Benefits of Street LED Lights

LED Street Lights

LEDs nowadays are more efficient than ever. Almost in every electronic component and machine. We are using LEDs somehow. From street lights to wristwatches. Here we will discuss some advantages of LED lights.


If we talk about the older technologies of light sources such as incandescent light bulbs, these light sources have a lifetime of roughly around 1,000 hours, which is around a month and a quarter. But on the other hand, LED lights are quoted to have a lifetime of around 11 years, and yes, this is mind-blowing. But this is not true properly. As with every other light source, the efficiency of LEDs decreases gradually. And the lifetime also depends on other factors like temperature and electric input etc. But this does not mean that LEDs can have that much life. They can last that long in proper settings. That’s why street lights are now LED street lights because they have a long lifetime.


When you touch an incandescent bulb while it is on, your hand will damage because of its intense heat production. These bulbs throw out heat as infrared radiation. Which isn’t good for some reasons in some scenarios. LED lights don’t produce heat in the form of radiation. The no heat production gives us the advantage to place LED lights at those places where heating from light sources can cause a problem.

However, LEDs produce heat at the semiconductor junction and without proper heat sinking or heat management it will cause proper functioning of its working and in severe cases, it will blow out.

Power Consumption

LED lights are low power consumption light sources which leads this technology to significant energy savings. That is the reason why most light systems are now converted to LED lighting such as street lights are converted to led street lights in Pakistan. Now every institute, company, and business is using LED street lights in Pakistan.


LEDs are very high efficient light sources as compared to other older light sources. A normal white LED light outputs 25lm/W. This efficiency exceeds the performance of other light sources that are incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.


As we discussed the lifetime of LED lights. A lifetime of these lights affects the maintenance. The longer the lifespan is lesser the need for maintenance. This also causes more savings and less to spend on crews to maintain the light fixtures. This makes the installation of LED lights in areas useful where labor accessibility is low.


The cost of street LED lights in Pakistan is usually measured in input versus output per unit time. Such as how much an LED light is consuming per hour. But the cost also includes the cost of manufacturing or production of this light.

Engineers are trying to lower the cost of LEDs every day with increasing efficiency.

However, the high-cost LED lights are more reliable, need less maintenance, and use less electricity. This is what makes it cost-effective.

Small in Size

LEDs are now available in very small sizes. The compact and small size of LEDs has given us an advantage beyond our thoughts. There are many examples where the availability of small lights and high brightness devices has enabled a large market development. An obvious and most common example is the use of these lights in portable hands, where blue, green, and white LEDs are now used in a wide variety of backlit keypads and liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens.


LEDs are available in a wide range of bright, vibrant colors. LEDs are available in different modules are Red, Green, Blue. These modules can be tuned to make a huge range of colors. RGB modules offer a much wider range of colors than white LEDs or other traditional white light sources, which is a benefit to applications such as liquid-crystal displays (LCDs).


Applications of LED lights are huge. Because LED lights are available in every size, shape, and price. It can be use

Where to Buy these LED Lights?

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Commercial LightingWhich LED Product Suitable For Your Needs?

Led lights make a huge impact on the look and environment of your place especially when it comes to the decoration part. That’s why choosing the best product according to your needs is a very important thing.
In this article we will discuss different LED products that you can buy for your places or to decorate them.

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