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Business Studies at the University of South Wales: A Student Guide

University of South Wales: A Student Guide

The business landscape is becoming more dynamic with every passing hour, requiring more polished ideas. It is not just the wealth and capital that can take a company to success; it’s the strategies and mindset of the managerial persons. Business strategies and tactics are better learned than self-developed, and that is exactly what the institutes around the world are doing. Among these, one is the University of South Wales, leading the way in creating professional business experts. Through its courses, it is crafting minds that can control the business cycles. This article is a student guide about business and management studies at USW. Keep reading to learn more!

Business and Management Degrees at University of South Wales (USW):

The University of South Wales offers numerous business and managerial degrees to empower students to explore their inner business strengths. With modern-day strategies and industry insights, the courses help polish minds. Are you keen to learn what these courses are and why choose the university of south wales? Let us begin!

1. BA (Hons) in Business and Management:

The degree of BA (Hons) in business and management is focused on creating fresh business graduates to lead the industry. The BA (Hons) Business and Management course have been planned with understudy graduate employability at its center. Accreditation from the Chartered Management Institute, just as an arrangement to public Higher Education rules, implies that students are growing genuine abilities that industrial employers seek and expect a business graduate to possess.

Notwithstanding their BA (Hons) Business and Management degree, students finishing the course will graduate with the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. The certificate will allow students to be recognized as Chartered Managers in the industry. Graduates also get at least ten weeks of work insight into the business during their second year of study with a scope of great employers around there – amplifying their employability.

Courses offered:

The degree will walk students through a diverse portfolio of courses across a couple of years. These subjects are enlisted in the coming lines.

Year ONE:
  • Introduction to contemporary management challenges
  • People, work, and society
  • Economics, Law and the business environment
  • Principles of supply chain management
  • Marketing and consumer behavior
Year TWO:

Students will go through the following modules and subjects in the 2nd year.

  • Developing Industry practices
  • Project management
  • The digital workplace
  • Business analytics for decision making
  • Managing people
  • Employment experience 1& 2

The final year of this degree encompasses the following subjects and modules.

  • International business management
  • Business ethics and sustainability
  • Contemporary global leadership
  • Strategic management

The degree also has a foundation year which will prepare students for a professional degree level. The year is designed for those who are not meeting the admission criteria for a degree level. Are you interested in pursuing your business degree at USW? Get in touch with Study abroad consultants in Islamabad and start your process today!

2. BSc (Hons) International Business Management:

The BSc (Hons) International Business and Management course incorporates business, management, entrepreneurship, and administration trains and is orientated towards working worldwide. This Chartered Management Institute certification course is ideal for anybody looking for an administrative business post with a global venture or homegrown organization. The graduate will be a perfect match for someone who would like to share business visions, hoping to set up their own business.

The work-based ‘Business Internship’ module additionally gives students the alternative to embracing a ten-week temporary job in the UK or abroad without the requirement for a sandwich year. Graduates can develop internationally sough-after skills and knowledge in domains like transnational cooperations and virtual team working.

Courses offered:

The degree offers courses to students to enable them to develop skills and knowledge that will

help them in international environments. Let us go through them quickly.

Year ONE: International Business Degree

The 1st year of the degree encompasses the following subjects.

  • Management – 20 credits
  • Supply chain management – 20 credits
  • Human resources management – 20 credits
  • Marketing – 20 credits
  • Becoming a professional: Enterprise project – 20 credits
  • Becoming a professional: Critical business inquiry – 20 credits
Year TWO: International Business Degree

Students will have to learn the following courses and modules in the 2nd year of this degree.

  • Business analytics – 20 credits
  • Project management – 20 credits
  • Intercultural communication – 20 credits
  • International Business – 60 credits
Year THREE: International Business Degree

The final year of the degree incorporates the following subjects and modules.

  • Cross-cultural management and global leadership – 20 credits
  • Internationalizing business – 20 credits
  • Global procurement and sourcing – 20 credits
  • Business strategy – 20 credits
  • International consultancy project – 40 credits (optional)
  • Critica enquiry project – 40 credits (optional)

The students will undergo detailed research undertaken by the South Wales Business School Research Group. Are you up for the endeavors? Great! Now is the time to connect with Study abroad consultants in Islamabad and start your admission process.

Equip yourself with modern-day knowledge with education consultants!

The business society is evolving fast, and students need to have modern-day knowledge, insights, and strategies to secure their posts. The organizations seek individuals with a modern way of thinking, which is what the institutes are teaching. Secure your spot at your dream institute and learn what the need of the hour is.


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