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A Thorough Guide To Family Visa UK To Join Your Loved Ones

Family Visa UK To Join Your Loved Ones

Family visa UK is a type of entry and residence permit that is granted to persons who have immediate family members in the UK. Moreover, the persons who wish to build a permanent family life with their UK-based relatives can also get a family visa UK. It can further turn up into getting business immigration London.

There are a few options for obtaining a UK family visa, such as:

  • A partner or spouse of a UK resident
  • Parent of a British citizen
  • A child of a British citizen
  • A sick, crippled, or elderly relative in need of long-term care from a resident of the United Kingdom
  • On the basis of one’s personal existence
  • The widowed partner of a previous resident of the United Kingdom
  • A divorced or separated spouse or couple

What are the different types of family visa UK?

Depending on your circumstances and relationship with the sponsoring UK citizen, you may be eligible for various family visa UK categories. Inviting family members is quite easy for those having business immigration London.

Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa is for people who desire to join their spouse or other partners in the UK. The partner should be a British citizen, settled person, refugee, under humanitarian protection, or hold business immigration London.

Either a marriage, a long-term relationship, or a civil partnership must exist between you and your partner.

Parents Visa

The UK Parent Visa is for British citizenship and naturalisation, permanent residents, or anyone who has lived in the UK for at least 7 years. To be eligible for this visa, your kid must be under the age of 18 or have been under the age of 18 when you initially filed for a UK family visa.

Child Visa

The UK Child Visa is for the children of UK residents. You must be a dependent kid living in the UK with your parent. The parents should be applying for a UK visa or an extension of stay in the UK with you.

An adult who needs long-term care from a relative is eligible for a family visa.

Suppose someone is an Adult in Need of Care by a Relative Visa. He/she will be issued to receive long-term care from a relative who is a British citizen, established person, having business immigration London, refugee, or under humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom. The person who requires this form of care must be at least 18 years old and suffer from a disability or medical condition or be elderly.

Family visa UK based on personal life

To get a family visa, you must have lived in the United Kingdom for a designated time. It doesn’t apply to someone who left the UK due to unfavorable personal circumstances. If the

Family visa UK as a separated or divorced dependent partner

If your relationship has broken down due to domestic violence from your partner, you can apply for a separated or divorced dependent partner visa to stay in the country permanently. Your most recent visa must have been as a spouse or partner of the sponsor and public funds. This is valid for the time you have successfully made the application.

Working or studying in the UK on a Family Visa

Unless you’ve been granted a 6-month visa after applying as engaged partners, you can work or study in the UK. This applies if you have a family visa to join a family who is a UK citizen, permanent resident, or holds business immigration London. Those who have joined family in the UK on long-term work or student visas cannot work or study until they can secure a valid work or student visa.

On their UK Family Visas, non-EU/EFTA nationals joining family in the UK are unable to receive public funding.

What happens if you and your partner get divorced or if one of you dies?

You can seek to settle in the UK if you have a partner in the UK who is from a non-EU/EFTA nation and is either a UK citizen or permanently settled. This is true for spouses, civil partners, and cohabitants in a partnership. You can apply for indefinite leave to remain using the SET (O) form.

In case you divorce or separate from your partner after entering the UK on a UK Family Visa. Then you must notify the UK Home Office. You must then apply for a new UK visa or leave the country.

You must include your and your ex-dates partner’s of birth, addresses, and passport numbers in the letter. Besides this, also mention the Home Office reference number (from prior communication). If you don’t want the Home Office to share information with your ex-partner, send a “public statement” form. If you agree to share information, include a “consent” form.

You should send a letter to the following address:

  • Visas and Immigration in the United Kingdom
  • The Marriage Curtailment Team (TMMC) is a group of people who work to prevent marriages
  • Postal Address: Box 99
  • M90 3WW Manchester

If you wish to stay in the UK after your relationship ends, you must apply for a new UK visa. You might, for example, apply for a UK work visa or a Family Visa UK.

You may also be able to become a permanent resident with indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

In case your relationship with your partner ended because of domestic abuse. Then you have grounds to settle in the UK with indefinite permission to reside.

The Final Pick!

If you want to get family visa, it is always a better idea to seek help from professional immigration service providers like Sindhu Immigration Services. Collecting relevant documents and filing the visa can be strenuous. A reliable immigration firm will take the hassles off your shoulder.

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