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Amazon Selling Tips to Boost Sales & Win Market Share in 2021

Amazon’s 2021 selling tips… Woah. For the past year and a month, the world has been experiencing pandemics. The situation is not likely to improve, as evidenced by recent updates. There has been a lot of progress in the area of selling products on Amazon, as well as eCommerce overall. And there is still much to be done.

Amazon remains the dominant marketplace. There are many opportunities for sellers to explore, with 197 million users in September 2020 and more than 112 million Amazon Prime members. It’s easy to make the most of Amazon customers by making small improvements to your business.

Improve Your Product Images

We all know the importance of images in driving people to buy your products. Technically, it’s the hook that draws people to your products. High-quality images of your products can make or break conversions via search.

Amazon has certain image requirements that you will need to follow. It’s how you present your product that makes the difference.

Buyers are looking for clear, high-definition photos. You need enough variety to make your product and photos stand out.

Your main image should be taken against a white background. You will need to stand out in the rest of your images.

Tell a Story With Your Product Descriptions

It’s easy to see similarities in product listings on Amazon. These descriptions are usually written to persuade people to buy. They also include the best features and specifications of the product in one paragraph.

You need to take a different approach if you want to be more distinctive than your competitors. Your product detail page should be written in a way that gives buyers more reasons to buy your product than the one offered by your competitors. 

Give examples that show how the product will help them improve their lives or solve a problem. You should focus on the benefits, not the features.

Implement a Flexible Pricing Strategy

Pricing is an important factor in Amazon’s success and survival.

The stage of your business will determine which Amazon selling strategy you choose. There are three options: a rule-based, manual or algorithmic strategy.

  • The manual repricing strategy is quite self-explanatory. The price can be changed manually via Amazon Seller Central, or similar sites. This repricing method is best for sellers who have a limited number of products to sell, given the time required to manually price each product.
  • A rule-based pricing adjusts the price to reflect the competition. There are many predefined rules that can all be used to achieve the lowest price. Many consider this repricing method to be the best way to get the lowest price.
  • Algorithmic Repricing lets sellers set the ideal price using computer algorithms that take into account all market conditions. This repricing looks at a range of metrics that can affect the seller’s chances to win the Buy Box. Algorithmic pricing has the advantage of not being biased like humans, and instead is based on real-time data.

Drive Traffic With Great Content

You’ve probably heard the expression “content is king” before. Great content can bring in a lot of traffic to your product pages.

A great place to begin is curating social media channels. You should quickly create your own eCommerce website (opens in a new window) There are endless ways to showcase your products. These channels can also be a great way to build a loyal customer base. If you don’t know where to begin, X-Cart solution advisers can help you with all things eCommerce.

This content should help them move through the marketing funnel. It starts with awareness and consideration. You can only drive customers to your Amazon listing once they are ready to buy. This is what we call strong conversion potential.

This will allow you to refine your traffic and send more customers who are ready to buy to your Amazon listing. It will position your products better in front of more eyes as a result of a rise in sales.

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Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Since it’s proven to be a great way to boost businesses and get instant exposure to a engaged audience, influencer marketing is on the rise. It is difficult to build a loyal following. You won’t see the same results if you keep using the same social media strategies.

Think about the positive social proof that positive reviews and social proof can bring to your business. It takes just one person to support your brand and product. They will then get hundreds of people to buy your product and brand.

Reach out to influencers within your niche to ask if they would be willing to demo something or unbox a product and then promote it to their followers. This strategy can be quite costly depending on how influential they are and their reach. Some might be open to promoting for free as long as they receive the product for free.

The best thing about “influencer-connecting” platforms is the fact that they offer detailed filters to help you focus on audience size and demographics as well as location. These platforms make it easy to identify real influencers and fake ones, which is a big plus.

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