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All About Indexable Hole Making Series

Indexable Cutting Tool Manufacturers & Suppliers

DIC is an Indexable Cutting Tools Manufacturer; Supplier & Exporter in India. Having an in various series i.e. hole making series, milling cutter series. The tools are inspected on the latest CNC machines. Quality tooling is important for optimizing the performance of machine tools. This article’s purpose is only to guide you about Indexable Cutting Tools series. DIC, products are exported to various countries worldwide. We also provide standard and non-standard sizes as per the customer requirement. DIC TOOLS specializes in manufacturing superior quality and accuracy. We offer a very reasonable selection of both standard and special tooling to suit all of your external.

Indexable Hole Series Types and Their Uses

Indexable CounterBores: DIC is an Indexable CounterBores Manufacturer in India. These Counter Bores have a patented carbide strip on the cutter body. To avoid wearing out and grinding off the cutter. This is available from M8 to M36 and length from 70- 260 mm. Single and Double flute is also available.

  1. 4 in 1 Counterbore: This combines 4 steps of the hole-making process. Example: spotting, counterbore, and chamfering in one single step. Used in spotting and the hole-making process. It reduces the number of tools and equipment required for each process. The material that we used is HSS and Solid Carbide.

2.   Indexable Spot Drill 90°: We are an Indexable Spot Drill 90° Manufacturer. Having multiple functions features such as chamfer, engraving, and V Grooving. The Drills have two cutting edges available when used for the chamfering process. DIC, provides standard and non-standard sizes of Spot Drills as per the customer requirement. The Diameter Range of the Drill is 8, 10, 12, and 16mm.

3.  Indexable Center Drill 60°: We are Manufacturer of Center Drills and made from high-grade Raw materials.  Used on the milling machine and lathe machine. The special geometry will increase tool life and also minimize the setup time for the new tool. This Cutting edge will not break easily and close to zero point eccentricity. We export Center Drill 60° to various countries worldwide.

4.  Indexable Corner Rounding: We are Indexable Corner Rounding Manufacturer in India. The ranging from R1 to R10. Only one shank can fit in different size radius inserts and the shank sizes as well. We have complete standard stock of all different ranges of inserts. This is available in HSS and Carbide Materials. We provide standard and non-standard sizes as per the customer requirement.

5.  Thread Milling Cutter: These are used on CNC milling machines. For cut internal and external threads using a process called “thread milling”. Used to make a different type of thread. Example: internal threads, external threads, and pipe threads with different sizes. DIC, thread Mill can make huge threads in small machines. These are available in HSS and Solid Carbide in 55° and 60° series.

6.   Indexable Spiral Point Tap: DIC is an Indexable Spiral Point Tap Exporter in India. Having effective chip breaking and easy chip removal for any kind of machining process. The size ranges from M10 up to M64 in JIS, DIN standard. These Taps are available in thread type: M/ MF/ RP/ NPS/ RC/ NPT. We are a reliable Supplier of Indexable Spiral Point tap in India. DIC, supplied in standard and non-standard sizes as per the customer requirement. Usage: CNC milling machine, tapping machine, radial drilling machine.

7.  Indexable Cold Form Tap: Indexable Cold Form Tap, also known as Fluteless Tap. Used in sufficient horsepower machines for the internal thread’s process without chip removal. This Tap is best applicable to ductile materials. We have all sizes Available from M14 to M64. Taps produce high-quality pitch angles as well as better tool life. Also used for both blind and through-hole.


8. Taper Pipe Thread Tap: This Tap has a very strong and durable insert with a unique insert geometry design that can reach insert tool life 5 times longer. Used on threaded pipes, fitting, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Made from tough carbon alloy tool steel to cut threads. Standard and non-standard sizes and lengths as per the customer requirement.

9.  Taper Pipe Reamer: These define the taper hole first so that it can reduce the resistance and make chip removal easy. Pipe Reamer is available in both straight or spiral flutes and square shanks. Taper Pipe Reamer frequently used by hand and provided with squared shank. Used to resize and clean up previously formed holes before tapping.

10. Indexable Saw Blade: Used for side milling applications. It will give better steadiness and increase tool life. We have an Indexable Saw Blade diameter 50mm and the maximum up to 600 mm. DIC Indexable Saw Blades feature copper plug technology to minimize noise and vibration during operation and large carbide teeth that can be sharpened several times.

11. Chamfer Cutter For Milling Machine: DIC is a Manufacturer of Chamfer Cutter for milling machines in India available in 30°, 45° with 12mm, 19mm, and 40mm inserts. Chamfer Cutter, diameter ranges from 10mm to 70mm. Also available in Standard and non-standard sizes and lengths as per the customer requirement.


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