Best Plants to Start a Garden With

Gardening as an activity has taken off in recent years. Many people find solace with plants, watching as they grow. Often treating them as their children. Some people also have a talent for understanding just the right needs for a plant and making sure it grows well. Are you such a person or know a friend with green fingers? Then ordering online indoor plants for them might make their day!


The Jade Plant

For someone who has kept cacti and succulents before, the Jade plant is a perfect treat to keep! Its upkeep is relatively simple- occasional watering, being near a window with bright, indirect light. Beware, though, for it’s toxic to dogs and cats. But if your friend is dog- or cat- free, then it can be a really fun plant to grow! It can be trimmed, so its unique trunk s revealed. If they take care of it well enough, it’ll gradually grow and take on a mini-tree appearance.


Christmas Cactus

A rather uncommon member of the cactus family, it for sure doesn’t look like one! If you know someone with a penchant for keeping cacti, but they’re fond of the finer things in life as well, the Christmas Cactus is the perfect pick. Even though it looks showy, its handling is quite easy, and it just needs slightly more frequent watering than its cactus cousins. The flowers are sure to impress guests when winter arrives! It works best in soil mixes used for cacti. It needs to be watered regularly, but some time needs to be given to dry. It’s non-toxic to cats and dogs as well, if that’s a concern.



The lavender represents purity, serenity and all things graceful, along with a dose of calmness. So if that’s what you want to symbolise, a lavender plant is perfect for the purpose. It’s relatively easy to find on a search for online shopping for indoor plants. Purple is also the colour of loyalty and elegance, not to mention the coveted aroma lavender is famous for. These are lovely patio plants and need a healthy dose of sunlight with well-draining soil. It’s ideal for gardens as well.

It’ll have a calming effect on all your loved ones. It can also be used if you’re into aromatherapy or want a nice, warm cup of totally homemade lavender tea.


  • Money Plant

Money plant is probably the best plant gift you can give to a person who wants to get into gardening. It’s easy to grow and gives a certain flair to home decor. The creeping plant has quite the aesthetic growing on poles and similar things. Finding money plants online is easy and convenient for deliveries as well. As its name suggests, the money plant is a symbol of wealth and prosperity to be sure to have one, and give money plants to your loved ones as well! Anyone would appreciate the gift for sure if they have the room! It can grow in a diverse set of conditions, you can probably set up a pot for it, and it’ll do just fine with regular watering and moderate sunlight.


Mint plant

Having a mint plant is a sure-fire way to ensure that you’re surrounded by freshness always. The minty aroma can improve the mood, and the leaves can also be used in your cooking recipes with any drinks as well! Why not have a homegrown mojito? Mint, being a herb, doesn’t take a lot of space. Mint plant does best in full sun; and moist soils. One fact to consider is that mint spreads quite fast, so power to you if you want an entire garden of mint, otherwise take relevant steps (we prefer the former, of course).


In conclusion, a plant is a companion in life, like an animal, that many people appreciate, with the bonus of being easy to care for and fewer messes to clean, of course. Taking up gardening and potentially getting your own fresh produce is the best way to pass some extra time or bond with friends and family. If they’re into it, you could even start a gardening club with shared produce. Fresh food at all times, a fun prospect, isn’t it? Happy gardening!


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