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A Guide to the Best Home Decor and Trending Furniture Styles

So, what furniture styles do you want for your home decor? Do you prefer traditional things or do you favour a rustic style? Maybe a contemporary style is an excellent choice for your home?

Well, there are various furniture styles available in the marketplace, which makes it quite difficult to decide what to choose. And besides, what’s the difference between each other? Modern furniture designs contain simple silhouettes and shapes, which could be curvy or linear. Even these elements are available in different colour palettes and the style of furniture also varies. Thus, they tend to provide a simple look without a lot of decorations. There are various furniture stores in NZ and other various countries that offer different furniture styles.

In the following guide, we’ll explain some major furniture styles that make decorating your project easier. 

A Guide To Trending Furniture Styles


  • Modern Style Furniture

Modern furniture changes over time because it’s designed to reflect the elements that are popular at the moment. Additionally, a modern piece of furniture can include elements from a number of other design styles. Such styles can easily blend into rooms that are predominantly decorated in a different style. For instance, the Roche Bobois sofa becomes the main highlight element of the living room, combining several characteristic elements of modern style. Its pillow fabric includes different colours and patterns. This sofa also goes well with other furniture options also.

  • Traditional Furniture

Classic shapes, lots of dark woods and rich colours are characteristics of traditional furniture styles. These pieces are full of details and look luxurious, plus they have a classic silhouette and curved lines. Plus, the upholstery material is rich velvet, brocade, damask or cotton. The rich colours, intricate floral and striped prints attract many fans of the classic style. In fact, the colour scheme is light and fresh, with snow-white and blue textiles.

  • Rustic Furniture

Inspired by nature and the beauty of raw elements, this is one of the furniture styles that originate from nature. Old, even innovative designs with logos, boards and natural wood are common. Rustic styles provide warmth and a comfortable laid-back vibe. From the rustic sofa to the farmhouse coffee table and antique accessories, you can also heighten the rustic style or downplay it with a few items.

  • Minimalism

A fine and clean contemporary design is an excellent way to describe the minimalist style of furniture. Clean lines and emphasis on functionality define this type of furniture. Moreover, the colour palette of minimalist furniture is neutral and restrained. Moreover, modern minimalist pieces have softer edges. This style includes more touches of texture and nature. Even the lines of furnishings are simple, a bit avant-garde and unassuming.

  • Country

The sturdy, handcrafted, rustic furniture is homely and cosy. Today, these items can also be referred to as a farmhouse. In rustic furniture, the wood ornament is limited to chiselled elements such as legs and spindles. It doesn’t include any glitter, glamour or metallic elements. Also, the shapes and finishes are simple. The Windsor chair is an example of Country style furniture. The style influence of this country room is possible through simple wood and vintage cabinetry design. Even, the product has a light, natural and casual look. 

  • Scandinavian

The Scandinavian design focuses on minimalism, functionality and quality. These sleek and durable products are built to last and have been passed down from generation to generation. Each piece is crafted from materials such as solid wood, extruded wood, steel, aluminium and plastics. The wood used is light in colour, and the textiles used for the upholstery are natural or decorated with graphic designs. That’s why Scandinavian furniture styles are very diverse and can go with many existing decor styles.

  • Industrial

Industrial-style furniture has a number of defining characteristics. Raw materials, such as bricks and pipes are used for industrial interiors. Some of these are made from recycled industrial elements combined with reclaimed wood elements. The silhouettes are clean and functional. Plus, industrial elements can add with modern or minimalist elements to create a unique interior. An additional advantage of industrial parts is that they tend to be quite sturdy and heavy as they have already outlived their previous service life.

  • Transitional Style Furniture

The transitional style also refers as a classic modern. In fact, it’s a mixture of modern and traditional. The pieces may have the classic lines of traditional furniture, but the colours, textiles and finishes are modern. Many people love this style for its flexibility in decorating. It’s also a natural choice for those who prefer to use different styles. 

Also, the transitional style of furniture creates a relaxed and cosy room. A lovely seating area showcases how this genre of design combines the classic lines of traditional furniture with contemporary colours and finishes. Hence, the best thing about these pieces is that you can pair them with more traditional furnishings. 

Wrapping Up!

Summing up the above, it’s easy to pick one according to furniture style. Every furniture style attempts to mix different styles, techniques and colours. This fusion of different styles creates your personal space. Personalisation and individuality are the main trends that various furniture like the Lazboy couch and other interior reflect.

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