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Cost of a Limo Rental – Hire a Party Bus in Texas USA

Why would anyone rent a limo for any occasion? It could be a wedding, a prom, a bachelor party, or even for those times when you just need to have a little fun. These vehicles offer so much luxury and they are the ultimate way to enjoy your special day. When renting a limousine, there are some things that you should consider. First and foremost, how much is the average cost of a limo rental per hour? You will want to find a provider who charges according to the distance you and your guests will be traveling.

In addition to the overall rental cost of the vehicle

If the event is a little farther than you expect, you may want to inquire about special event packages. Some limo rental companies will include several different transportation options in one package. These options could include shuttles, buses, or other vehicles with a chauffeur. With this option, you will be able to call and have someone come to meet you at the airport and take care of your needs as you head to your special occasion location. However, you may be surprised to learn that some companies charge extra for this service.

limo rental

Another factor to consider when looking at the average cost of a limo rental is the level of service you receive. If you are planning to hire a limo for a wedding or prom, you will not be in a position to demand amenities. Limousines are typically reserved for weddings and proms, and only certain hours of the day will be open for these purposes. While most limousine companies do their best to accommodate customers, you may be able to find a different company if the occasion is one that requires a longer wait. If you book early, you may be able to reserve a vehicle for your special event sooner, which could save you quite a bit of money.

The average limo rental cost is based upon several different factors

The average limo rental cost is based upon several different factors. The first factor is the type of vehicle you are renting. The types of vehicles available include prestige sedans, stretch limousines, and mini limos. Many limo service providers also offer luxurious vehicles that are equippe with televisions, complete with DVD players and other electronics.

When considering the average limo rental prices for the type of vehicle you will be renting. Consider what the rental vehicle is capable of carrying. If you are planning on touring the area you will be visiting. You may want to consider a larger vehicle than you would if you were going just for the evening. If you need a vehicle with an engine that is capable of going up steep hills, consider choosing a rental limo rental with an hourly rate that is more expensive. Of course, you can always book the limo rental in advance, in order to avoid any additional fees.

In addition to the overall rental cost of the vehicle

In addition to the overall rental cost of the vehicle. Consider what you will be paying for when it comes to the gratuity included in the rental. Many limo rental prices are fairly standard, but there are some companies that offer a special event gratuity option. If you are planning on hiring the vehicle for a prom or wedding. These types of events often include a gratuity that is include in the rental rate. If you are planning a corporate function that is not particularly important but will still make you happy, you can opt to pay a higher rate to have the extra comfort and luxury of having a car chauffeure to and from your location.

limo rental

Many times, larger vehicles like stretch limousines and prestige sedans will offer a larger tip amount. Usually, the larger luxury sedan models will charge per hour as oppose to the small limo tip that many people are use to. The price of the service plus the gratuity is usually equal to about ten percent of the total rate. For some larger events. You may want to look into adding a small gratuity to the total price of the rental. Especially if you are with a large group of passengers that need to be taken care of.

Stretch Limousines and other prestige limousines often include additional services like lighting and music systems. If you are hiring one of these. You may want to take the time to ask what other services are include. Some limo companies will include champagne upon arrival and even video gaming depending on the specific model that you choose. Stretch limos can also offer heat and air conditioning on those cooler days. So you don’t have to sit and sweat during the middle of the night. Be sure to inquire about any taxi services offered and determine how much they will actually cost when you get ready to schedule your party bus hire.

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