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Buy a washing machine? We are happy to advise you!

Buy a washing machine

When you are going to buy a washing machine, you can choose from many types. Every washing machine has different options. Below we tell you what you should pay attention to when purchasing a new washing machine.

Expert offers a wide range of washing machines, including Miele, AEG, Bosch, and Samsung. This way you can be sure that you are buying a washing machine at Expert that you will enjoy for a long time. Would you like personal advice? Then come to one of our 140 stores.

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Type of washing machine – Front loading, top-loading, or washer dryer combination?

When most people think of a washing machine, they think of a front-loading washing machine with a door at the front. But did you know that there are three different types of washing machines? Namely front loaders, top loaders, and washer-dryer combinations. Below we explain to you what the differences are.

Front loading washing machine


 The dryer can be placed on top of the washing machine

 High maximum fill weight (12 kg)

 Worktop for a laundry basket or detergent

 Bend over to put laundry in the machine

Top loading washing machine

top loader

 Narrower, so space-saving

 You don’t have to bend down

 Low maximum fill weight (7 kg)

 The dryer does not fit on the washing machine


Wash-dryer combination

Washer-dryer combination

 Ease of use: wash and dry in one

 space saving

 Do not empty the condensation tray

 Can’t always dry all laundry

The main difference between a front loader and a top loader is the position of the door. With a front loader, you put the laundry in the front of the washing machine and with a top loader at the top. Furthermore, a top loader is narrower so that you need less space to place it. As a result, a top loader usually has a smaller washing drum than a front loader, so you can put less laundry in it.

A washer-dryer combination is a washer and dryer in one. With a washer-dryer combination, you can run separate washing and drying programs, but also a combined washer-drying program.

The maximum filling weight for washing and drying often differs. So if you overload a washer-dryer, you have to take out some of the laundries after the wash cycle, otherwise, the laundry won’t dry properly. Some washer-dryers, therefore, indicate in advance how much laundry will fit in the drum for a washer-dryer program.

What is the load capacity of a washing machine?

Filling weight – How much laundry do I want to be able to run in one go?

How much laundry you can put in a washing machine is called the drum capacity or the maximum load weight. Related websites: buying tips 

The table below shows which filling weight best suits your household. The filling weight also depends on how often you do the laundry. Do you save the laundry so that you only have to wash once a week? Even then it is best to choose a washing machine with a larger load capacity (9 kg or more).

Number of persons in the household Fill weight advice

1 person 7kg or less

2 – 3 persons 8 kg

3 persons or more 9 kg or more

View all washing machines with a load capacity of:

7kg or less 8 kg 9 kg or more

Spin speed – How dry does the washing come out of the washing machine?

The speed of a washing machine determines how dry the laundry is after running the washing machine. At Expert, you will find washing machines with a speed of 1200 to 1600 rpm. A washing machine with 1600 rpm spins 1600 times per minute when spinning.

A washing machine with a high speed of 1600 rpm has two advantages:

Your laundry dries faster on the clothesline

Saves energy costs by reducing the time required to run the dryer

View all washing machines with a speed of:

1400 rpm 1600 rpm

What is the speed of a washing machine?

What is the energy class of a washing machine?

Energy class – What is the energy consumption of the washing machine?

An economical washing machine is not only good for the environment, but you also save on energy costs.

How energy efficient a washing machine is indicated by the energy class. The energy class is indicated by a letter on the energy label. Energy class A is the most economical and energy class G the least.

Since March 2021 there is a new energy label for washing machines. For example, what used to be an A+++ washing machine now has energy class C.

Noise level – How quiet is the washing machine?

If your washing machine is next to your living room or bedroom, you probably find it important that it makes little noise. Sound level is indicated in decibels (dB). The more dB, the louder the sound. Three decibels more means twice as much noise. A few dB more or less makes a significant difference.

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