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It’s the law that American First Finance is required to inform consumers about the different programs and offers that are available in order to protect the consumer from debt. Each month American First Finance makes financial reports available to all consumers. The purpose of these reports is to let the public know how their bank accounts are being handled. All creditors must give American First Finance a range of information on how they are doing business with you. This includes: current balance, current loan amount, balance due, current rate, number of days past due, number of days outstanding, current status and other relevant information. If you would like more detailed information you can always contact American First Finance directly.

Many times the worst thing that a debtor can do to try and recover monies owed is to ignore phone calls and letters from debt collection agencies. These agencies employ tactics that violate consumer rights and will often use harsh language that is meant to scare the debtor into paying off what they owe. It is not uncommon for an American First Finance representative to threaten to take legal action against a debtor for not paying their debts. In some cases the calls and letters from debt collection agencies can be threatening and abusive. Some have even used obscene language and intimacies.

As an informed citizen it is your right and responsibility to ensure that all the information contained on your credit report is accurate. It is also your responsibility to review your credit report and dispute in writing any information that is inaccurate or that is false. This can be done by contacting the credit reporting agency that the information came from and by contacting American First Finance. The rights and freedoms protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act give American First Finance the right to investigate and to respond to any discrepancies that it finds.

What American First Finance does is it sends a letter to the credit bureau informing them that it has received a report that contains errors. The credit bureau then has thirty days to respond to American First Finance in writing. If the credit bureau fails to respond American First Finance has the right at that point in time to ask the bureau to correct the misinformation or to charge American First Finance a penalty for attempting to do so. If the misinformation is corrected American First Finance will notify the credit bureau that the error was corrected and will ask that the incorrect information be removed from the credit history. If the credit bureau agrees to remove the erroneous information American First Finance will refund the money to the consumer.

American First Finance has its own version of Frequently Asked Questions on its website that it provides to consumers that are requesting information about their credit scores or cash loans. A Frequently Asked Question is simply a question that many consumers have and need answers to. American First Finance is here to help. On the website there are links to frequently asked questions that can be viewed in order to determine which type of loan is best for your situation.

Another item on American First Finance’s website that a consumer must be aware of is the link to the Annual Credit Report webpage. If you would like to request an annual credit report you will need to become a member of American First Finance. Otherwise, you will be directed to a landing page where you can request your free annual credit report. American First Finance will provide a final report on the date that is specified on the Annual Credit Report landing page.

One of the primary goals of American First Finance is to promote consumer awareness of their rights and the role that credit reporting agencies play in ensuring that these rights are protected. One of these rights is the right to challenge inaccurate or incomplete information on one’s credit score or loan application. You have the right to see and challenge incorrect information that might be affecting your ability to get a loan or credit card. This is a strong guarantee of American First Finance’s commitment to protecting consumers’ rights.

If you would like to learn more about American First Finance and how they can help you achieve financial success you should visit their valuable site. You can also read the latest credit report from the credit reporting agencies that American First Finance works with. You can also view a sample credit report that shows you what is found on the credit reports that the credit reporting agencies produce. If you are still unsure about your credit score or loan eligibility, you should review this information as American First Finance can help guide you through the credit reporting process.

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