Computer Restarts When Playing Games

Ways to fix Computer Restarts When Playing Games

It seems very sad when your PC Restarts When Playing Games. It happens with many of you. This is very frustrating. We have got some very easy and fast solutions for you to get rid of the problem.

Some of the common reasons are overheating, graphic cards, CPU issues, and PC reboots while gaming.

Try These Methods to Fix When Your PC Restarts When Playing Games

Here is how you can fix it if you want to enjoy your gaming sessions without any interruptions. Keep on reading the article and find the best solution that works for you.

1) Clean scan: Do a clean scan of your computer and make sure that your antivirus is updated. This happens in case a virus has entered your device and PC randomly restarts while gaming. If the antivirus is updated and your PC is safe, then move on to the next solution.

2) Update Your Graphics Card Drivers: Make sure you update your graphic card drivers. The problem may also occur because of the outdated graphic card driver. If you are not able to do it yourself, then are many drivers available for free or paid to do it for you. They automatically understand your system, they do it by themselves. You do not need to take any headache for the same. They download the drivers automatically and install them on your computer and voila your graphic card driver gets update!

Also, apart from this make sure the graphic card should be of high quality and it should match all the conditions to play games on your computer. Also, the third-party drivers should be undermined.

3) Game must be original and updated: Make sure the game you are playing must be update and should not be pirate. Because the pirated ones can harm your computer and you may face the problem of PC restarts while gaming. 

4) Prevent overheating: One of the common reasons is overheating. when your PC is overheating, then the PC randomly restarts while gaming. This happens when the brain of your computer that is the Central Processor unit (CPU) gets too busy with the work and produces high heat and energy. Make sure you keep your PC clean and check all the fans working properly. If your PC is clean and the functioning of fans is also fine, then you might need to change the CPU coolers.

5) Get a new power supply unit: If the above arrangement doesn’t work, you may require a more grounded PSU unit. The power prerequisites your PC can take on will be reference in your realistic card’s specs. Assuming you want another PSU, attempt to buy one that offers more power than your realistic card requires.

This will allow your games to run as expected. Assuming your PSU is strong enough for your realistic card’s necessities however isn’t working proficiently, it may be the case that you have a faltering PSU.If you think you have a weak PSU, don’t endeavor to open the PSU. Opening or turning off a PSU is hazardous. The PSU stores a charge and ought to just be dealt with by specialists. In any case, assuming that you are capable and OK with gadgets, you can attempt to fix a weak PSU with a power supply analyzer or a computerized multimeter.

Nonetheless, it is strongly suggest that PSU be check and fixed by sound to help habitats with experience individuals.

6) Insufficient power supply: Your power supply unit (PSU) should be adequate for your PC and gaming needs. On the off chance that the PSU is inadequate with regards to, then, at that point, issues like unexpected restarting are probably going to happen when gaming.

Your PSU should be equipy for controlling your designs card. In that case, your PC reboots while gaming. Also, numerous PC games need more than 500 watt PSU.

7) Restart feature: In many cases, the feature is automatically on to restart your computer. In that case you change the settings and overcome the problem of PC randomly restarts while gaming. 

8) Game requirements do not match with the computer requirements: In many cases, the requirements of the game do not match with the computer requirements, and the PC restarts while gaming. In that case, you need to make sure that you play games on that computer only which runs smoothly. Also, the new games are not compatible with the old computers.

9) Overclocking effect: Typically, the overclocking settings assist with helping the CPU’s handling power. It can likewise prompt unsteadiness and over-burdening.

At the point when this occurs, the PC restarts while gaming.

Overclocking assumes a significant part when messing around on PCs. This is because the overclocking setting permits the processor to perform burst calculations.

These burst calculations will continue to happen until the temperature goes over the sensible temperature range.

Hence, over the long haul, overclocking isn’t great for the PC and PC reboots when gaming.

We hope we were able to solve your issues. In case, your problem is not solved you can go to Ityug247and try some more methods listed there.

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