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9 Reasons Behind The Popularity of MEAN Stack Development

Nowadays, MEAN stack development has become a prevalent choice among full-stack developers. Many developers are joining the community mainly because MEAN is a complete JavaScript stack. In addition to the ease of learning curves and the transition curves, the MEAN stack has many advantages over other stacks for development, which makes it among the most sought-after and utilized stacks in recent times.

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JavaScript is a good choice as a primary language because you’ll need to master it eventually. It’s impossible to use the internet without it, which is why many people are moving straight to JavaScript and avoiding Ruby, Python and PHP. JavaScript is also the most active community of developers. There’s an additional reason to learn JavaScript immediately from the start to work.

What Exactly Does The MEAN Stack Developer Do?

To begin the definition of a MEAN Stack Developer, it is a full-stack developer specializing in JavaScript’s MEAN Stack development. Because they are Full Stack developers, they can work on both the front-end and the back-end of the application.

Additionally, because MEAN is a JavaScript-based language, a MEAN stack developer must understand JavaScript.

With MEAN’s four languages, MEAN stack developers must be able to build various websites such as news aggregation sites. Additionally, they must create web-based applications, such as maps, calendars and location tracking.

What Is The Difference Between A MEAN Stack Developer And A Full-Stack Developer?

MEAN Stack Developers are FullStack developers who exclusively work with MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. They are only familiar with certain aspects that are involved in web design.

Full-stack developers possess the ability and knowledge to create a web-based application from beginning to end. However, an experienced full-stack developer is one who understands every step that goes into web-based development. However, they’re not necessarily experts on each layer of development. 

One of the full-stack developer’s abilities is the ability to master the basics of technology. These include HTML/CSS JavaScript and back-end language web storage and databases.

Popular Apps And Websites Utilize MEAN Stack Development

Many large and small companies utilize MEAN to develop their websites.

Large tech companies like Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal, and Uber use MEAN to run their businesses.

Now we understand what a MEAN stack developer does and the difference between it and a full stack developer. Now let’s look at the various technologies and concepts experts in MEAN must be aware of.

Learn About The Four Major Technologies

MEAN stack development is the acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. These are the four core programming languages. MongoDB provides the database server. In contrast, Express.js serves as the framework for servers. The client-side framework is Angular. It also has Node.js as the JavaScript runtime that runs on the server.

Why People Are So Enthusiastic About MEAN Stack Development

Massive Skill Base

By using Node.js, Express, and Angular, you have the top talent in the world of development. Finding a MEAN stack developer is to get an expert in multi-tasking.

A developer who is knowledgeable of the MEAN stack may understand front-end and back-end technology. The knowledge base of DBMS such as MongoDB is like ranking at the top.

High Performance

It’s an advantage. MEAN Stack development is a collection of powerful Javascript technologies that can build Web-based applications and web pages. 

It’s simple to conclude that you must get apps with high performance. Web-based applications are built with native containers, which provide an experience specific to the platform.

Low Development Costs Make It Cost-Effective

MEAN.JS is an open-source full-stack JavaScript framework, and it is made up of features that are free to use. Therefore, any project that uses this framework benefits from having a lower cost throughout the entire development process. Furthermore, JavaScript helps developers with the ability to share code that reduces the time to develop and the cost.

Large Talent Pool

There is no doubt that JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages. This assists developers across the globe and contributes to the evaluation of development agencies. In addition, there are experts from all over the globe who are committed to solving the issues of other MEAN stack developers.

The Open Source Component

Each of the MEAN stack development’s  components is open source and frequently updated. Developers can alter the code to suit their requirements. Transfer of data between the back-end and front-end occurs via a JavaScript object that helps developers.

Offers Cloud Compatibility

MEAN stack framework utilizes libraries, modules, and various public repositories to facilitate web development. This is a practical and cost-effective feature because it decreases the use of storage space and the expense of buying the devices. In essence, it lets developers create powerful cloud-based apps to save with the MongoDB Database Management System.

Massive Libraries

MEAN Stack Development Server is an enormous JavaScript Modules library that can be a great help to developers. These libraries are highly efficient and ensure the accuracy of the whole code. 

Since these libraries provide per-definite outputs, they stop developers from writing lengthy codes to generate specific outputs. In the end, libraries ease the programmer’s work and improve the speeds of the whole development process.

The Presence Of Node.Js

Node.js in MEAN stack development offers an extensible option to write the back-end for your application. This is much superior to the traditional back-end for web applications. This technology runs using a non-blocking input/output terminal that utilizes web sockets to transfer data and other information to the client’s server.

One Language For All Aspects Of The Development

JavaScript is simple to understand, dynamic, and is one of the most flexible programming languages. It is employed in all aspects of development for apps, such as front-end, back-end, or databases. This makes the interaction between all aspects of the app more accessible.

Stack components let clients simplify the process of developing. A team of developers can work alone on any application that is able to use JS. Developers reuse some code to do multiple tasks that are developed for apps.


MEAN Stack development is the top market for web-based application development. When developing an application, developers need to manage a massive quantity of data in the cloud. IT professionals who create applications use a different software program suitable for developing web-based applications.

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