College Move-In Day: Which Outfits Are Perfect?

College Move-in day – a beginning for you as a college student. Possibly, one of the most anxious days of the year. Back to school season is nearly underway, and you are in full preparation. Your focus is on packing lists, collection, dorm room must-haves, and many more.

But, in that, you have completely forgotten about the most important part of your move-in day – your outfit! So, don’t stress collegiate; we are here with the best online boutique outfits suggestion. It is a blend of comfort and style effortlessly and sets you up as a style icon right from the start. 

Splendid outfits to try on college move-in day

Cool vibe in a classic tee and shorts 


Move-in involves a lot of physical labor, and nothing beats a tee and some jean cut-offs when you are dressing for high activity. It is incredibly durable and comfortable and perfect for living, moving, and rearranging. It will also keep you cool in that sweltering space that you will be calling home for the next few months! We also have a plus-size women’s graphic tee, so you don’t have to worry about your size.

Make sure you don’t forget to bring your crossbody bag that carries all your essentials (keys, ID, and phone) and keeps your hands free. Also, instead of flip-flops, we suggest chunky casual shoes as they are less likely to slip off. And it saves you from an embarrassing moving-day fall.

Time to radiate in a romper! 


Rompers are an ideal alternative of dress for all the girls who are dying to keep a lovely look on college move-in day. While moving our go-to summer skater skirt causes the risk of an unintended flash and the slippery straps, our sundress would be way too annoying to adjust constantly. On the other hand, rompers are easy and effortless to manage and, without sacrificing comfort, give us the epitome style. 

No matter what look you choose, girly slip-on and cute Erimish will complete your ensemble in a minute. Bring along a backpack that helps you carry all your items up to your room. 

Come across as a classy collegiate


Hey, peplum, navy, white, and stripes – all in one print outfit would give you such a mesmerizing collegian look. Show off your royal person without sacrificing comfort with high waist shorts and a super soft sleeveless top. Add on some clean and crisp sneakers and a lovely structured handbag to blend summer and fall together seamlessly. There are also a variety of caps for women to try on and give enhancement to their style.

Skorts should be a moving girl bottom of choice


You are in love with that edgy mini skirt. But fear of the consequence of bending over to rearrange some stuff? Skorts are here for the rescue. Pair it with a cool tank and some trendy slides as long as they have a back strap. 

Grab a black nylon satchel for the utmost convenience and shine with an effortless style. You can take your outfit to the next level with a statement necklace, and we are sure that your mates won’t forget you and your style. 

Jeans will be your savior in cooler weather


Are you reuniting or joining a campus with a chillier atmosphere? Jeans, women’s tops, and Chelsea boots are no-brainer choices. The weather is verging on crisp, and lightweight knit is what you need in your ensemble to add a touch of texture. 

Also, it is a perfect outfit to style with sneakers. Also, a distressed pair of jeans will cover any mishaps while move-in, like an accidental rip from some box lifting squats. Whoops!

Tip: Pick a clip-on cardholder for essential school IDs that you can conveniently attract to one of your jeans belt loops. Easy to roll now! 

Tips might help you in your move-in day

  • Keep it simple

Move-in day is not a glam-style occasion. Pick on the items that allow you to move comfortably but still express your personal style. It’s not time to bust out your new mini skirt as you need to bend over many times to pick up boxes.  

  • Stay away from fussy footwear

 Move-in day requires a lot of walking on – back and forth to your car, up and downstairs, etc. It’s not the time to wear a new pair of sandals that indeed give you blisters. Instead, go for casual shoes that are comfy and stylish, and stay away from flip flops, sandals as you don’t want to hurt your toes. 

  • Wear minimum accessories

This day literally requires a lot of heavy lifting. And the uncomfortable cocktail rink or your bangles jangling while you lift the box will surely annoy you. So instead, add charm to your outfit with earrings and cute hair accessories. And also, it keeps your hair out of your face. 

Have an easy, breezy, move-in day, collegiate! 

With the right shoes, outfits, and a perfect bag to carry all your essential supplies (any materials and handouts!), your further college days are sure to have a bright and beautiful start. Shop from the best online boutiques and stock yourself with the comfiest outfit.

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