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Bin Qasim City Gwadar

Background of CPEC

An agreement was signed between Pakistan and China on 20 April 2015 that Pakistan will share the corridor with china for trading and transportation purpose is known as China Pakistan economic corridor. This project is not only beneficial for china but is also effective for Pakistan to earn foreign currency. It will also strengthen the relationship and friendship between China and Pakistan which will afterward be so fruitful for both of the nations. Many labor forces from Pakistan and china was indulged in the construction of CPEC. It will also increase Pakistan’s trading ratio and the economy as sea routes will be used for transportation.

Inauguration of Bin Qasim City Gwadar

CPEC is being the biggest investment and the most innovative project in decades. After the agreement, many other nations from all over the globe were also attracted to Gwadar port and willing to invest their money. Due to the CPEC, Gwadar will now be the huge hub for the means of commercial activities and trading. It will increase the economy and will welcome more wealth too. With the rapid increase in popularity of Gwadar city, many business tycoons got interested in setting up their business here.

Manufacturers of Bin Qasim City Gwadar

The manufactures of Bin Qasim city Gwadar are Newage developers. They are well-reputed developers in Pakistan. they introduce innovative ideas and culture for the construction of different projects and put their best to make it worth living. The projects developed by Newage developers are:

  • Qurtaba City Rawalpindi
  • Bin Qasim City Gwadar

Availability of Plots

Gwadar Property Investment in bin Qasim city facilitates 5, 10 Marla, and 1 canal residential plots along with 4 and 8 Marla commercial plots. This is the project which attracts the attention of most people at a glance. Not only plots but also developers planned to make Bin Qasim city Gwadar a luxurious place to live. Many entertainment sites, well-maintained roads, educational systems, and health care centers will also be constructed along with Bin Qasim city Gwadar.


The locality of Bin Qasim City is very perfect and almost 20 km far away from Gwadar port. It is also 20 km away from international Gwadar airport and close to the road of Gwadar cargo terminal. Due to its ideal position in Gwadar, many people wanted to come and settle here.

Booking and payment plan

3 years installment plan is available to facilitate the people. Booking and installment plan is comparatively very easy. Buyers can also do the payment in cash or also can do in installments.

Why invest in bin Qasim city Gwadar?

Bin Qasim City is the most popular project which gained importance in a very short period.  Due to its ideal position and locality, it will be convenient for many people to invest their money in Gwadar. Many favorable sites and main roads are also linked with it. Payment method is also available in installments which creates ease for the people. All the basic needs and types of equipment are provided by the Bin Qasim city Gwadar like shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutes, banks, and entertainment sites. These advantages become the spotlight and attraction for the tourist and businessman to buy the property or invest their money to establish their business.

Masterplan and facilities

Gwadar managed and planned facilities and equipment are to provide to the people. Basic to other all facilities will be given to the community.

Sewerage and water drainage system

Proper arrangement of sewerage and water drainage system is available. Every apartment has a proper drainage system.

Electricity and water supply

In the modern age, life will be completely impossible and difficult without electricity and water supply. Bin Qasim City Gwadar made it possible to supply 24 hours’ water supply and electricity to the people.

Roads access

Due to Bin Qasim City ideal and convenient location, it is linked to the main roads. This is the most important advantage people could have while living here.

Health centers and medical facility

Health is the most integral part of our lives thus cannot compromise health. Medical facilities like hospitals and health centers with good types of equipment are present. Certified doctors are provided 27/7 for service.

Educational institutions

Nearby, many good educational institutes are present. The availability of well-known schools, colleges, and universities provides the facility to settle in Gwadar. People may provide a high standard of education to their children.

Safety measures

Safety comes first. Bin Qasim City facilitates full security and safety measures. CCCTV cameras are placed in every sector and the security council working day and night to make Gwadar a safe and sound place to live.

Other entertainment sites

Entertainment sites are also playing a very vital role. Cinemas, restaurants, and parks are also close to the locality of Bin Qasim city Gwadar.  People can enjoy their life to the fullest by utilizing fully the facilities. All favorable spots are nearby to Gwadar so anyone can easily visit there anytime.

Management faculty

To maintain discipline, management faculty is present to serve you and help you out in any case. All the issues will be resolved by management staff and will be making sure to provide the full level of comfort to the residents.

Prices of accommodation

Bin Qasim City Gwadar makes the prices double due to its popularity so prices are a bit higher. The prices vary from size to size depending upon the area. If we talk about the residential areas, 5 Marla will cost around 18.75 lakhs PKR whereas 10 Marla will cost around 36.6 lakh PKR. Now coming to the commercial plots, 4 Marla will cost around 52 lakhs PKR and 8 Marla will cost 95 lakhs PKR.

Online assistance and guidance

You can generally go through the websites for more information and details. All payment and installments details are mentioned in the plan. You can also see the pictures of apartments and choose your favorite one.

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