Affordable Cost of Labiaplasty at Mishka IVF Center in Pink City of India

Recently, cosmetic labiaplasty procedure has got a lot of significance in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. And this is because women are now more aware of their private organs. They know that extreme fat and miscreation of majora and minora labia, is not only hampering the look but also the day to day functioning.

In Jaipur city, around 75% of women complained of difficulty in having private moments with their partners or having the problem with regular and sports activities due to excessive fat around the vagina. Therefore, they look for best and foremost labiaplasty IVF center with the highest success rate in the pink city of India.

We strongly recommend Mishka IVF center for having the best and reasonable price of labiaplasty surgery. The IVF center offers you the finest services and facilities in Jaipur pink city.

Additionally, Mishka IVF hospital has the most predominant doctor of cosmetic gynecologists – Dr. Ruchi Bhandari. And even she is the India’s leading gynecologist for conducting the procedure of labiaplasty.

However, in this blog, with the help of IVF specialists we have shared few points about the cost of labia operation with the meaning, procedure, types and benefits of labiaplasty treatment.

Cost of Labiaplasty in Pink City, Jaipur

Usually, the labiaplasty cost in India is under the range of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs, varying from person to person.

At Mishka IVF center, prices of labia reduction is competitive giving only the best to their patients. Labiaplasty at Mishka IVF will include following features:

  • free consultation during the entire process
  • 24/7 call help service
  • same-day discharge of patient
  • female staff and female gynecologists
  • labia surgery will be done at our well-equipped infrastructure hospital.

In addition, the cost of labia operation also depends on other elements like a past medical record, patients hopes and remedies.

Meaning and Procedure of Labiaplasty

The general meaning of labiaplasty treatment is to remove the excess size of labia from a female’s vagina. And this process is executed to redesign and reshape the vaginal lips. Labia surgery is performed either with the local anesthetic or a general anesthetic.

The procedure of labia surgery begins with the patient’s consultation with the cosmetic gynecologists. Then, the doctor must figure out the labia structure and give all the information about the labia surgery to the patient.

Now, the operative stage begins by giving the local anesthetic to the patient and marking all the areas of the tissue which are going to be cut during the process. After this, the doctor will operate the insertion areas of tissue, and the cuts are made according to the suitable sizes. At last, doctors will seamlessly shape it with the dissolved stitches.

Moreover, at Mishka IVF center, the total time in performing the labiaplasty process is maximum of an hour. And as an after care post surgery the gynecologists also suggest the patient to apply ointments for fast recovery and take proper care and rest.

Types of Labia Operation

Basically, here are two types of labiaplasty operation, i.e., Minoraplasty and Majoraplasty Labia. But it depends on what the patient is looking for. As there are different operational problems which may or may not impact the women’s, but it may fluctuate for our patients.

  1. Minoraplasty Labia is the process in which the main purpose is to redesign and cut the extra fat and inner labia of vagina.
  2. Majoraplasty Labia includes the process in which the goal is to improve the look of outer lips of vagina.

Mishka IVF Center Provides the Best Labiaplasty Treatment in Jaipur

Mishka IVF center makes it possible to give you the best labia treatment at an affordable and economical cost in the capital region of Rajasthan. The Mishka IVF hospital is the leading and superior IVF center in Jaipur city.

The IVF center also provides the aesthetic vaginal operation, perineoplasty, fat injection, or skin lightening process to redesign the disfigure labia.

Mishka IVF center - best labiaplasty treatment in Jaipur
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Alt text : Mishka IVF center – best labiaplasty treatment in Jaipur

Above all, Mishka IVF center is well -known for having the best labiaplasty doctors in the pink city, Jaipur. And this includes the best medical team and staff members of Mishka IVF center.

As well, the clinic also offers full-frame duties towards their patients by keeping their data personal and secure.

Furthermore, another main reason why one should visit Mishka IVF center is as they have the most superior cosmetic gynecologist- Dr. Ruchi Bhandari.

Benefits of Labiaplasty at Mishka IVF Clinic

Labiaplasty can help in bringing back the confidence and also help in increasing comfort while walking, running, swimming. The women are now no longer hesitant in wearing bikinis, nor they hide behind blankets. After Labiaplasty surgery . women will surely enjoy these 5 advantages :

  1. Broader wardrobe options
  2. Improved athletics
  3. Greater confidence
  4. Enhanced pleasure
  5. Increased comfort

Best Labiaplasty Doctor – Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

The pink city, Jaipur, has the leading doctor of cosmetic labiaplasty in Rajasthan, who caters out the treatments and services as per the patient requirements.

Mishka IVF clinic–a well-known budget-free labia reduction clinic performed by IVF specialist and doctor Ruchi Bhandari, having experience of 7+ years in conducting more than 90% successful cases of labia operation

Above all, she is recognized as Infertility specialist, consultant gynecologists’ and cosmetic gynecologist.

Final Analysis of the Blog

From the above blog, we conclude that for having the best and budget-free cosmetic labiaplasty procedure in the capital city of Rajasthan call Mishka IVF hospital. The only IVF center which is best in facilitating all the cosmetic gynecology treatments like labiaplasty, vaginal lightening, vagina tightening etc. at economical prices to their patients.

Hence, if you want to try an affordable labia center in Jaipur city, go to Mishka IVF center.

For booking an appointment with Mishka IVF hospital. Following are the details-


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