9 Reasons Your Pup May Benefit from Brace Support

Puppies are cute, clumsy, and fast-moving. A lot can happen to a pup before it learns the ropes of properly getting around. Your little one is prone to accidents and injury, so it is common for your puppy to require brace support occasionally. These support devices provide extra protection for your pup’s soft tissue and bones.

The braces are made from mesh fabric, which is soft, light, and breathable. They can be easily fastened on the pup for comfort and proper fit. The design of the brace also allows for a full range of motion to ensure your puppy can still move around like normal. Many available braces are equipped with padding to provide extra shock absorption, reducing trauma from falls and bumps. Here are nine reasons your pup may benefit from a brace support device.

1. As an Alternative to Surgery

Surgery can be costly, invasive, painful, and inconvenient. Your pup may have to spend time confined in a hospital and undergo some complicated procedure. Brace supports are not invasive but still provide your pup with the same level of protection. They offer a way to stabilize your pup’s injury while allowing it to heal properly.

2. Reduces Pain

Your pup may experience pain due to cuts, sprains, or fractures. Brace supports can help to reduce your pup’s discomfort and prevent further injuries. Most of these supports are padded and come with straps that you can adjust for a snug, comfortable fit. This helps you keep your pup in a specific position that minimizes its movements and eases its pain.

3. Prevent Fractures

Fractures are painful and can be costly if left untreated. Your pup can easily receive a fracture by accident while playing outside or on a hike. The brace helps support overburdened joints and bones to prevent further injury. These supports are easy to use and won’t weigh your pup down.

4. Intervertebral Disc Disease

The intervertebral discs help your pup’s bones and soft tissue align properly. Over the years, these discs become damaged and can develop degenerative diseases such as disc herniation. Disc herniation results in the loss of space between adjacent vertebrae of your pup’s spine. This additional space allows for the distraction of weight, which can cause more damage to the discs. Placing brace support around your pup’s affected vertebrae can help to stabilize its neck and prevent further damage.

5. Increased Mobility

Mobility is essential to your pup’s overall health and well-being. WiggleLess brace supports help keep your pup mobile and prevent further damage to its ribs, spine, or skeletal system. They also provide your pup with extra support for its sore muscles. The support makes getting around a lot easier for your dog.

6. Promotes Healing

Injuries take time to heal. Keep your pup protected. Your puppy is at risk of re-injuring itself as it heals. Brace supports are made to be patient-friendly and adjustable with their extra padding that keeps your pup comfortable until it can heal properly. There is less risk of complications and further injuries.

7. Helps in the Prevention of Strain or Sprain

Strains or sprains are common for puppies moving around too fast on their tiny legs. Your canine friend can’t use its leg properly until it heals. This could be days, weeks, or even months. The brace offers support for your pup’s limb. It won’t exert any additional pressure on their injured area.

8. Protects Against Post-Surgery Complications

Puppies can develop complications after surgery, including nerve damage and muscular atrophy. Brace supports can help to stabilize your pup’s injured body parts and help prevent further complications. These supports are designed to be comfortable and flexible for your puppy. They provide optimal protection while promoting healing post-surgery.

9. Promotes Good Posture

Posture is essential for the optimal function of your pup’s body. The proper posture can help prevent future injuries and enable your puppy to move around as it should. The brace supports help keep your dog supported and in a safe position. They stabilize your pet’s neck, back, and spine. This helps to prevent any further strain or injury.


The braces increase the quality of life for your pup. These supports are a great way to provide peace of mind while at the park, hiking, or having a fun day with your pup. They are inexpensive and can help to prevent the need for surgery or expensive treatments. A professional orthopedic surgeon can assess your pup and determine the best brace support to use.

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