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bed and mattress: 5 steps to choose the right one

Choosing the right bed and mattress is a very important affair for well-being. The bed is not just a piece of furniture, but it directly affects our mental and physical health. A comfortable sleep or a few minutes of quality relaxation relieves our fatigue and strengthens our psychology. Therefore, it is important to choose a bed & mattress that will provide you with comfort and proper support.

Below you will find 5 necessary steps to choose the bed of your dreams. Our guide is the high quality of construction, your aesthetics, and comfort.

Step 1: Choose the right dimensions

You will never regret buying a large bed. If the dimensions of your room allow it, choose a double or even a king-size bed. The enjoyment increases as the dimensions increase.

Step 2: Wooden or fabric bed?

The aesthetic perfection of our bed is subjective. After all, the best is the one that suits our taste. Make the bed of your dreams, according to your needs. Choose your favorite design and color from our large collection of wooden and fabric beds. In case you choose a fabric bed, we suggest you to install a stainless and waterproof fabric.

Step 3: Do you need extra storage space?

Storage beds are a great storage solution, as they can fit a lot of your clothes or linens.

Step 4 and most important: choosing the right mattress

We can mention the choice of the mattress as the third step in a row in creating the bed, however, it is the most decisive of all. The mattress market is an investment for our health and that is why it needs attention. A good mattress should come from a reputable company and have a satisfactory warranty. Above all, it must be made of the best materials, providing support to the body and especially the spine.

Step 5: Choose beds with a guarantee

Guaranteeing your new bed is a big deal. The companies that offer quality furniture, always offer a guarantee of more than 5 years. the best beds on the market, with a guarantee of 10 years and over.

The double bed is suitable for everyone!

A suitable double bed is always the basic condition for an ideal bedroom. Have you ever considered the bedroom of your dreams without a large bed? If you are still sleeping in a small bed and do not enjoy your sleep, then we suggest that you proceed with the change immediately.

The only condition for obtaining the ideal double bed is to calculate the dimensions of your space. But if your room allows it, then you will definitely find the right double bed. build your bed as you have imagined it, based on your needs and the dimensions of your space.

Do you live alone or with a roommate? Your double bed is essential

Do you sleep alone or with friends? This does not matter, as the double bed is suitable for everyone. If your sleep is lonely, do not think twice about getting it. You will definitely enjoy it even more. A large bed is always the first step in creating the most enjoyable moments of relaxation. After all, the enjoyment increases as the dimensions of the bed increase.

If you are still not convinced that you need a double bed, then we have an extra shaky argument. You are not going to be alone forever. There will definitely be a time when you will need to host one or more guests, invited or uninvited. Are you sure your couch is big enough to accommodate them?

Add extra storage space

So after you are convinced to replace your old small bed with a real double bed, it is time to adjust the details as well. If you have sacrificed space in your bedroom to make a double bed, there is a way to get it back. Choose a  bed with extra storage space, through our large collection. This way you will save space and order in your bedroom.

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