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Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive- Complete Guide

Looking for a solution to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive? Then, keep up with the article to the most suitable method that securely saves your crucial files without any data loss.

In organizations, approximately billions of emails are being sent/received every single day. All these emails take space in the server folders. And, Microsoft offers only 50 GB of email storage space for Office 365 subscribers. 

Now, what if you exceed the storage limit? It’s simple, you won’t be able to send/receive your important emails. So, what could be the solution then? The straightforward way out is to save the Outlook 365 emails to the hard drive.

However, unfortunately, there is no direct method offered by Microsoft to do so. That’s why we have brought you this article to make you familiar with the ultimate solution for saving emails to the local drive.

But, first, let’s have a look at the below question.

Why You Should Save Outlook 365 Emails to Hard Drive?

There are many advantages of keeping a copy of all your emails stored on your system.

First of all, you can reduce the server space, make room for new important emails, and don’t have to be under the sword of the storage quota exceeded issue.

Apart from this;

  • Just imagine a situation when a user accidentally or maliciously deletes an important email then it can directly impact your business. And, you may have to pay the heavy price. So, by archiving emails, you can prevent the chance of losing your valuable data.
  • Once you archive or save your emails locally, emails can be deleted from the mail server. And, this will greatly improve the performance of the email server.
  • When you archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive that means your email is available to you all the time. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, still you will be able to access the emails. And, interestingly it will significantly reduce the loading time.
  • Companies can significantly lower the storage management cost. How? Well, the majority of companies see data usage grow every year. That means they are going to require more storage for the new data created. So, when they free up space by archiving emails then there will not be a need to invest money in expensive disks and technologies.
  • If you have your sensitive emails with you offline, then you can easily submit them when there is a compliance requirement. Or, you can present these electronically saved data in case of any litigation.

How Can You Archive Emails in Outlook 365 to Local Drive?

There are many types and forms of email archiving solutions available on the internet both manual and automated. 

Such as, users use PowerShell to manually archive their mailboxes from the active directory. However, it’s a very lengthy and technical process to carry out. And, one must have expertise in the scripting language to pull off the backup process successfully.

That’s why it’s wise to automate the process whenever possible.

Now, let’s have a look at the automated approach in detail.

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Save Outlook 365 Emails to Hard Drive Using Tried and Tested Software

Since organizations deal with emails that are in terms of billions, it’s pointless and unpractical to save them one by one. Hence relying on trusted software like Office 365 Back up tool is the best choice.

More importantly, this software is recommended by many IT professionals for its unique features. We’ll discuss the same in the next section.

Let’s first, understand the procedure so that you can easily archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive

Step-1: Download and launch the software. Then, in the ‘Set up’ section, choose ‘Office 365’ as the source and ‘Outlook’ as the destination.

[Note: ‘Outlook’ as target only indicates that your data will be stored in pst format.]


Step-2: Next, on the same screen, scroll down and click on ‘Email’. You can also tick the ‘Document’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Calendar’ checkboxes.


Step-3: Now, you have an option to apply the ‘Date Filter’ for saving selective emails from the required date range.


Step-4: Next, on the ‘Source’ tab, type the ‘Admin Email’, and the ‘Application ID’ for the source to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive


Step-5: After that, click on the ‘Validate’ button and make sure all the permissions turn green for the source.

Once you confirm the above, click on the Next button.


Step-6: Now, move on to the ‘Destination’ tab and select the ‘Backup folder path’. Also, mention the file size(in GB) to be split.


Step-7: Then, click on the ‘Validate’ button and verify the destination permissions and click ‘Next’


Step-8: After that, you need to click on the ‘fetch users’ to archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive. Then, choose the users whose data you want to archive.


Step-9: Now, click on the ‘Validate’ button to Verify the necessary permissions. and at last hit the Start Backup to archive the Outlook 365 emails.

The Reasons Why Experts Recommend Opt For the Tool to Save Outlook 365 Emails to Hard Drive 

Email archiving is critical for your business and having a reliable solution by your side can be an added bonus.

So, let’s explore the additional benefits of the tool.

  • Through this, you can save multiple mailboxes of Office 365 to your local system. Moreover, this tool ensures a secure backup of contacts, calendars, documents, etc. as well.
  • You will be able to save your emails in the popular email format i.e. pst
  • If you have multiple Office 365 accounts and want to take backup of all these accounts in one go. Then, it is possible with this tool, and you don’t need to run it again and again. In just one click you will be able to save Outlook 365 emails to hard drive.
  • Remarkably, along with the user mailboxes, you can also save shared mailboxes in pst format.
  • It’s always convenient to identify and access your emails in the same order even after the backup. Well, yes, you guessed it right, the tool maintains folder hierarchy and helps you organize your mailboxes.
  • What if I tell you, that you will experience an uninterrupted backup process. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Apparently, through the ‘pause & resume’ option you can get the benefit of the same.
  • Most importantly it keeps the data integrity intact throughout the process.

Now, you can say that it is a solution that you can count on to archive emails in Outlook 365 to the local drive.

Final Words

Emails are an essential part of any business and securing them should be a top priority. And, one and only solution to safeguard them is to keep a copy of your important emails handy. Also, there is no harm in having an extra copy. 

Hence, try the above-mentioned step-by-step guide and archive emails in Outlook 365 to local drive.

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