Benefits of Chia Seeds: Everything You Need to know!

Chia seeds are now regarded as superfoods because of the amazing health benefits they provide. Chia seeds are a plant-based food associated with mitigating the risks of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. They have been showing some terrific results to improve metabolic rate, complexion, and regulate body weight. Hence chia seeds for weight loss and other beauty benefits have gained applause globally. 

Instead of their tiny size, chia seeds offer abundant vital nutrients. They are a superb source of omega 3 fatty acids, potent antioxidants, fiber, calcium, iron, etc. It is necessary to incorporate foods like chia seeds in the daily diet as the diet of an ordinary individual usually does not include these essential nutrients. Chia seeds are also a great source of good cholesterol, which is crucial for a healthy heart. It prevents the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. 

Chia Seeds Nutrition Report

Did you know that just one ounce of chia seeds can suffice 18% of daily calcium needs, 30% of manganese, 27% of phosphorus, and some amount of copper and potassium? It is also another surprising fact that chia seeds have more omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, fiber, and calcium as compared to flaxseeds. 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) declares that a 28-gram of chia seeds or 1 ounce serving of chia seeds consist of the following-

  • Calories- 131 grams
  • Fat- 8.4 grams
  • Carbs- 13.07 grams 
  • Fiber- 11.2 grams
  • Protein- 5.6 grams 
  • Sugar- 0

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

As we have already mentioned, adding chia seeds to the daily diet can avoid the risk of some dangerous diseases; there are other numerous health benefits attached to it. This means that chia seeds are great for boosting immunity and stimulate healthy digestion. Let us now have a look at the specific health benefits that chia seeds provide- 

Fabulous Fiber! 

People over 50 years of age are recommended to add chia seed in their daily diet. It is 28 g per day for males, and for females, it is 22.4 g per day. People usually do not even consume half of these recommended chia seeds.

The simplest way to induce fiber intake is to consume more plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, unprocessed grains, and nuts. Only one ounce of chia seeds can provide 10 grams of fiber, which is almost half of the daily recommendation.

Chia Seeds for Weight loss

Foods that have good fiber content help people to feel full and satiated. They also usually have fewer amount of calories. High fiber intake and a  fiber-rich diet have been shown to help people with weight loss.

One tablespoon of chia seed contains nearly 5 grams of fiber. The high amount of omega-3-fatty acids and alpha-linoleic acid present along with it stimulate weight loss. The fiber also prevents irregular activities of the digestive tract and constipation. Mixing chia seeds with water to prepare a gel and consuming it is also a wise idea. This gel helps slow down digestion, making one feel fuller for longer. 

Chia seeds for cholesterol

Increased fiber intake has also shown lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. A research of 67 separately controlled trials found that even a moderate10-gram increase in fiber intake daily can reduce LDL. Fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids can thus decrease LDL, triglyceride levels, and total cholesterol. This reduces problems such as atherosclerotic plaque, improves endothelial function, and helps lower blood pressure.

Omega-3 fatty acids present in chia seeds can decrease the risk of disorders leading to heart attack and sudden cardiac death such as arrhythmias and thrombosis. Chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, etc., are the richest sources of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids.

Recent researches have revealed that a good amount of dietary fiber can play a major role in regulating inflammation and boosting immunity. The risk of inflammation-related conditions like cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes may get eliminated by consuming fiber-rich foods like chia seeds. 

Chia Seeds for diabetes

Many studies have not been conducted to study the effect of chia seeds on blood glucose levels and insulin resistance. But a 2017 study shows that chia seeds may have the potential to convert glucose into a slowly-releasing carbohydrate. This can help people with type 2 diabetes. 

High-fiber diets are generally associated with lowering the risk of developing diabetes, and regulating the blood sugar levels can be done by eating high-fiber foods such as chia seeds. 

Mixing chia seeds with another food or liquid before consuming, especially for people who face swallowing problems, is a wise thing to do as it may get stuck in the esophagus. Apart from this caution, chia seeds are a good-to-go rich addition to the daily balanced meal. 

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