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Different Types of Kitchen Curtains to Consider

When you are setting up the kitchen or modifying it, the focus is primarily on the kitchen appliances, kitchen furniture, crockery, cutlery, the color of the interiors, etc. Homeowners seldom spare a thought for kitchen curtains. They do not even consider if it would fit the interior décor of the kitchen or not, or simply how to go about it.

Surprising, indeed, because curtains can accentuate the overall look of your kitchen. The most ignored items, kitchen curtains are the major highlights that can even alter the look of a shabby and otherwise dull kitchen. However, it is not just about any curtain – you have to select the right color, fabric, material, pattern, and design, suitable for the kitchen. In addition, affordability is an important factor for many households.

We have compiled a list of some of the best kitchen curtains for your assistance:

  • Café Curtains: Café curtains are the most common kitchen curtains. Linen, sheer, and polyester fabrics are used to design these curtains. Some of these curtains are designed with pleats, typically hanging from the rings, with rods halfway down those windows to cover their lower part. Roadside cafes inspired the style and so the name.
  • Full-Window Curtains: Full window kitchen curtains are 45 inches long. It covers the window and that calms the privacy concerns of homeowners. These café curtains are usually hung closer to the topmost level.
  • Half-window Curtains: These types of curtains cover only the bottom part of the windows, thus allowing easy blending with other kitchen curtains and décor. These curtains are available in different designs and colors. They also allow light into the kitchen, thus lending a wonderful glow.

These types of curtains are easily affordable. These also can be installed easily. The only con with using these types of curtains is that they are the reason for privacy concerns. You can resolve these issues by getting matching valances.

  • Valance Curtains: Valance curtains can be defined as those short cloth pieces used for covering the top of the windows. They are just the opposite of the usual café curtains. The interior style and design date back to the era of the renaissance, which became extremely popular in the Victorian age. They are widely used in cafes and kitchens having limited space on the floor.
  • Balloon Valances: Also called pouf or cloud valance, balloon valances have a balloon shape designed by doubling its fabric and rushing it along the hem. They are typically paired with kitchen café curtains for more privacy and also ensure the kitchen is soft and looks lively.
  • Swag Valance Curtains: These are sophisticated valance curtains, created to hand the drapes over the top of the windows. They cause tails that hang down along both sides. Swag valance also has a formal appearance and an ornate look compared to other valances.
  • Box Pleat Valance Curtains: These curtains occur when the bottom of the valance has straight edges with the width divided between the pleated sections. Individual sections, also called boxes, are likewise spaced out for an elegant and sophisticated look. In turn, this makes your kitchen look more beautiful. Pinch pleat curtains may be one of the ideas to consider too.
  • Shade Curtains: Made from sturdy and hard materials like lace and polyethylene, these types of curtains have typical panels that can be pulled up or down. A cord helps with this. Shade curtains have been excellent insulators against both cold and heat. The shade curtains are also suitable for all types of kitchens.
  • Roman Shades: Roman shades are the most popular types of shades. You can stack these up evenly into beautiful pleats when they are pulled up. Roman shades are generally made of hard fabric or wooden materials. They also give the kitchen an elegant feel when matched with the décor style and colors.
  • Sheer Curtains: These are the most popular curtains made of lightweight materials. These materials are transparent enough to allow light into your kitchen and provide privacy. The soft colors of sheer curtains combined with delicate fabric design add to the kitchen’s beauty. One of the major benefits of using sheer curtains remains the fact that they are considered bad insulators. So, when the kitchen is heated up in warm weather conditions and cold during winters, sheer curtains are the best.
  • Bamboo Shades: Unlike typical roman shades, these bamboo shades are curtains that allow only little light to filter when closed. They also lend a tropical appearance, thereby giving a relaxed look to the kitchen. For environment-conscious homeowners, this is exactly the type of curtain you would want at home. These curtains are 100% natural and much easier to maintain. However, they can be extremely fragile and prone to damage.

Kitchen curtains can be of different types. You can choose from pinch pleat drapes to blush curtains, according to interiors and preferences. In addition, budget is a critical factor because it determines the kind of material you would choose for your kitchen.

Where to Buy Curtains?

The best place to buy curtains is online. There are plenty of online stores offering a wide range of curtains for different needs, budgets, and preferences. You can select colors and patterns, length, width, variety, and get the value for your money.

Even after choosing a particular type of shade for your kitchen, you can combine it with different types of decorative elements to add your personal touch. After all, the kitchen is a special place that should look and feel elegant, welcoming, and nice.

Make sure you choose the right color for kitchen curtains as colors matter a lot. You may even want to play with different shades and patterns, but do not go overboard. Adding too many colors would kill the element of elegance only to make the kitchen look overwhelming, which you would not want.

Final Word

With this guide, you can change the look of your kitchen and add your personal touch to it with the choicest curtains from the list. Give your best when you are choosing, and do it right.

Spiffy Spools

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