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Argentina Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country of South America, sharing many treasures, from deserts, mountains, landscapes to beautiful waterfalls. It is home to diverse exotic beauty, history, culture, and adventure that spending a month here would be less. Also, its incredible architectural heritage draws the attention of millions of tourists from different parts of the world every year. Its charming and popular neighborhoods, including La Boca, Palermo, Buenos Aires, and ancient Recoleta. Apart from everything, Argentinian dance performances are the most iconic thing about the place. 

Moreover, the cultural attractions of Argentina represent its rich historical and cultural heritage which tourists find very appealing. There are plenty of incredible tourist attractions which are worth exploring, but you can begin your trip from Iguazu Falls. It is among the country’s natural wonders, features fascinating scenery, and forms the largest group of waterfalls. 

Discover the spectacular tourist attractions of Argentina and unleash the adventure, fun, and thrill within you along with your travel companions. 

Beaches of Mar del Plata

The beaches of Mar del Plata are the top destinations, and that’s why it is among the best beach resort cities. It lies on the coast and attracts millions of tourists every year to its vibrant beach culture. If you visit the country in the summers and want to beat the heat, spend a day chilling on the beach. These beaches spread for more than eight kilometers of the Atlantic coast, 400 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Several cruise ship ports, including the Chica and Grande beaches, are popular for sea lions and other aquatic species. 

The place was dedicated to one of the greatest formula one drivers of the world. The museum’s main highlight is the exhibition for the first automobile, which is Daimler of 1886. Moreover, it is home to famous attractions, the Juan Manuel Fangio Museum featuring more than 100 cars and 500 trophies. If you are traveling with your family, don’t forget to explore the Plata Aquarium, home to dolphins, tortoises, flamingos, penguins. 

Historic Cordoba Cathedral 

It takes a five-hour drive from the country’s capital to reach Cordoba, which is the second-largest city in Argentina. History seekers can take a tour of the popular historical attractions around Plaza San Martin. Tourists will find several ancient buildings dating back to the early colonial period of the 16th century. Today they are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; therefore, you must visit them. 

There is a stunning Cathedral of Cordoba, which is a combination of Neoclassical and Baroque styles. The cultural site dates back to the original Roman Catholic church of 1580. Another highlight is from the 18th century, including an ornate interior featuring beautiful paintings of a popular artist, Emilio Caraffa. You can see the significant collection of gold offerings and other famous artifacts of Argentina. Lastly, one can learn tango dance and take classes at the Cabildo, a renowned cultural center among inhabitants and tourists.


Mendoza is among the most spectacular cities in Argentina, home to classic Art Deco architecture and famous outdoor attractions. In winters, white snow surrounds the rugged mountains, making the place ideal for skiing and other thrilling activities. The charming ski resorts of Las Lenas are popular for their steep terrain and Los Penitentes, lying within 25 kilometers. On the other hand, in summers, tourists can relish the unique experience of hiking and climbing the mountains. They can also aim to reach the top with a height of 6960 meters.

Other popular activities to enjoy here are whitewater rafting, trail riding, camping, star gazing, and other outdoor adventurous activities. The site is also notable for olive oil production, incredible museums, annual festivals, and the unique Central Market. From here, buyers can buy meat, fish and explore the food stalls and fancy restaurants. Plan your travel and avail British Airways Booking services and grab exclusive discounts and offers vacation packages. 

Bariloche and the Route of the Seven Lakes

San Carlos de Bariloche is a megacity lying amidst the Nahuel Huapi National Park and the northern district of Patagonia. Skiers flying from the Northern Hemisphere can find snow at the heights of the snow-capped mountains. They can fly to Bariloche and explore the beauty of Cerro Catedral, a popular and largest ski resort in South America. There are more than 100 kilometers of ski terrain and extraordinary scenery over Nahuel Huapi in the park’s center. 

Bariloche is the paradise for all the adventure seekers and home to beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, glaciers, forests, and waterfalls. The region also offers great opportunities for hiking, rafting, cycling, climbing, and mountain biking. A popular driving circuit, the Route of the Seven Lakes, takes tourists to the Espejo, Escondido, Machonico, Correntoso, and Villarino. You can also find a number of fantastic hotels and resorts within the site, offering amazing amenities to the guests. 

Tierra del Fuego National Park

The Tierra del Fuego National Park extends from Beagle Channel to the Chilean Border and stretches 156,000 acres. There are a million reasons to hype the beauty and charm of the top-rated tourist attraction in Argentina. First, its phenomenal scenery of mountains, rivers, dense forests, and clear blue sky is surreal. Second, it is a paradise for hikers and all outdoor adventure enthusiasts. You will find plenty of walking and hiking trails within the park for all levels of hikers. 

Witness the dramatic scenery and hike on the best hiking trails by beginning your trip from the town of Ushuaia. You will see beautiful waterfalls, densely populated forests, blue-colored glaciers, and rivers like Roca and Fagnano. The popular route is Senda Costera, taking you from Ensenada Bay, featuring a diverse range of wildlife, including Andean condors. You can ride on the fantastic Southern Fuegian Railway, an elegant steam train, which takes you through the park to Canadian de Toro. 

Perito Moreno Glacier

Also, it is the hub of adventure and sightseeing and offers plenty of amazing accommodation options and thrilling activities. Visitors will witness the extraordinary Perito Moreno Glacier, featuring a massive formation of ice up to 30 kilometers. The site is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and comprises the small town of El Calafate in Argentina. It lies only 78 kilometers away from the city center, making it the world’s third-largest freshwater reserve. Another famous highlight of Los Glaciares National Park is Monte Fitz Roy which is 3359 meters tall and offers incredible scenery. So, go through your Allegiant Air Tickets process, and get ready for an extraordinary travel experience.

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