Aircon Servicing – Simple Steps to Ensure Effective Service

Aircon servicing is an important process that must be handled properly in order to avoid malfunctioning of the aircon and even the life of the aircon itself. As we all know, a good aircon performs its task properly only when the parts are in good condition and working condition. Hence, it is important to always keep the following things in mind while handling your aircon. Here is a simple guide on how to properly maintain your icon:

Seal all the fittings and ducts

* Seal all the fittings and ducts. In case of failure of any part of the icon, the chances are high that it will stop working at that very moment. Hence, sealing all the air ducts and fittings will ensure proper cooling and heating. Also, it will prevent the build up of dust and dirt in the system. If you are aircon servicing regularly, you must take extra care in this regard.

Keep your iron filters clean

* Keep your iron filters clean. It is not enough to maintain the machine. It is highly recommended to clean the iron filters every time that you do your aircon servicing. The dirt in the air filters absorbs extra heat and thus affects the efficiency of the aircon. If you have no spare time to perform regular servicing, then you should opt for air-con servicing company.

Do not attempt to repair the icon yourself

* Do not attempt to repair the icon yourself. If you are not well versed with electrical appliances and iron repair, then you should leave the job to the professionals. It may create further damage to the machine. You might also injure yourself.

When you are doing your monthly servicing

* When you are doing your monthly servicing, ensure that the machine is switched on and all the buttons and dials are turned to the right position. Do not use the machine when it is not in working condition. If you have done a monthly aircon servicing and the machine is not functioning properly, you should replace the damaged parts with new ones. In case of a replacement, you can either opt for the same brand or model or you can buy the spare parts separately. This will ensure that the replacement process will be hassle free. However, it is better to get the services of aircon servicing companies as they do the task very smoothly.

Never put the aircon filters into the dryer

* Never put the aircon filters into the dryer. Always place the filters in to the dryer slowly. This will ensure that the aircon filter does not get burnt. Once the filter gets burnt, there is no way that you can rectify it to replace the same. Therefore, never try to place the filters in the dryer.

Do not overheat the aircon

* Do not overheat the aircon. Overheating will not only affect the working of the machine but also reduce its efficiency drastically. There are various reasons that cause the aircon to overheat. If the condition is severe, it is recommended that you switch on to a cool setting. If you want to perform an aircon servicing procedure at your own home, make sure that you carry out the same when the machine is not in use.

An icon is an important device and therefore, you should take it for regular aircon servicing. The servicing will help you identify any possible problems and keep it away from damages for long. Thus, when you feel that the aircon is not working properly or if you find rust on the serviced parts, it is high time you contacted an aircon servicing company for maintenance.

Aircon servicing is not a difficult task

Aircon servicing is not a difficult task. However, you should know how to perform the same. To begin with, you have to remove the filter from your icon. Then, remove the outer covering and find out whether the filter is inside or not. You should remove all the parts from the iron making sure that you clean it thoroughly. Once all the parts have been cleaned, you should store them properly so that you can reuse them in the future.

When it comes to the aircon servicing Singapore, you should never use any wire brushes or cleaning solutions for the internal filter. Such tools can seriously damage the internal filter and they will never work properly. Instead, you can use small hand towel to clean and lubricate the internal filter. As the internal filter is the most important part of the icon, you should always start the process by cleaning it properly. Once you are done with the initial step, you should switch on to the next one.

Final Verdict

The other option in aircon servicing is to open up the casing of the aircon and clean it properly. However, you should remember to keep it inside the case so that there is no chance of the dust getting mixed with the aircon bulb. You should switch on the bulb and wait for a few seconds. Once you feel that the bulb is cool enough, you should clean it with a clean cotton cloth. Aircon servicing is an easy task but you should always take extra care when you do it.

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