The best running shoes for flat feet

The best running shoes for flat feet.

Flat-footed runners don’t have an easy time finding the right running shoe – not least because there are too many conflicting claims on the subject.

The Internet and your local running store will probably tell you to buy a shoe with more curve support.

Experts in the field of sports injuries will advise you otherwise. So who can you trust?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer – the ideal shoe for you will depend on your running cycle, range of motion, and individual foot, among other factors.

That said, there are two or three highlights to look for in running shoes that can help your low curves feel more upright and comfortable – a few shoes that are known to work great for sprinters with flat feet. Check out our selection and buying guide. Wholesale Women Joggers UK

The two types of flat feet

Although the two types of flat feet can look basically the same, the approach to buying shoes for them generally differs,

says Kimberly Davis, M.D., of Punjab, an Austin, Texas, facility that studies the biomechanics of walking and provides noninvasive treatment and preparation.

Dr. Davis says that when looking for a shoe for a flat-footed sprinter with imploded curves.

Because of muscle deficiencies, you can support the curve until the foot is grounded and can maintain its own curve.

Be that as it may, with an anatomically level foot, a curved support merely puts pressure on the knee, which can lead to knee problems.

For this reason, it’s important to be aware of what type of foot you have before selecting a shoe, and to consider not only your foot, but your entire body, including your knee, hip, and range of motion. 

About overpronation and arch support.

Sprinters with flat feet tend to overpronate, which is the point where the arch of the foot rolls inward after landing.

Gradually, that’s starting to change, as it’s recognized that stability highlights don’t change much about normal foot shape, but some sprinters tend to wear them.

Dr. Davis says people with flat feet regularly have really adaptable feet that never become inflexible when pushing off.

“The shoe industry tries to counteract that by putting in curve support to give the foot a curve or supinate it,” she says.

“In either case, that’s how the foot is built in the first place; it’s not something you can fix with a shoe.”

A full-contact midsole

Jay Dicharry, creator of Life systems for Runners and director of the REP Lab in Bend, Oregon, agrees that curve support can be a hindrance because the curve is usually unique,

and extra construction there can prevent the foot from moving.

The best running shoes for flat feet

Dicharry says sprinters with flat feet should place more emphasis on looking for a shoe with a “straight last,” which determines the shape of the shoe.

A shoe with a straight last has a wider metatarsal base and, to a lesser extent, a notch, a profile that is off the radar for hourglass-shaped shoes.

Most current shoes don’t provide a particularly strong helping surface for sprinters with flat feet, 

He says. “The problem is that any of these hourglass shoe shapes look comfortable on the toe separator, but when someone with a flat foot puts weight on a shoe, part of the foot weighs down on the textured upper,” he says.

“The upper doesn’t function like a cushioned sole that supports the foot. Feet are fine when they’re on a flat surface.” Men Joggers Wholesale Prices

Level feet are only one aspect among many

The fact is that most running shoes are suitable for most sprinters, but still,

If the shoes you’re using aren’t satisfying quickly or you’re experiencing pain while running, try a different pair.

Have your developmental design examined, whether at a facility like RunLab or even a running store that offers a running exam.

The best running shoes for flat feet

When you have more data about your feet and your development pattern, you can drop all that data off at a running store to find the best shoe for you.

Don’t be afraid to try a shoe after evaluating it before you buy anything.

How we chose these shoes

We research the market, study customer surveys, talk to product reps and shoemakers, and use our own running experience with these shoes to make the ideal choice for your feet.

Most models have been tried by our staff, and those that haven’t we’ve carefully selected for their value, comfort and execution.

Heavier sprinters and sprinters with wide feet have long appreciated the Dryad’s roomy toe box, which provides plenty of space for feet to spread out and feel comfortable.

The shoe has also made a name for itself among the flat-footed group,

due to its generous fit and straighter last, which allows for more ground contact thanks to the cushioned sole.

Indeed, the shoe can feel heavy – but with that weight comes plenty of sturdy cushioning and support.

On the cushioned sole, the shoe has fine adaptive cushioning that adapts to different foot shapes.

Two double-curved units in the midfoot give overpronators a measure of stability without compromising sprinters with an unbiased stride,

while an “impact point crash” cushion cushions forward progress.

Injury-prone and injured sprinters have also found that the Dyad offers ample room for insoles – so this shoe is a good choice for runners as well.

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