Can You Cut Short Hair At Home?

Can You Cut Short Hair At Home?

Whether you have a paucity of time or you are afraid of going to a saloon because of COVID risk, you may not be ready to go anywhere to have your haircut. But having a lack of haircutting skills and or short hair may make it difficult for you to cut your own hair at home. If you are also having the same struggle, no worries. We are here to share some amazing tips with you that will make it super easy to cut your own hair at home. Before everything else, let us have a look at whether you can cut your own hair at home or not. 

Can You Cut Your Own Hair At Home?

It may sound difficult but you can actually cut your hair at home no matter how short they are. People find it easier to cut long hair because they can easily have a look at them without even the use of a mirror in some cases. However, you can cut your own short hair at home without even asking for someone else’s help if you know how to do it. Let’s have a look at the tips on how to cut your own hair short

Tips To Cut Your Hair When You Have A Ponytail

Here are the tips to follow to cut your hair if you have a ponytail. 

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

To begin, you will eliminate any bunches from the hair with a detangling brush. On the off chance that you have wavy hair, you can utilize your #1 wide toothbrush. Ensure that the hair is totally evaporated so it doesn’t recoil after you trim it. I’d likewise suggest doing this on clean hair rather than second or third-day hair on the grounds that the regular oils our scalp produces can overload our strands a touch more and thus the length of your hair may shrivel up somewhat after your first wash.

Step 2: Make a Bump-Free High Ponytail

Then, turn your knot-free mane over and gather the hair into a high pigtail simply over the focal point of your temple (channel your inward unicorn). Flip your head straight up and check in your mirror that the arrangement of your braid is focused prior to getting with a barrette.

Step 3: Decide The Length

At that point, decide how much length you need to cut off. In the event that you don’t know, start little with 1/2″ or 1″ (contingent upon how long your hair is in any case). On the off chance that you don’t cut enough off the first run-through around, you can generally revisit this interaction again in light of the fact that well, you can generally go more limited. In addition, this is just a brief cycle. 

Utilize your subsequent hairpin to check that line where you will trim. Wrap it near the foundation of your pigtail and afterward slide it down to your cut point.

Step 4: Make The Snip

Your solitary cut will be made just underneath that subsequent hairpin, trimming straight across. Having sharp shears is significant, particularly for trim like this current that is working through a thick, concentrated space of hair. In the event that you use kitchen scissors or anything that has a dull edge, you’ll see that the scissors will truly battle to coast through the greater part of your strands and will leave them more defenseless to fraying rapidly. 

Step 5: A Few Finishing Touches

You’ve done most of the work and your hair is practically all set. As an expert beautician, I have a couple of minute tips for specifying your recently layered ‘do. These are altogether absolutely discretionary. However they have the ability to change your slice significantly further to seeming as though it was finished by a master

  • Point Cutting

If you’ve allowed your pigtail to go down and you feel the layers are looking excessively unforgiving or obtuse for your hair type, I’d suggest trimming your closures. Throw your hair back into that unicorn pigtail – you can utilize your customary shears or diminishing shears for this – and with a rigid grasp around those closures, go through your shears to trim straight into your finishes. Point cutting will give a milder, lighter completion to your finishes and can separate what may feel like “rack” layers.

  • Fine-tuning Your Shape

Bring each side around to the front of your shoulders and make a straight clip across the base layer of hair. Cross watch that the two sides are even by uniting them underneath your jawline. Losing that last layer will wipe out the long point that makes the “V” shape, and will leave you with an even more delicate “U” shape, similar to a square nail trim with adjusted edges.

Bottom Line

Cutting your hair at home is now super easy. Not only is it easy but it is also recommended owing to the risk of getting the coronavirus if you have your haircut from someone else. I have shared with you some valuable tips to help you cut your hair at work without facing any problem. 

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