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Carpet Dry Cleaning, Melbourne – Process, Benefits and Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning, Melbourne must be an integral part of the aesthetic and hygienic maintenance of every household. It helps keep the carpet clean, helps retain its shine and enhance its durability. There are two types of carpet cleaners processes – steam and carpet dry cleaning. We will focus on the latter’s process, benefits and further glance through the best service provider for carpet cleaning services in and around Melbourne.

What is carpet dry cleaning?

Carpet dry cleaning is recommended for lightly soiled carpets and used as an interim cleaning process between comprehensive restorative cleans. It refreshes the carpet and is done through various methods that use differing cleaning agents such as dry compounds, encapsulation agents, bonnet scrubs, and d-limousine-based cleaner.

One of the most common processes involves the use of encapsulation agents. It is a unique cleaning agent, working in the carpet through a rotary agitation machine. It breaks down soiling agents attached to the carpet fibers and surrounds them to create a crystalline residue that prevents the reattachment of the particles. Further, the residue is dry vacuumed.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Carpet dry cleaning is also termed very low moisture cleaning. The process involves the use of dry compounds and cleaning solutions. It is quicker than carpet steam cleaning, although experts recommend steam cleaning for more stubborn stains and deeper cleaning. Let us proceed to look at the process. The process may vary slightly with the service provider you choose. However, usually, the process involves the following.

  • Pre-Inspection

The per-inspection process involves identifying the carpet fibre and reviewing the carpet’s cleaning needs to determine the appropriate cleaning method and the type of cleaning agent to be applied.

  • Pre-Vacuuming

Pre-vacuuming is an essential step to remove dry particle soil. It involves the use of a specialized upright vacuum featuring an effective filtration system to ensure comprehensive removal.

  • Preconditioning

Further, the preconditioning process comprises applying an Eco-friendly and safe encapsulation agent to your carpet and using rotary agitation equipment.

  • Post-Vacuuming

The dry vacuuming process removes the encapsulated dirt and residues. Results are optimized if this process is done around 24 hours after the cleaning process is complete.

  • Post-Process Inspection

Once the cleaning and the post-vacuuming process is complete, experts reinspect the entire carpet to spot areas that require additional cleaning or might have been left out during the process. It ensures thorough cleaning.

Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

Dry carpet cleaning results in several benefits, due to which it is a preferred method. Let us look at some.

  1. Lesser Drying Time

Dry cleaning is a low moisture process and hence does not involve wetting the carpet. Subsequently, the carpet does not require drying. You can use the carpet within 30 minutes after the cleaning process is complete.

  1. Increased Carpet Durability

The dry cleaning process refreshes the carpet by removing loose soil from its fibres. Regular dry-cleaning helps increase the carpet’s durability significantly.

  1. Refreshes the carpet in a relatively less duration

You do not have to wait for hours to clean the carpet. The process is completed within a very short time, and since it does not involve drying, you get a refreshed carpet in a short time.

  1. The carpet remains clean for longer. You can lengthen the time between restorative cleans.

If you can’t steam clean the carpet frequently, you can at least dry clean the carpet and keep it clean. It also helps you increase the duration between restorative cleans.

  1. The cleaning process does not leave any residue.

Cleaning your carpet through professionals eliminates the possibility of leaving any residues. As a result, your carpet remains safe and does not suffer from side effects caused by the residue.

Applications of Cleaning

You can employ dry carpet cleaning, Melbourne process for home-based carpets. However, it is more frequently used in office setups, wherein the carpet handles a lot of foot traffic and has to be cleaned almost every day.

Frequency of Carpet cleaning services

You must dry clean your carpet at least once in six months. However, if the carpet is used by a higher number of people every day, increasing the frequency can help it keep even cleaner and more polished.

Best Services for Carpet steam and Dry Cleaning, Melbourne

Where do you find the best services for carpet cleaning, Melbourne? Or, in other words, who is the best service provider for carpet dry cleaning services in Melbourne? The answer is Masters of Steam and Dry Cleaning. Efficient dry-cleaning process, experienced cleaning professionals, and use of the best cleaning solutions and professional equipment, coupled with positive customer feedback, Masters is genuinely the best you can get for carpet dry and steam cleaning!

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