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Best Mattress in India 2021 -Shinysleep

Which Mattress is good in India

India is the second-most populous country with people of different religions and cultures. With the growing civilization in the country, people are more conscious about the quality of product and their lifestyle and health. Due to increasing awareness among people, they tend to research a particular product or service and find the brand with maximum offerings with fair prices. Because invading by a little less price can affect your health, and you may get a low-quality product with little life. The same rule applies to mattress purchases. With the innovation and technology in the mattress industry, there are different types of mattresses available in the market. And due to increasing demand, mattress brands are also rising that offer different benefits and come with a different price range.

With a wide variety of mattresses and brands available, it is difficult to mark one mattress as the best mattress. Because different people have different preferences, and their definition of best changes according to different comfort levels. Some people may find the hard mattress better while others prefer a soft mattress.

So, let’s check the best mattress in India:


Memory foam mattress:

This mattress comes with an open structure that helps in retaining pressure. It will give you maximum comfort whether you sleep on your side or stomach. It contours according to the body shape giving a personalized experience. Furthermore, it comes with cool gel foam that ensures better breathability and won’t let you sleep hot. You can buy orthoplus memory foam mattress online through our website that is a complete package for all your sleeping needs.


Spring mattress:

This mattress offers great bounciness and offers a great fit for people looking for hotel lie comfort. It usually comes in two types:

Bonnell spring in which all the springs move together and work as a single unit to relives pressure while the pocket spring Mattress is different as in this each spring has its own pocket and works individually. So each spring works to relieve pressure to the area where the pressure is applied without spreading the pressure to the whole area which will reduce motion transfer. But the life of spring mattresses is generally less.

Latex mattress: This mattress is prepared with the help of latex instead of foam and latex is a natural substance derived from rubber tree sap. It offers great comfort and support and does not retain heat. A latex mattress is an antibacterial mattress as it is resistant to dust, mites, and molds. It generally comes in two types: Natural latex that is prepared with 100% natural latex and the other one is hybrid latex which is prepared with latex and other natural material. They have a longer life than other mattresses, but it is usually expensive, and not many people want to spend in an expensive mattress.


Coir mattress:

It is environmentally friendly because it is made up of coconut coir. But this mattress gives a hard feel and fails to provide good comfort. It also tends to sag after a short period of time which makes it less durable.


After discussing the types of mattresses, it is important to identify the factors that can be considered before buying the best mattress in India. So,

Here are some of the factors you can consider before you make a buying decision:


Motion transfer:

It is important to check whether the mattress provides motion isolation or not because it can disturb sleep if anyone of you does any movement at night.



Good breathability promotes better airflow and helps you sleep cool. It also prevents heat building which will ultimately reduce sweating.


Hypo allergic:

The mattress should be free from dust, bacterial, or molds as it can cause skin allergies or respiratory problems as well.


Mattress Thickness:

It is important to check the mattress thickness as per your bed requirements. Because an 8-inch mattress is not much suitable for a bed with good height as it can cause discomfort. Choose the mattress thickness wisely.


Material quality:

The mattress should be made with good quality material and proper quilting. It should be done to ensure the durability of the mattress.

In short, we can say that the best mattress in India comes with good and updated features. But if talking about the main question of a good mattress, keeping in mind the comfort and support offering. There are 2 options available: Latex mattress or Memory foam mattress. Latex Mattress for people with a good budget that provides enhanced comfort at a relatively high price. Memory Foam Mattress for mid-range people, the memory foam mattress is the best option.


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