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Reference and Education

A Detailed Essay Guide Regarding Structure, Format, Outline, and Tips.

  1. How to Structure Your Essay?

The structure of an essay simply means how it will look after initial drafting. And how different paragraphs are organised to create that look. It should be noted that the structure of an essay varies depending upon the type to be written. But nevertheless, a general set of rules can help a writer construct any kind of academic essay.

The overall structure of an essay can be organized by considering a few points regarding structure, outline, and formatting rules. Almost every kind of essay has these three main components. Which include the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, some essays do not require distinguishing heads for each part, while others require specific heads for introduction and conclusion.

  1. 1. Introduction:

The introduction of every essay must include the following components.

  1. The introductory lines of every essay must give a brief background of the problem under study (in just 1-2 lines).
  2. After introductory lines, you must write clear and precise problem statements that reflect what and why is your need to debate on this particular topic.
  3. After the problem statement, you must place relevant evidence to support your problem statement.
  4. The introductory portion of the essay must end with giving an outlook of the whole essay in just a few lines. The use of words this essay aims to the purpose of this writing’ and ‘this study will highlight’ clearly explicate what you are going to discuss in the whole essay. It is also the right place to the write thesis statement of an essay.

Apart from this thesis, the introduction also includes a ‘Rationale’ to highlight the significance of research work. But the essay does not require it as a necessary component.

  1. 1. 1. Thesis statement:

The argumentative claim mostly placed at the end of the introductory paragraph is commonly known as thesis statement. The easiest way to construct a thesis statement is by ‘narrowing down the topic to a specific point of interest’. A coursework writing service has some important characteristics of a thesis statement are as follows.

  1. The thesis statement is not a statement of fact so it must not contain any supporting detail or evidence.
  2. A thesis statement provides you with a platform to introduce or justify your upcoming discussion.
  1. 2. Body:

This part is considered the backbone of every essay. The general structure of each paragraph must follow the same rules and the idea introduced within each paragraph must be unique. At the start of each paragraph, an opening sentence must be placed to introduce the idea you are going to describe.

This opening sentence must highlight the significance of the thesis statement. Just like in the introduction, the supporting sentence in the form of stats or other’s work with proper reference must be the second most important component of each paragraph. The ending section must aim to conclude the summary of the essence regarding the whole section.

  1. 3. Conclusion: 

In the conclusion, you need to summarize findings of each paragraph in a systematic and new way. Beware, not to introduce new ideas in the conclusion section, because this section is meant for giving the reader an eagle’s view about the thesis statement. However, depending upon the requirements of the tutor, some essays demand recommendations in the conclusion section.

  1. How to Format Your Essay?

The standard rules regarding the formatting of an essay include the following.

    1. The margin should be only 1 inch.
    2. Line spacing may be single or double.
    3. The standard font size and style for an essay is ‘Times New Roman: 12 pt.’.
    4. The essay should be properly numbered in terms of pages and headings.
    5. The indention at the first line of each paragraph should not exceed half an inch.
    6. A running header containing brief information about the topic of an essay with page numbers is also a part of an essay formatting tip.
    7. The length of the introduction and conclusion must not exceed 10% of the total length of an essay.
    8. The length of each paragraph must be limited to 150-200 words.
    9. The format of headings and subheadings is different in varying styles. So the number of headings in essays should follow the details of the desired formatting style (APA, Harvard, Chicago, or one of the others).

How to Outline Your Essay?

Outlining helps a writer become clear and concise while writing an essay. An effective outline will surely produce a productive essay. The things that a writer must keep in mind during essay writing include.

  1. Writing the topic to be discussed at the centre of the page.
  2. Writing the thesis statement right after the topic of an essay.
  3. In case of examination, start brainstorming the key points that best justify your thesis statement.
  4. In case of a home assignment or research project, start from a simple google search engine to locate strong keywords for drafting your essay.
  5. Convert each keyword into an effective topic statement to introduce new ideas within each paragraph of the body and number them in Roman (I, II, III…).
  6. After giving each paragraph a topic sentence, find one or two supporting statements with evidence to prove a link between your topic sentence and the thesis statement.
  7. If possible, subdivide each topic statement into subheadings until the outline of your essay is completed.

Pro Tips for Making an Essay Effective.

  1. Start thinking about the topic of the PhD dissertation writing service when your feel relaxed.
  2. Take a cup of tea and sit where you feel comfortable.
  3. Open your laptop and start taking notes as well as keywords of your choice.
  4. A strong keywords selection will help you a lot in writing an impressive essay.
  5. First, make your thesis statement that best suits your topic of interest.
  6. Start making the topic sentence of each paragraph and enter it into your outline.
  7. Start searching evidence of all topic sentences.
  8. Construct every paragraph with an effective topic sentence that satisfies your thesis statement and give evidence to support them.
  9. Conclude each paragraph in your own words. A better way to conclude each paragraph is to sum up what you have highlighted before.
  10. Proofread proper format, font size, referencing styles, grammatical errors, and typing errors in the final draft before submission.

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