Depression and Anxiety: Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment

Do I have Depression or Anxiety, or both?

Can it occur at the same time?

Could it be treated medically or naturally?

You may have many questions before reading this blog. Today, we will try to answer all your queries related to Depression and Anxiety. Here’s a suggestion, if you are from Jaipur and facing Depression and Anxiety, then we would suggest you an Anxiety treatment in Jaipur.

What is the Difference and Similarities Between Depression and Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety have almost similar symptoms and treatments. In most cases, people face both conditions at a time. So let’s brief out both the signs of depression and anxiety.

Depression:- Feeling upset or sad is common., but if you are sore for the last many days, there is a great chance of depression.

These are general physical indications of depression.

  1. Tired body, feeling lazy, and chronic fatigue
  2. Can’t concentrate on daily tasks, or unable to handle situations or making decisions.
  3. Waking up at midnight or can’t sleep properly
  4. Change in weight or appetite
  5. Chest pain, back pain, and digestive problems
  6. Agitated and restless

These are general emotional indications of depression. 

  1. Losing interest in anything, or everything
  2. Feeling anger and irritable all-day
  3. Feeling guilty for no reason or blaming yourself for a particular reason
  4. Attempting suicides or continuously thinking about suicide or death
  5. Feeling helpless, worthless, pessimistic, and hopeless

Anxiety:- Feeling worried or fear of an outcome or new experience is a common reason for anxiety. For example, our first day of school or the new school, worried about exam results or Job Interview results, fear of giving speeches on stage. But chronic anxiety leads to fear and worries in your day-to-day life.

These are general physical indications of anxiety.

  1. Tense muscles and mind.
  2. Can’t concentrate while working or driving.
  3. Facing issues in recalling or remembering
  4. Unable to take proper sleep, waking up too early or at midnight, unsatisfying sleep
  5. Grinding teeth and racing heart

These are general Emotional indications of anxiety.

  1. Feel scared or worried for no-reason
  2. Feeling worthless
  3. Flashbacks
  4. Upset or angered mood
  5. Feelings of dissociation.

What are the Causes or Reasons for Anxiety and Depression?

Depression and anxiety are two different conditions or emotions, but they share almost similar symptoms and causes.

Here are some general causes of depression.

  1. Age:- Elder people have a high risk of depression due to many reasons such as lack of social support, financial problems, family problems, etc.
  2. Abuse: Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse leads to the risk of both anxiety and depression.
  3. Death or a Loss: Loosed loved ones or fear of losing someone very close to your personal life.
  4. Gender: Women’s have a higher risk of having depression as compared to men.
  5. Genes: Family history can be a significant cause of having depression for no reason.
  6. Essential Events: Both good and bad events can lead to depression, such as getting married, having the first baby, starting a new job, getting divorced or breakup, etc.
  7. Serious illnesses: Your other disease or illness can trigger depression.

Here are some general causes of anxiety.

  1. Work stress.
  2. Exam stress.
  3. Conflicts or tension in relationships.
  4. Financial problem stress.
  5. The stress of Political issues or religious issues.
  6. Medication side effects
  7. Death of loved ones

What are the Ways to Treat Anxiety and Depression?

Consulting a doctor for your depression and anxiety counselling melbourne is the best option. Because a doctor is experienced in many situations and knows how to deal with them, you can try these suggestions to manage your Depression and Anxiety.

  1. Accept what’s happening to you: Accept all the feelings either anger, sorrow, tiredness, etc. Don’t blame yourself that you are triggering these emotions.
  2. Create your daily schedule: Try to keep yourself busy in the daily schedule not only work but also fun activities such as playing outdoor games, computer game or activity that makes you feel joy.
  3. Don’t miss your proper sleep schedule: Having a sound sleep of 8-10 hours will relax your body and help you to keep your body energetic the whole day.
  4. Eat a healthy diet: Instead of eating fast food, you must eat nutritious food to keep your body active such as eating apples, bananas, nuts, etc.
  5. Do activities that make you feel happy: You know yourself very well, and what makes you joyful can be watching a movie, playing a pc game, caring for a pet, etc.

If you are observing overthinking symptoms, then it might be due to depression.

When to talk to a Doctor for Depression and Anxiety treatment?

If you have symptoms or indications of Depression and Anxiety for more than two or three weeks, you must consult a doctor. If these severe symptoms are troubling in falling asleep, sudden loss of interest in life or any activity, Feeling worthlessness, emotional changes, etc.

Final Say

If you think you have symptoms of Depression or Anxiety, or both, for more than two weeks, then you must consult a doctor before it’s too late. Treating any disease or problem at an early stage is the best thing that anyone can do.

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