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Internet Live Stats

Here is a quick summary of the reality:

Of the 7.4 billion people in the world, 4.54 billion are dynamic web customers. 93% of web customers start with an internet search. Mobile phones account for 51.98% of website pages viewed on the web.

How the internet has changed

The Internet has made significant progress since Tim Berners-Lee. The designer of the World Wide Web sent out the main site in August 1991. We are all aware of the vital role the Internet plays in our current reality. Regardless of whether we are web-based shopping, searching for a formula, most of the world uses the Internet in their daily lives. It is additionally important that we know about Internet insights that can advise influencing our promotional efforts and methodologies.

Australian Internet usage

The Internet is, for a large number of us, a part of everyday life. There are 7.77 billion people on the planet and, as indicated, 4.54 billion of those people are dynamic Internet customers. Nevertheless, only 0.6% of these customers are in  Australia

If we look at Australia, the Internet market has developed to a high degree.

There were 22.31 million internet customers in Australia in January 2021.

The number of internet customers in Australia increased by 265 thousand in the range of 2019 and 2021.

Web access in Australia remained at 88% in January 2021.

The number of internet followers has started to decline recently. Indicating that the market is almost submerged. Although there are indications that it is declining, the amount of information Australians swallow continues to grow relative to the number of supporters.

Search Engine Statistics

93% of online encounters begin with search engines.

Australians spend almost 40 hours a week on the web – generally as much time as many of us spend at work. With such countless individuals investing so much energy on the web, for any business, capturing this Internet traffic in 2021 is a higher priority than at any other time. Virtually all online encounters starting with a web search tool. SEO is an essential part of any promotion system. Drive the right traffic for more conversions and watch your revenue skyrocket with SEO in Sydney. Meet the SEO agency Sydney businesses rely on for real revenue results.

Internet searchers market share 

Google: 94.56%

Bing: 3.65%

Hurray: 0.8%

DuckDuckGo: 0.6%

Australian eCommerce statistics and trends

A huge number of Internet customers are driving the web in search of an arrangement. The web-based business has changed the way we buy and sell merchandise and enterprises. Understanding eCommerce, Internet customers, and explicitly your customers are critical to succeeding on the web. The researcher clarifies that commercial hubs like Amazon and AliExpress are thriving. While many independent retailers are struggling to discover their USP as the brand, shop loyalty decline, and the industry’s track abandonment rate is at 75%. Expanding brand engagement can be achieved by building a local area, loyalty programs, and a consistent multi-faceted and work area customer experience.

Revenues in the eCommerce market rise to AU$29,730m by 2021.

There will be 18.6 million eCommerce customers in 2021.

Revenues are expected to show an annual development rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 5.0%, which will generate a market volume of AU$36,152m by 2024.

The largest share of the digital market agency in style with a market volume of AU$9,904m by 2021.

The eCommerce infiltration rate is 72.8% in 2021 and is expected to reach 78.5% by 2024.

Social media usage measurements in Australia for 2021

There were 18.00 million online media customers in Australia as of January 2021.

The amount of online media customers in Australia grew by 735 thousand (+4.3%) 2019-2021.

Online media infiltration in Australia remained at 71% in January 2021. (Datareportal)

1 in as clockwork online is spent via web-based media.

Most mainstream online media venues by number of new month-to-month dynamic customers – 2021

Facebook – 16 million

YouTube – 15 million

Instagram – 9 million

WhatsApp – 7 million

Snapchat – 6.4 million

WordPress – 5.8 million

LinkedIn – 5.5 million

Twitter – 5.3 million

Tumblr – 3.7 million

Kindling – 3 million


Measurements accumulated for January 2021. Source: Vivid Social – Social Media Agency. 

Australian Mobile Phone Statistics In 2021

Increasingly more of us are perusing the Internet with our cell phones.

Cell phones (barring tablets) represented 51.98 percent of website page sees around the world.

There were 32.89 million versatile associations in Australia in January 2021 alone.

The number of versatile associations in Australia expanded by 407 thousand (+1.3%) between January 2019 and January 2021.

The number of versatile associations in Australia in January 2021 was identical to 130% of the complete populace. As such, there are more versatile associations in Australia than there are individuals.

Real-time feature Statistics

On account of the Internet, real-time- content has gotten the go-to decision for diversion. The research appeared over 14.5 million Australians approached some type of Pay TV/Subscription TV, up 8.2% on a year prior.

The video real-time market entrance is around 70%.

Netflix stays the market chief, with 11.9 million Australians (57% of the populace) having a Netflix membership in their family in 2019, up 15% from 2018.

Income in the Video Streaming (SVoD) portion adds up to AU$204m in 2020.

Income is required to show a yearly development rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 10.2%, bringing about a market volume of AU$302m by 2024.

With the Internet assuming a particularly huge part in such countless remarkable pieces of our lives, understanding the market and keeping awake to date with the patterns can be valuable for advertisers in any industry. All through 2021, we will make certain to watch out for new and arising patterns in the advertising scene.


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