify Custom Checkout app is developed to help merchants grow their Shopify store. The Custom Checkout app suggests implementing the best Shopify marketing practices to increase sales conversions and reduce cart abandonment. It incorporates the same features as Shopify Plus at a minimal cost. 

We’ll be breaking down Shopify tips in this article. These tips will help you understand the basics and keep your eyes on the important stuff. We’ve created this guide to help you grow your Shopify store without putting a dent in your budget or risking your business. These tips to grow a Shopify store can double your traffic.

Add Policies in the Footer

A website should include policies. Many new store owners neglect this. Customers often look at return policies when they visit websites to see if they can receive a refund in the event that products are not as they expected. Your website will also benefit from added policies. They build trust.

You don’t have to create policies manually. You can modify or take the policies in your Shopify admin. Keep in mind that your website policies will be enforced. If your policies allow refunds, you must also accept refunds from customers who request them.

Sell More Products

It’s easy enough. This is one of the powerful tips to grow a Shopify store. 

A wider selection of products is a must. It will allow you to attract more customers. You will be able to make more sales.

But where should you begin?

Your main product should be your priority to promote. It should be unique. You should be able to solve your problem or sell well internationally. After gaining traction, you should consider what complementary products you could offer.

Check out the top sellers within your niche to get some ideas. You can check out major sites like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

Check the Mobile Responsiveness of Your Store

Double-check your website on mobile before you launch your first ad campaign. You can create an advertisement, but not everyone will see it on their computer. Others might view the ad from their tablet or phone.

Sometimes images may not be properly resized when you view your website from a different device. You might decide to crop the image differently if you notice that the model’s face is missing from the photo.

Mobile testing is particularly important if you have a lot of traffic from influencer marketing, ads, or an app like Instagram or Pinterest.

All you have to do to test your mobile website is go to it on your smartphone or tablet. You can browse every page of your website to find cut-off images and hidden calls to action, and you can track how much scrolling is required on each page.

Scroll down to know more tips to grow a Shopify store. 

Download Custom Checkout App

Custom Checkout app is the most downloaded app by Shopify store owners to generate more revenue. This app basically enhances the appearance of the checkout page. It suggests you implement all the best practices that make the checkout page more sales-worthy. It also helps in One Click Upsell Shopify post-purchase. 

Create a Compelling Cart Abandonment Email

Another important point is to streamline your customer retention and sales recovery strategies. Automating emails to customers who leave your store after they have filled up a cart is a great way to automate this process.

The best thing? The best part? It’s a marketing tactic that requires almost no effort and produces amazing results.

Yes, around 70% of online shopping carts fail to sell before customers complete a purchase. 

Nearly half of the abandoned cart emails are opened. Over a third of clicks result in purchases on the site.

This is especially true when your reminder email includes a coupon code. Your customer might have been distracted, which could give you an idea of what may have happened. An email to abandon a cart can build brand loyalty. Let them know how much you value them by completing their purchase.

Influencer Marketing is Among Tips to Grow a Shopify Store

Influencers have become a popular form of marketing over the last few years. It’s still going strong, even in 2022.

The key to influencer marketing is? Find influencers that engage your target audience. Your eCommerce brand should have the same values as theirs.

Ask them questions. What people have they worked with in the past? Is there any proof they achieved the results they desired?

How can you make this strategy work? This requires creativity. Otherwise, it could come across as too obvious and tacky. Interactive content can be added to your websites, such as contests, quizzes, and challenges.

Choose The Right Payment Gateway 

This is one of the more vital tips to grow a Shopify store. 

Before you open your online shop and begin taking orders, it is important to determine the preferred payment methods of your target audience.

After that, you will need to find the right payment gateways and the setup and maintenance costs.

Here are the steps:

Identify the payment options you would like to offer in the store.

The payment gateways that allow the above are shortlisted.

You can evaluate the ease of setting up, support, maintenance, and commission fees.

You Can Customize The Theme As Much As You Like

Shopify lets you customize your theme in any way you like. Amazing! Amazing! If you are a new entrepreneur, one of our most suggested tips to grow a Shopify store is to limit the customizations you make to your store.

The theme that you installed in your store was designed by a professional. It can convert customers if it works well enough to be installed.

Theme design should be about changing images to reflect your brand. You can optimize your store to sell more products if your theme isn’t working well for you.

Paid Ads Can Be Used Effectively

This is one of the must-follow tips to grow a Shopify store. 

One thing is clear from the rise of eCommerce marketing: paid ads are the future.

Paid ads have made it possible for businesses of all sizes, shapes, and states to give their brand the right exposure. This allows brands to show their products to millions of people on the first page of Google SERP. 

Paid ads offer flexibility and exposure, making them a key tool to help Shopify succeed. However, you must be able to use them correctly.


These tips to grow a Shopify store will make it easier to manage your online store. These tips will help you build the foundation that will allow you to succeed with Shopify. You don’t have to make your online store as large as the ones of your competitors from day one. Over time, you can grow your online store to be a larger brand.

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Custom Checkout is a convenient way for the customers to purchase something online. One-click Upsell is a Shopify app that helps you increase your conversion rates by offering an upsell offer during checkout. And provides custom buttons and more to your Shopify store's checkout page. The most important thing about any checkout process is its simplicity. This means that it should be easy for the customer to complete the purchase and go through all the steps in order to buy something.

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