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Brands that leverage Angular strength to move forward.

Some of the most well-known companies are people from a variety of industries, and AngularJS is one of the steps they take to reach the pinnacle of success.

There is ample evidence available to prove that new web frameworks, such as AngularJS, are nearing the end of standard frameworks such as jQuery. People are often caught up in the popular trends and history of nearly a decade of AngularJS. That is why most of them pay little heed to the reasons that made it so popular.

Some of the top Fortune 500 brands are using this framework to further their development. Tech Leviathan, like Samsung and Microsoft, uses Angular. Simply put, it has given this structure the reputation it enjoys right now. It took a while, but AngularJS began to get the right attention. Sooner or later, brands like UpWork, Deutsche Bank, and PayPal started using it.

Whether it is a major online payment system like PayPal or Delta Airlines, a large number of well-known brands around the world have been using Angular significantly over the past decade or more.

This article contains a list of the top 10 organizations that use AngularJS in their web application development approach. If you use an angular web development company, perhaps your business will find its place in such a list in the future.

About AngularJS

Two people, Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery created the Angular JS back in 2009. Today, it is one of the most widely used open-source web development frameworks and is incredibly flexible in building single-page web applications.

The first release of the framework took place in 2016. At the moment, Google is in charge of keeping it.

Based on the official AngularJS documents, it is a structural framework used to build powerful web applications.

The framework allows developers to use HTML as the default template language. As a result, they can extend HTML syntax to express parts of the application concisely and clearly by writing a few lines of code.

By using “dependence injection” and “data binding” programs, Angular removes excess code developers often have to write.

As all of these things happen within the browser, Angular becomes one of the competent partners of any server technology.

10 products using Angular

There is a lot you can learn more about this framework, but if you ask the experts of an angular web development company, you will get an in-depth answer. In the meantime, it is best to dig deep into the main topic of writing.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank AG is a word you should be aware of. It is an international firm that provides financial and investment-related services, and, of course, uses AngularJS on the front page of the developer portfolio.

This developer portal has a Deutsche Bank API program that serves as an access point to countless international organizations that aim to integrate corporate applications into their web-based software solutions.

Microsoft Office

Everyone who uses a computer is familiar with the name Microsoft – an international technology company. It released MS Office for the first time in 1998. In April 2021, Microsoft reported that it has an estimated 75 million active users using its platform every day.

Of all the businesses that currently use AngularJS, Microsoft is probably the only one that has taken a bold approach.

Microsoft’s 21st expansion is possible in part because of the company’s successful transition to the web.

In August 2014, the product launched two special web applications that currently use the AngularJS framework with Office 365 API.

Then in 2020, Microsoft Office started coming up with a free version of the Microsoft 365 web application, and it works online.

This free version has many Office features summarized in a single page view. By using it, ordinary people and business owners can work together in groups and produce documents.


Santander is another financial broker that loses its resources initially in Spain. Then, it established its main market in 2013 in the northeastern United States with the help of the Top Mobile Development Company in the USA.

Based on Santander Bank’s Global Tech and Operations Page, its team, comprising 2,000 people from seven countries, uses AngularJS to build online financial solutions.


You may not recognize this name if you do not watch live video games, but Microsoft is its creator – a fact that may surprise you. The mixer is a free usable website for streaming games and is tough against similar competitors, such as YouTube Games, and Twitch.

Compared to the other companies mentioned here, Mixer incorporates AngularJS into a case of using video streaming, which is unique in itself.

As Angular uses one-page data that is updated in real-time, Mixer uses a framework to provide game-related features that are important to gamers.

Some of these features include faster live streaming, co-hosting from the channel, commenting on the broadcast, and receiving alerts whenever a player’s channels start streaming live.


Back in April 2020, Forbes, a magazine subscriber with a subscription model, exceeded all limits by receiving 173.5 million page visits. It is a publishing company that loves fast page loading times and provides responsive user information. It does that by using AngularJS at its end.

Thanks to Angular, articles and articles are easily updated within a few minutes of publication for subscribers to read.

Forbes has been able to develop a clear model that has been described as one of the major publishing systems using this framework.


Only the top mobile app development company in the USA can create something like Gmail. However, initially, it was a one-page e-mail forum, but it was also a valid case of using AngularJS.

Whenever anyone opens this Google email service, the web app loads only one HTML page. At the same time, it updates information frequently depending on new notifications or messages. Whether someone is reading email, changing tabs, or writing a new message, AngularJS can handle these actions within a single web page.


The company’s full name is PayPal Holdings Inc., but everyone knows it as PayPal – America’s leading online payment platform.

PayPal supports fast online transfers and acts as one of the third-party electronics companies in common paper-based methods, such as cash orders or checks.

Like all other forms here, PayPal uses AngularJS to build dynamic web pages. These pages support real-time feeds of PayPal transaction data.

It is safe to say here that this framework is the cornerstone based on the responsive web application and mobile information provided by PayPal.


Since May 2020, Upwork has been making huge profits. Revenue is between $ 79 million and $ 81 million.

AngularJS is part of a technology stack hired by Upwork to provide one-page responsive information for freelancers and customers. It has more than 12 million registered employees and approximately 5 million registered customers worldwide.


It took a while, but Samsung was able to prove itself as a well-known brand. The company began its journey in 1938, but today, it has become an international leader in the electronics industry.

Whenever someone says the name of this business, they think of physical hardware. However, you should also be aware that this product has created a few websites of previous pages by packaging them with code written in AngularJS.

Samsung distinguishes itself as a leading leader in the electronics industry among all types of products that use the services of a leading mobile software development company with AngularJS.

Delta Airlines

The surname of this list is Delta Airlines – an incredibly competitive airline operating in the USA. According to market researchers, the company’s first-page web traffic on the company’s website ranks fifth in the tourism and tourism category.

Every part of Delta Airlines’ website uses AngularJS. Instead of adding it to web applications, the producers chose to feed the frame directly on the home page.

With Angular integration, the company now allows customers to register aircraft-related information and perform advanced aircraft searches. Make things easier with fast page loading speeds combined with a comfortable UX.


Stable Angular versions did not last long, but each of them created a mark in the field of web application development. If these companies want to use AngularJS in their projects without guessing their choice, you can.

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