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Kalsubai at 5400ft is the highest peak of Maharashtra and this is often the most reason for its quality and issue. It’s settled within the Kalsubai that is a branch that is from the most Sahyadri range. It is relieved by the native villagers that a domestic residing during a near village had disappeared close to the mountain whereas attempting to flee her employer’s harsh suffering. This provides the mountain its gift name moreover as a reason for this temple to be in-built in her memory.


Also, trying to climb the foremost wish-listed mountain within the Sahyadri offers an excellent sense of feat for many of the trekking enthusiasts. Most of the celebrated peaks of the Sahyadris like Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad, Ajoba square measure visible from here. Trekkers mix 2 or a lot of treks for a lot of journey and challenge. Bari village may be a farming village, from the beginning of the trek the walk is through in-depth fields and farming land. This is often the most effective part of the trek and is a straightforward gratifying walk.

 Best time to visit :

September and October are the flowering seasons. These season months offer clear views of the encompassing peaks and forts. You get to experience walking on grasslands with a colossal kind of flowers. Identical kinds of flowers found within the Kaas highland also are found here. Snake lovers get to examine some rare species on the iron ladders.


The truncated summit provides a modest space of flat land that holds a sacred temple of an area of divinity. Standard religious service is controlled each Tuesday and weekday by a priest. Throughout the pageant of Navratri, a good event is organized annually with several stalls getting wind of close to the summit to produce pooja materials for devotees. On these special occasions, native villagers participate during this honesty that helps to supplement their resources and provides them a chance to revere the mountain.


The Kalsubai Temple at the summit of the height attracts individuals from the nearby villages throughout the year. They are available to require blessings from Kalsubai Devi. It’s believed that a young village woman named Kalsubai, lived within the mountains. Throughout that point, she cured villagers and animals and additionally helped in village activities. some unspecified time in the future she left for the summit and never came back. Thus in her memory, the tiny low temple was designed at her home on the versant, and also the main Kalsubai temple was designed on the height.


The Kalsubai trek offers views of the many celebrated forts like Alang, Madan, Kulang. The treks to those peaks are pretty difficult. On a transparent day, you also get imposing views of different encompassing forts like Harihargad, Harishchandragad, and Ratangad. Several knowledgeable trekkers mix these treks for intercalary journeys.


Trek itinerary :

Begin your trek at the bottom, Bari Gaon, attiny low village at the foothills of the Kalsubai Mountain. The village is home to a Hanuman Temple that attracts a lot of devotees and additionally is a significant landmark for trekkers. Your trek can begin late in the dark, thus confirm that you just carry all the mandatory instrumentation like torches, slip-resistant footwear, etc. though it might be a moderate-grade trek, be cautious of slopes and rocky patches, particularly throughout rains, so you don’t lose balance. Iron ladders and railings across vertical slopes would are available in handy once you are attempting to achieve the highest.


You will reach the summit early within the morning, so you’ve got ample time to rest for a short time and explore the place. Await the sunrise and be fascinated by the enthralling read. Enclosed by verdure all around, this peak offers gorgeous views of the near peaks. There’s additionally a tiny low temple dedicated to the native divinity, Kalsubai Mata. A motivating legend that states that the divinity was a domestic who disappeared within the mountains to flee her employer’s cruelty. To honor the divinity, a special prayer is conducted each Tuesday and weekday.

 why it’s an essential visit:

Kalsubai night trekking tours can be worth it Reaching prime the highest of the height needs an honest quantity of dedication that pays off once you get the ‘on top of the world’ feeling. Watch the morning sun rays fill this deserted place with orange hues and build everlasting recollections by clicking some breath-taking pictures. This 2-day trek can offer you a journey you’ll always remember. Thus hold dear the time that you just pay and have an unforgettable experience.


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