Are you going to move? 16 Tips for the perfect moving

You may be thinking of moving but don’t know how to start. In Leader Removals, we give you the best tips to make a move in the best way. Changing your home is always very exciting, but there is always the dreaded move. Although it may seem complicated, moving can be easy if done with organization and control. In recent years, removals have been made easier and faster thanks to moving companies.

But before making a move you have to know the following steps

1. Do cleaning for Moving

Moving is the best time to get rid of all those things that you do not use or do not need. When you start to empty cabinets, drawers, etc. You will realize that you have many things that you did not even know you had. That is why we recommend that you take advantage of the move to get rid of everything you do not need. This way you won’t have to move so many things and you will have more space in your new home.

2. A good way to get rid of your things can be donated.

Look for organizations that take care of collecting things like clothes, toys, etc. You can also donate your furniture to organizations that are in charge of restoring and selling it.

3. If you are one of those people who like to store everything but you don’t have space, you can rent a storage room. 

4. Check out your new home before moving.

It is important that before making the move you check your new house. You must see if you can use the elevator to carry furniture. Today some communities do not allow the use of elevators to move. You should also see if it will be easy for you to find parking right in front of your house on moving day.

5. To begin you must indicate your new address to your friends and family.

If you have home insurance, you should talk to the company to see if the insurance should be canceled or if you can move to your new home.

6. There is also the option of hiring a moving company but only to transport things.

Then you should be the one who takes care of the furniture and the boxes.

7. Make the boxes for moving.

To have everything prepared on the day of the move you must start at least 3 weeks before. If you do not have cardboard boxes of different sizes, you can buy them from moving companies. The price of these is not usually very high. You can also order boxes from merchants in your area.

8. To make a move with organization, you must first pack the things you use less and save the things you use very regularly for last.

The things you can start packing are books, clothes from other stations, etc.

9. We advise you that even if the boxes are large, do not load them completely.

This will make it easier for you to move them.

10. Follow an order.

If you do not follow an order, you will arrive at the new house and you will have things from different areas of the house in a box. You must make the boxes for each room separately and mark the boxes. This will make it easier to undo the boxes.

11. If you do not want things to break on the way, it is advisable to get a roll of bubble wrap.

You will have to wrap all your delicate things in it. Thus, even if they suffer blows in the transfer, they will be less likely to break. Mark boxes containing fragile items so that you or the moving company will be more careful with those boxes.

12. Disassemble the furniture.

The most important thing is not to lose any pieces. The screws and small pieces of each piece of furniture should be stored in plastic bags so that they do not get lost on the way. Mark to which furniture each bag belongs to make assembly easier.

13. Load the furniture. If you have decided to make a move yourself, you will have to load the furniture in the van. To make the most of the space, you must load the furniture following an order. You need to load the largest pieces of furniture first. Then the heavier boxes will go so that they secure the furniture. The lighter boxes should go on the heavy ones or the furniture. The rest of the space is filled with loose pieces.

14. So that nothing falls and can break, you must secure everything with ropes.

A good piece of advice is to make the move: wear comfortable clothes that allow you freedom of movement. Nor should you carry very heavy things to avoid making your body suffer. You better ask for help. 

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