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Dark Chocolate Brands in India

Dark Chocolate Brands

Dark Chocolates is a popular chocolate in all over the world and also there are many chocolate company in the world you sells the dark Chocolate in the Markets but they don’t provide the services. So there are the list of the Dark Chocolate Brands in India which is popular in the Indian Market and also provide the best services to they customers. Dark Chocolates have higher amounts of cocoa than the other chocolate variants, making bitter than regular milk chocolates. There are many chocolates company used high level of cocoa butter, chocolate, less sugar and other ingredients which is healthy to they customers and also make tasty and delicious chocolates.

Dark Chocolate have minerals, multivitamins which reduce the steers level of your body and increase the power of the brain which help to focus towards the goal. Flavonols reduce cell damage, inflammation, and eating dark chocolate can lower a person’s risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and even cognitive decline. In one study, cocoa beans tested higher in antioxidants than blueberries and acai berries. One of the most effects to eating Chocolate is to boost immediate the blood circulation within the body and also helps in developing the brain function.

If dark chocolate tastes too bitter for you, so there is one more options for you is dark milk chocolate which have the similar taste like Dark Chocolate. In Dark Milk chocolates contains 38% of cocoa percentage or more and less sugar contains in the Dark Milk Chocolates.

There are different types of chocolates available in the market, but here is the list of top 10 best dark chocolates brand in India which one should try and enjoy the taste of it.

Top 10 Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India

1. Vit n Rich Dark Chocolate


It is most demanding Vit n Rich Dark Chocolates in the Indian Market. It contain 70% cocoa compound to make pure Dark Chocolate and this Chocolate are no added sugar and full of multivitamins and also this chocolate is gluten free. The cost of this 70% Pure dark chocolate is 499 Rs for 100 grams.

2. Hershey”s Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is made by the Hershey Company. It is one of the most commonly purchased brands of dark chocolate not only in India but also in many other countries. The cost of this Hershey dark chocolate is between 700 Rs to 1200 Rs.

3. Cadbury Bournville


Cadbury Bournville chocolate contains around 50 percent cocoa. It is one of the most popular brands in Dark Chocolate and also they provide the other services like dairy milk, caramel, fruits and nuts and various others. The cost of this dark chocolate is 99 Rs for 82 grams.

4. , 99% Cocoa


Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa is the best brand of dark chocolate in India. It Contain 99% Cocoa which is tasty to eat and they are also added multivitamins in it. The cost of this dark chocolate is 342 Rs for 50 grams.

5. Kit-Kat Chocolate


Kit-Kat Chocolate product is produce by the Nestle Company and it is available in the Indian Market. That Chocolate contains Milk fat, cocoa butter, chocolate and other and it taste is delicious. The cost of this dark chocolate is 50 Rs for 37.3 grams.

6. Toblerone


It chocolate was started in the year 1932 and it is oldest chocolate brand. This Dark Chocolate have the unique triangular shape and it is tasty and delicious. The cost of the Toblerone dark chocolate is 172 Rs for 100 grams.

7. Amul Dark chocolate


Amul Company is a well established and trusted brand in India for its quality products. It contains around 55 percent of the cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa solids and other ingredients. The cost of this dark chocolate is 100 Rs for 120 grams.

8. Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate


Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate Company makes the Pure Dark Chocolate for they consumers. This dark chocolate contains around 85% of the cocoa and this chocolate is gluten free. The sweetness of this chocolate is palm sugar which is tasty to eat. The cost of this dark chocolate is 325 Rs for 70 grams.

9. Godiva Dark Chocolate


Godiva Dark Chocolate is the Belgium chocolate Brand and also it available in the Indian Market. This chocolate company is establish in 1926, New York. Godiva Dark Chocolate Contains 50% cocoa and also there are many product produce by the Company. The cost of this dark chocolate is 527 Rs for 100 grams.

10. Chocoville Chocolate


Chocoville Chocolate is a popular Dark Chocolate Brand in India Which is healthy and delicious. It contains cocoa butter, chocolate and other ingredients. The cost of the Chocoville dark chocolate is 105 Rs for 499 grams.

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